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Comment Re:Interesting, but why? (Score 1) 76

I wanted exactly this so that I could build some kind of app to let me know roughly what the speed limit of the road I am currently driving is, or at the very least, the speed limit sign I most recently passed. I found "Wikispeedia" as the only one really doing it with any degree of success, but the website is absolute garbage, the demos rarely work, and the API is a bleeding joke. There's not a whole lot to "protect" here. Increase quality (both website and data), then worry about whether or not your data is worth keeping safe from other people.

Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score 1) 207

That's the problem: it doesn't. It eats the RAM, and keeps it eaten. If I don't "watch the graphs", then I don't know when I need to start closing tabs because it's eating too much, and my computer starts to swap and then I do notice, because at that point, everything gets painfully slow. This isn't just a problem with Firefox, however.

Comment Re:3.99 are you out of your mind? (Score 1) 321

Ah, I just assumed that since they're letting me install it on my ancient G1 (both from the web interface and from the market on the phone directly) that it was openly available. Wonder why it's allowed for the G1 but not the Droid? I am running Gingerbread, but that definitely isn't the only issue here, especially since it force closes as soon as I run the actual app.

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