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Comment ...and? (Score 0, Flamebait) 163

am I the only one reading this story and thinking, "so what?". The most interesting this is that apparently the digital signal was embedded into the tv-feed for the video. One would think that they would strip that back out before broadcast. The rest? I'm guessing that this woman has an amateur radio background, for her to know what 1200baud BFSK sounds like and to have all of the SDR software already on her computer. The rest is just hexdump and pattern matching. Sorry, I know this is an oversimplification, but this isn't genius either.

Comment Re:Pseudoscience debunked? (Score 1) 374

Um, do you mind disclosing _when_ and _where_ this was? I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would consider it acceptable to be asked to sit a polygraph test in order to obtain a job. Especially a crappy minimum wage job. I mean, if you're trying to get hired as a state trooper or CIA agent or who knows what, then fine.. I'd consider it the sort of request that you just have to deal with in those career paths... but RADIO SHACK?!? Seriously? I desperately want to know when this was. Is McDonald's administering lie detector tests now? I can absolutely promise that if I were looking for a terrible job, I would under no circumstances agree to take a polygraph.

Comment Re:The Onion said it best (Score 1) 526

Double edged safety razors really are the only way to go. The blades cost nearly nothing.. I think I pay $2.00 for a 10-pack from the store. The razor itself walks right through any length of beard hair... none of that trying to tap the hair out from between the twin/quad/octuple blades. Once I tried it, I honestly couldn't fathom why everyone switched to disposable multi-bladed razors in the first place. The interesting thing is that my wife&daughters all borrow my "scary old-timey razor" for doing their legs. They agree that it works better than any other razor they've found. I'm just saying, give it a shot. You can find an old gilette DE razor on ebay for a few dollars or buy one of the new overpriced merkur models (but I wouldn't bother).

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 344

Hm, I'll admit to being a bit behind the times here. However, based on my research (and your comments), it seems that your method requires creating a disk image. That disk image can then be mounted via some virtual optical drive software (such as DaemonTools) and then viewed with any normal PC DVD viewing software. My thoughts:


1) The DMCA doesn't use the words "Decrypting", it uses the words "Circumventing". Could it be argued that using some specialized software to do a bitwise copy of the disc to local drive and then another piece of specialized software to mount the image is circumventing the copy protection of the disc? I think that yes, quite possibly. The copy protection is meant to keep anyone from making a copy of any sort, therefore circumventing it is circumventing it. Perhaps slightly more of a grey area, but only in an interesting legal argument sort of way. You'd still have the same lawsuit on your hards (Well, if it was a DMCA suit, then it would be the FBI seizing computers, subject to arrest, the whole nine yards)... Most people are ill-equipped to deal with a large scale civil suit, let alone a criminal one, even though a criminal suit is actually far easier to have dismissed. Please don't take this as approval of this law - but I believe only with visibility into the seriousness of the legal problem can people really understand and hopefully change it.

2) It sort of misses the point of the "loaned that backup to a friend" that the OP was talking about. I mean, you can't read the ensuing data chunk in a dvd player, for certain... and "Here, buddy, hand me your portable HD and I'll copy this .iso onto your disk and you'll be able to mount it and view it at home" seems unlikely.

Anyways, thanks for letting me know. Now I'm interested to see how legit the technique really is. I'm still very very skeptical. Have you done it yourself?

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 344

You can copy DVDs bit for bit, thus not breaking encryption. You argument falls apart there,

srsly? We can copy DVD's without breaking the encryption? How exactly does that work, then? Also, no fair cheating and saying "Well, it _could_ be done, you just wouldn't be able to watch it." because that's useless.

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 2) 344

I watch movies for free all the time over at a friend's house. He rented or bought them, I paid nothing. If he loans me the physical media, is that illegal? I still paid nothing. Now just stretch it a bit further and say he ripped it for the purposes of back up, then loaned me that copy? There isn't a lot of difference in these scenarios, and it proves, that yes, you can legally watch movies for free sometimes.

Well, no, there actually is a difference in those scenarios. In the first scenario, you are not breaking the law or committing a crime. In the second scenario, a DVD is being decrypted. This is a violation of the DMCA and a crime under US statutory law. You should always strive to be aware of the laws that you break.

Comment Re:Why NetBSD? (Score 3, Informative) 105

Have you considered lending the machine to a NetBSD developer? In order to have hardware supported, we need the conjunction of (access to hardware, skills, time). You may lack the second entry of the tuple, but someone else may just lack the first one.

NetBSD mailing lists (port-sgimips here) are the right place to discuss such an arrangement

Eh, lack of availability of those computers isn't the problem. The problem is that the systems have very custom/unique architecture and there isn't a lot of end-user desire. I, too, went through what the GP is talking about. Irix is _still_ commercial and is realistically still the only option if you want to fire up your Octane. I went down all of the roads I possibly could with Linux/mips & NetBSD/mips.. support on both sides of the coin was the same: Terrible. Anything besides Irix on those old mips SGI's is pretty much useless, everything from "Hey, I got a bootloader to work and you can totally telnet into the machine, no framebuffer support" to "framebuffer support, mostly works, but no acceleration of any kind". The SGI Octane is really a conversation piece at this point anyways, I donated my long ago to the local PC-recycler and they turned it into scrap metal. Not old/rare enough to be a museum piece and not new/fast enough for modern use.

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