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Comment Re:It's a ridiculous JOKE (Score 1) 54

Such statements aren't usually wrong. Some superfast mass mover will exist on the ground. MagLev, or Hyperloop, or what-have you. Keep in mind, when poeple said, e.g. Da Vinci's ornithopter thing would never fly, they really meant heavier than air flight. And ewhile we got heavier than air flight, and his ornithopter can now be buitl, we primarily use planes or helicopters. The few ornithopters are built as toys. Likewise, while we may eventually be able to build a hyperloop, it seems likely that mag leve will beat it as super-fast people mover.

The statemnts that are normally wrong are theings where no competitor obviates the need before the technology matures.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 794

I can predict he'll start isolationist trade policies (his only consistent position for 30+ years), that he'll prefer Putin to our historic allies (he's been working on Putin for Trump Tower - Moscow for 15 years), that he'll poison our relationship with Mexico (at least offically and for the length of his presidency), that he'll cause a crazy debt default incident (the Republicans already went half-way, and he's never said anything indicating he understands what works well for a casino doesn't work well for a country).

Is that sufficent?

And,yeah, Clinton's no prize. But if the worst that happens is she takes a few million bucks to pardon a tax cheat who already fled to a non-extradition country or gets eaten out in the Oval Office, I honestly don't care about those scandals.

Comment Re:Dear IOC, Barbara Streisand called (Score 1) 209

They don't care about unauthorized publicity. Their sponsors care about their exclusive rights.

But the IOC desperately wants any story on the games (other than "Rio will kill the athletes"), all press is good press, etc.

Long story short, giving the IOC the finger is good for their sponsors (they get publicity, but no backlash), good for the IOC (they get publicity for the games, sponsors happy), and not bad for the IOC (people mentally separate IOC from the games themselves - see FIFA governing body and World Cup)

Comment Re:The iPhone 3 still gets support? (Score 1) 152

What are you talking about??

The link you provided says Apple stopped selling it in 2012 (there were two later generations) because they couldn't provide the latest OS on the hardware. The very next sentence says that Apple provided the last OS update in 2014.

2 years of patches is more than I expect when I buy a product that's not even last-gen anymore, and the manufacturer has announced an end to support.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 2) 363

I think that posting anonymously is good. I've agreed in the past that I do not want people editing posts. But I can see apending to posts. It would be useful. Especially when three people misunderstand my post, and I want to clarify. Do I clarify to all 3? The first one? The most popular one? And what about the future ones?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 137

Yeah, MS is always screwing customers, so screw them, buy a PS4. Like, remember when they removed the OtherOS functionality... oh wait, when they put spyware on audio CDs... no, that wasn't it, when their game network got hacked and they stored all those credit card numbers in plaintext... shoot, that wasn't them either!

Comment Re: What "minimal functionality" for a browser gam (Score 1) 117

It seems to be a NES emulator. So, I actually meant "ROMs currently being played." Similar lack of concern about people hacking their own clients. And it is in JS, so it's totally modifiable already, but probably with minimized JS.

I'm big on the "web applications should die in a fire." line of thinking. I've never been keen on running arbitrary code on my computer, even if it is sandboxed (build a perfect sandbox, and then, maybe). Also, it's pretty high cost in terms of overhead, downloading, ability to parse via computer, etc. Maybe if they didn't try to turn a bunch of web content into web apps, I wouldn't hate all web apps reflexively.

There's also the SaaS, forced upgrades, inability to own your own software problem I have with it, so it's possible that even if used well, I wouldn't like them.

Comment Re: What "minimal functionality" for a browser gam (Score 1) 117

Readable source, developer blog, bug tracker and notes on same, lists of currently played games. There's a lot you can provide. I suppose for a minimal version, I would expect a static image, an auto refresh, and a link for every button in the new controller, talking to a node.js backend. Slow and unplayable, sure. But you could actually knock it out in a week or so. But, more realistically,new can distinguish between a web page, and a web application.

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