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Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 287

Actually, it's much better economically to have persons with disabilities support themselves through employment than it is to have them supported by taxpayers. It's perfectly legal and ethical to not employ someone whose limitations prevent them from doing the work required. However, it makes no sense to ignore a qualified applicant because of limitations that do not significantly prevent them from doing the work.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 287

Computers & Internet aren't primarily visual.

Now most video games -- (most of) those are visual.

Most websites, however, are information. Take /. for example. It's 90% text that can be viewed, or listened to as it is automatically read. It can even be easily transferred to braille although the equipment is expensive.

Sure -- flash games, animations, or videos are a bit harder -- but that goes with the the territory. But text-based sites like /., reddit, wikipedia, most forums, etc are all quite easy to make accessible for persons with vision impairments (in whatever degree). Generally all you need is a non-ajax version (although there are standards evolving to make ajax work).

Truly, computers and the internet offer an excellent avenue for persons with disabilities to not only be included, but also allow them to make valuable contributions that they might not be able to in a more labor-based society. From a purely economic standpoint, it's much better to help persons with disabilities be contributing members of society rather than shunting them into the role of simple community-supported subsistence.

Comment Re:What if the local storage is made zero? (Score 1) 179

It's annoying because either some sites won't work ("never ask me again") or it'll pop up 300 times asking for more storage.

However, if you use Firefox, you can download the "BetterPrivacy" addon and just wipe them every time you start (or close?) the browser. No more tracking. (Whitelist, etc available)

Comment Re:Bad, Bad Idea (Score 1) 495

> If a manager doesn't save the company at least as much as his/her own salary, then he/she isn't doing his/her job, or his/her job needs to be eliminated.

No, if the manager doesn't MAKE the company at least as much as his/her own salary....

Trying to calculate savings is not only stupid, it leads to short-term "savings" that cost more in the long run.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 396

> The amateur software development niches for Unix-type systems generally does not include breaking copy protection on games.

Well yes, that's true--because the games market for *nix is insanely small. And I'm talking about games that publishers worry about enough to weigh down with copy protection, not the 3000th clone of tetris. Yes I'm aware of the very few AAA games that have been made available on linux.

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