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Journal Journal: Another interesting post 1

Rarely on Slashdot do I come across truly insightful post and this is one of them. It comes from this thread. I feel it is important enough to re-post here.

That's why I call US & EU the Capitalist Repub by OldHawk777 (19923) (#7482890)


_____If public faith is lost, then the system (democracy) fails. System security must always support the public faith in democracy by assuring legitimate, veracious, and verifiable results. It is better that the nation and citizens die or fade into history, then allowing democracy to fail.

_____A democracy is a nation where the citizens feel individually responsible for deciding their destiny. Corporate, religious, and plutocratic institutions are disenfranchised in a democracy, because of the human psychology/society premise of "Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

_____This is part of the reason for the separation of powers in our USA Constitution, but though implied we have never been able to completely protect the election process and/or eliminate corruption of elected officials that vote/act in the interest of the corporate, religious, and plutocratic interest while verbally patronizing US citizens with "FRIENDS, ROMANS, COUNTRYMEN", "IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST", ... or other such poppycock [AKA: BS] rhetoric.

_____Rhetoric is frequently the only skill most preachers and politicians have, and without honor and ethics they are puppets of any megalomaniac in power. Plutocratic factions promoting their interest know that they always have allies (religious terrorist (Christian Moslem and Jew), Nazis, ... whatever they are called) and need one great leader that will help murder the opposition literally.

_____The nonsense rhetoric of some politicians and preachers is at this level. Just pay attention to Jerry Falwell, his colleagues, and followers [], and their close politician friends), and never forget the "Honorable for some" Louis Farrakhan. Fortunately the claptrap rhetoric has not been able to subdue the commonsense of US citizens and our birthright for skepticism of authority's self-interest and delusions of grandeur.

_____We can still vote for better citizens to take any politicians place in Washington DC, state capitals, and locally. Politicians are all (for now) replaceable. This is the way to put a politicians head up their own self-important ass and let them know their shit truly stinks. For preachers, let GOD judge them. For the Corporate and plutocratic institutions lets disenfranchise them from our democratic process and return to one person one vote by eliminating the purchased sound-bite rhetoric elections.

_____Do you feel more secure today then you did on 2001/09/11? Do you feel national interest, economy, and security are the priority of today's politicians? I agree with JFK "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I would add, be responsible to the USA Constitution and Democracy, "ask every politician and preacher what have they done for the NATION?", If they wear $500 to $2,000 dollar suits, have a personal income of more than $250,000.00 annually, and ask for any citizen to sacrifice and donate money to GOD or a cause then they are frauds.


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Journal Journal: Interesting post from another Journal 1

This is a posting to a user named Neocons journal, by another user, Hostile17. It appears as though niether of these two have posted in a long while, but this paticular piece is an excellent post and makes many good points.

Re:the problem of left/right.
by Hostile17 on Tuesday December 03, 2002 @08:12AM

I'll take this thought a step further. The key word in describing a liberal is progressive. A true liberal accepts that change is constant and embraces new ideas and new ways of thinking to deal with the change. True liberals beleive human progress should be the single most important driving force in society, the alternative is stagnation. To sum it up in a Neconesque way:

  • The only constant in the universe is change. As times change, so do people and so do problems. This requires new ways of thinking as traditional ideas become obsolete and no longer apply.
  • Human beings are by their nature curious and strive to understand themselves and the universe. As this understanding expands and progresses, it gives us new ways to solve problems both old and new.
  • While tradition and history are important, without new ideas and progressive thought, cultures become stagnant and often oppressive.
  • Therefore attempts to freeze a society or culture in some arbitrary way, does more harm than good.

History bares this out. Almost every great cultural leap human society has taken was because some liberal-hippie-nut bag stood up and said "Thats wrong and we need to change it.". Jesus Christ, who for my money is the greatest revolutionary in the history of mankind, for instance, took a stand and promoted such radical ideas as Peace, Goodwill, Tolerance and Forgiveness, the establishment nailed him to a cross for his liberal ideas. Our own Founding Fathers had some pretty radical ideas too, they felt all men are created equal, among other things and they fought the revolutionary war for what they believed in. The abolitionists in the southern US during the mid 19th century, who felt slavery was wrong. Emily Davis and the Suffragettes who thought "GASP!" women should have the right to vote. The various Labor movements which flourished in the first half of the 20th century, whose motto was "Honest days wage for an honest days work". Of course everyones favorite, the Anti-War and Civil-Rights movements of the 60's. The list of people who fought against tradition and the establishment to bring about reform and progress goes on and on. All of these people promoted ideas which were considered "Liberal" and "Radical" at the time, but also promoted the liberty, prosperity and general welfare of the people.

On the other hand, societies which embrace tradition and resist change are among the most oppressive in the world, I point to the Theocratic regimes of the middle east as examples. These countries are among the most conservative and reactionary in the world. Their human rights records, particularly where women and children are concerned, are the worst in the world. They are destroying their own environments and sucking their own natural resources dry for the short term gain of the wealthiest 10% of the population while most of the rest toil in poverty. To say their health care system sucks, would be a world class understatement. The employees in these countries don't make living wages let alone health insurance or retirement plans. The only rights women have is to be beaten by their husbands. Opportunities for people not born into the upper class to better their positions in life are nearly non-existent. From my point of view the problem with these countries is no significant progressive reform has ever taken place in these countries. Culturally, socially and morally these countries have been frozen in the 18th century. When you consider the constitution, when it was written, only applied to free white men, how different from these countries would the United States be if none of the progressive reforms I mentioned in the previous paragraph, had ever taken place ? The United States is a great nation, not becuase of its military might or its free market economy, but because it is the most progressive nation on earth.

-- Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power - Benito Mussoli

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Journal Journal: The Conservative Agenda

The core of the conservative agenda is to transfer control of our government and our commons to big corporations; reduce taxes on the rich while squeezing the middle class; and strip labor of its power to organize while enhancing organized corporate power by supporting trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, political alliances, and monopolistic mergers.

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Journal Journal: The difference

Liberals would use government to regulate commercial behavior and collect money from individuals and corporations to finance primarily health, education and welfare programs. Conservatives would use government to regulate personal behavior and collect money from individuals (not corporations) to finance primarily troops, weapons, prisons, surveillance and enforcement.

David Morris, AlterNet, July 28, 2003

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Journal Journal: Political views 2

This is purely opinion on my part, it is simply my observations, it is completely subjective and in no paticular order;

  • Libertarian: Believes in small, nearly ineffectual government, the constitution and a free market is all we need to produce freedom and prosperity for all. The individual is the most important part of society.
  • *Conservative: Pro War, Pro Big Business, Pro Big Government, tends to like to borrow and spend.
  • *Liberal: Pro War, Pro Big Business, Pro Big Government, tends to like to tax and spend.
  • Progressive: Believes we have a responsibility to society, to make the world a better place, not only for ourselves, but for others and future generations as well. Believes that freedom and prosperity for everyone can be achieved faster and better if everyone works together.
  • Neocon and Neolib: Believes in the cultural, political, economic and military dominance of the world by the USA. Oddly Tony Blair is a Neocon.

*To be fair, Conservatives and Liberals do disagree on many issues, however, more often than not they disagree on "How to do it" not "What to do", leaving only a very narrow band of issues they truly disagree on.

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