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Submission + - Last surviving ENIAC programmer has died. (

fatherjoecode writes: "Jean Bartik passed away on 4 April 2011. She "was the last surviving member of the group of women who programmed the Eniac, ..., which is credited as the first all-electronic digital computer". For must of my life I was mistaken in the belief that the films of the woman who turned the dials of ENIAC were following programming instructions from someone else. It turns these women were the programmers and their contributions went unrecognized for many decades."

Submission + - Second Hand Phones Contain Extensive Personal Data (

Orome1 writes: Second hand mobile phones and SIM cards purchased on eBay and used electronics shops by CPP were examined in a live experiment to see what personal information was available on the handsets and whether it constituted a threat to their former owners' identities. The experiment revealed 247 pieces of personal data that had been carelessly left on a range of mobile phones and SIM cards. The personal data included credit and debit card PIN numbers, bank account details, passwords, phone numbers, company information and log in details to social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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