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Comment Re:yeah.. (Score 5, Insightful) 91

They're mostly already dead, so not too many more stray survivors to be found. Not everybody can dig for bodies. Not everybody can save the world from nuclear disaster. Not everybody can rebuild houses. These cables are somebody's responsibility and are very important in their own right. Clearly they're not THE TOP PRIORITY, but somebody has to address it sooner or later.

Comment Re:Cybercheat? (Score 2) 484

Limewire is pretty common among non-geek types. That's how the majority of college students download music. It's easier for them to be able to search for a song and download it, which is less complicated than having to go out and find a torrent to download.

Comment Re:The research is complete garbage (Score 1) 269

"In our opinion," the authors of the study conclude, "the success of BitTorrent lies in the availability of popular content which is typically protected by copyright law, and people who take the risk of publishing that content do it because they receive an economic benefit. If in the future these users lose their incentive, either because of a decrease in advertising income or due to having to pay very expensive fines, BitTorrent would very likely cease to offer this content, which would make people stop using the application on a massive scale."

In our opinion


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