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Submission + - Homeland Security Seizes, Won't Admit It (

Adrian Lopez writes: According to Techdirt: "Over the weekend, we started getting a bunch of reports from folks claiming that the dynamic DNS service had been seized in the latest DHS/ICE domain seizures, and that all of the sites associated with had been replaced with a notice that they had been seized over child porn claims. The main site involved was If you're unfamiliar with the way these dynamic DNS services work, they basically let you put a permanent URL, often using a subdomain like, and then you point it at whatever machine is actually hosting your content. For some folks and some projects, it's easier than getting your own full URL. But, of course, as a service, it can point to just about any kind of content. Remember, afraid isn't hosting any of this stuff. It's basically just acting as a directory."

When they asked the Department of Homeland Security about it, they got a non-responsive reply: "I sent off a quick email to a press contact at Homeland Security, asking a simple question: did Homeland Security seize — and then unseize — the domain? It seemed like a simple yes or no question, and given that Homeland Security is a part of the Obama administration, which has promised the utmost transparency, I figured the least it could do was provide that simple answer. Instead, the response I got was: 'I need to refer you to DOJ for a response to your question.'"

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