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Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 904

Offensive is such an interesting word, don't you think? Completely subjective. If facebook considers something to be offensive, then their code of conduct disallows it. And, to make it even more fun, what facebook considers to be offensive can change from day to day.

Comment Re:Pressure applied (Score 1) 877

Pumping waste chemical weapons into the subsurface under Rock Flats = Pumping stuff underground = Increases pressure.

Kindly read what you are insulting before insulting it, it leaves innocent bystanders like me with less of a headache. Or, if you still argue that it's not the same thing, use an argument which makes sense with the thing you're insulting, okay?

Submission + - Polls

tqft writes: "Slashdot polls should be replaced after
1) 50,000 votes
2) 60,000 votes
3) 70,000 votes
4) after CowboyNeal votes"

Submission + - Potential employers consider university prestige?

PocketProtector writes: It's about that time of year when high school seniors around the country are starting to apply for their university of choice. I am just one of those people. Like most other people on Slashdot, I am a technology-minded individual and as a result wish to go into a technology-orientated profession. Of course, the days are long gone when jobs were available to anyone with a diploma, so the question then becomes: where is the best place to receive one's degree? I am in a position where I could get a full ride at any of the state universities or be accepted to most universities around the country. If I attend any out of state universities, however, I will not only be punished with out of state tuition increases but will also not receive as much scholarship money as a result of the highly competitive nature of these universities. Is a degree from a more prestigious university (e.g. UC Berkeley of BSD fame) worth the large amount of debt I will acquire? Do potential employers prefer some applicants over others because of the university they got their degree from?

Submission + - UK Tax officials lose details of 25M Taxpayers

Nefarious Wheel writes: Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs has admitted to losing the details of 25 million individuals, with 7.25 million U.K. families potentially affected. "This is the biggest privacy disaster by our government," said Jonathan Bamford, assistant information commissioner.

In a speech to Parliament on Tuesday, the chancellor of the exchequer, Alistair Darling, told of the loss of two discs containing the details of everybody in the U.K. who claims and receives child benefits. Story at http://news.zdnet.com/2100-1009_22-6219772.html?tag=nl.e550

Submission + - An inconvenient hack: Al Gore's Web site hacked (computerworld.com.au)

Bergkamp10 writes: Hackers it would seem are not without a sense of irony. A blog to promote former US Vice President Al Gore's celebrated documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, has been hacked to host links to web sites selling online pharmaceuticals. According to the story the links appear to have been created as part of a scheme to boost the Web traffic for sites that promote the drugs, security experts said. They contain titles such as "Xanax On Line," "Viagra," and "Buy Valium Online." The technique is common among cyber scammers who bombard the site with links to their products in the hope of increasing traffic and boosting their search engine rankings. The links point to Web pages on a site run by Westmont College, a small Christian college based in Santa Barbara, California. The Westmont College Web site also appears to have been hacked, a security expert said.
United States

Submission + - Steve Fosset's wife asks court to declare him dead

Lev13than writes: In the strongest signal yet that hope has faded for missing millionaire Steve Fossett, his wife has asked the court to declare the adventurer legally dead. "As painful as it is for Mrs. Fossett, other members of the family and his many friends, it is time to initiate this process," said attorney Michael A. LoVallo, who filed the petition in Cook County Circuit Court. Fossett's disappearance has been covered previously on Slashdot.
The Internet

Submission + - Top Australian ISP removes OpenOffice.org 2

An anonymous reader writes: Australia's biggest ISP Bigpond, part of the largest telco Telstra, has removed all OpenOffice.org downloads from their free downloads mirror Bigpond Files Library. The Library main page indicates that the reason for this was to promote their new Java-based hosted office suite Bigpond Office, adding that "BigPond has launched a number of new applications that provide similar functionality to some existing application files in the file library and therefore those files have been removed". With the OO.o files no longer available as free downloads, Bigpond OO.o users will be forced to download from other locations and have those downloads count against their quota. Bigpond's quotas are among the most severe in the world according to a recent OECD report (30 KB XLS) , and with typical OO.o downloads amounting to over half the quota of Bigpond's least expensive (and most popular) plan, download costs of about AUS$15 for OO.O are possible.

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