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Comment Re:I have some genius ideas! (Score 1) 280

I don't think he went far enough. Humans are prone to corruption and crime, I mean that's why we need the 24/7/365 surveillance. What we need to do is work on creating smart computer systems that can take over the monitoring of these tracking systems. They'd need to be able to identify criminal acts in progress and get that reported to human police officers.

And that would just be the beginning! We'll be living in Utopia in no time.

Right? :D

Comment Re:Evolution (Score 2, Insightful) 447

Unfortunately that's not particularly strange at all. Most coders don't own their code either, the company they work for does. Same is true for songwriters, screenwriters, etc.

Well last time I checked with my lawyer I in fact *do* own the code I write and I own the moral rights to any work I produce and those rights cannot be assigned away by copyright or any other because I am the original producer of the work.

Which is how it should be. I have no problem with the people who paid for me to produce some code using the code I produce. I do have a problem with them trying to assign themselves the absolute rights to the code I make, especially if I want to re-use parts of my code elsewhere. Who wants to re-write the same code over again if you have already done it before.

Someone else doesn't own my code just as much as I don't own someone else's code. If someone pays for code they own a copy of it and do what they choose with it. You don't have to make a big deal of it - just make daily backups of what you do and secure your own archive. It's not even about asserting your rights, it's about using them.

Don't give up your rights - Bob Marley

Comment Question (Score 1) 830

This is someone spoofing Microsoft with a fake Ad, right? I mean, Microsoft couldn't be that stupid, could they? A corporation with that much money and access to the best marketing talent money could buy, wouldn't put out something out that lame would they? Someone explain this to me. Or do flying chairs cause cerebral damage?

Comment Re: (Score 1) 329

Ah, so the silver-colored, reflective dust tape, then?

Or maybe you people can start using duct tapes for what it was intended - patching up wounds.

Same goes for you whippersnappers who think super glue is anything but a liquid bandage.

Comment GlobalView (Score 1) 875

GlobalView; The precursor to all graphical OS desktop environments, which died in the early 90's (RIP). Why that 'Xerox 8010' workstation was so sexy back then that it made MS-DOS 1.0 look like..., well..., MS-DOS 1.0. Windows 7 might be a tough competitor these days, but it was born in the wrong century to compete for that same GUI Desktop title. ;)

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