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Flower Robots For Your Home 119

Roland Piquepaille writes "Flower robots are not new, and some have already been developed in the US. Now, South Korean researchers have created a robotic plant which acts like real ones. This robot has humidifying, oxygen-producing, aroma-emitting, and kinetic functions. It is about 1.30 meters tall and 40 centimeters in diameter. The robotic plant can interact with people when they approach, and it can 'dance' when music is played. The researchers don't say when a commercial version of their flowers will come to the market. They also don't mention a retail price."

Google Adsense Cracking Down on 'Tasters' 187

ZerothOfTheLaw writes "It appears that Google is going to eliminate Adsense for Domains for all domains younger than five days old. From the post 'The Good news is that the Quantity of advertising will be spread among fewer domains now and so those domain owners that actually own real full domains should receive more money if bid prices start to rise as a result of this. However some advocates of Domain Tasting say that perhaps no one will be able to serve the niche for some ads and no one will make money on the unserved ads.'"
Portables (Apple)

In-Depth Review of the MacBook Air With Photos 244

Engadget has the first really in-depth review of the MacBook Air that I have seen with plenty of great photos and specifics. They do a great job of highlighting the highs and the lows with plenty of concrete examples to back their claims up. It seems that while the MacBook Air is a great step towards ultra-portable computing, overall the pricepoint is just too high. Which is not surprising from a new Apple gadget I guess.

Submission + - IP address doomsday: 2011? (

carusoj writes: "The head of the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN), John Curran, this week said we would run out of IP address space under IPv4 in 2011. According to a Network World article, he said that 68% of all available IPv4 addresses are gone and only 19% are available. The remaining 13% fall into a strange category of being unavailable, which means blocks of addresses that belong to a large company, a university or an ISP and are not used."

Submission + - PC World 10 worst PC's of all time. (

OmniBeing writes: "PC worlds run down of the top 10 worst machines of all time. The only thing that surprised me about this list is Compaq didn't make it at all. Although I would have to agree with their #1 slot, Packard Bell, no specific model, the entire product line. Thinking back to when I had to service those things, it's small wonder they fled the country. I'm sure Radio Shack employees everywhere couldn't have been happier."

Submission + - Cyberbullying gains momentum (

interglossa writes: "A report by the Pew Internet Project reported on the BBC news web site indicates a rising incidence of cyberbullying among online teenagers, with slightly higher incidence among those visiting social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Tactics cited include being "the victim of an aggressive email, IM or text message" and "having a rumor spread about them online"."

Submission + - Weapon Wielding Robots

dawnzer writes: No, it isn't the next sci-fi feature coming to the big screen. TASER International, Inc. has teamed up with iRobot Corp., maker of the Roomba electronic vacuum and robots for the military that disarm bombs. They plan to collaboratively develop Taser-equipped robots for law enforcement, federal and military users.

It appears that there is a working model of the "PackBot Explorer" robot with Taser technology to be shown in a conference in Chicago.

Submission + - Wii lightsaber game in the works (

moderatorrater writes: Gamasutra's reporting on a Lucasarts employee answer to a question about a Wii lightsaber game. From the article:

We're all over that, and internally we have already played a lightsaber game on the Wii. It's a lot of fun, and we'll get there.
Hopefully it's more like Jedi Academy than Jedi Power Battles.


Submission + - Trust us, it only works in Vista. No, really.

palewook writes: "Halo 2 and Shadowrun are being sold as Vista only programs. Recently, Razor 1911 released a patched Vista only program, that now works on Windows XP. Halo 2 and Shadowrun appear not to need the special function libraries of DirectX 10. Microsoft has claimed these programs could not be released for Windows XP because of the DirectX 10 function calls."

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