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Submission + - Second NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament

bhaak1 writes: "The second installment of the annual NetHack Cross-Variant Summer Tournament called Junethack is starting Thursday at midnight UTC and will be running until the end of June.

This online tournament features Vanilla NetHack and several of its forks: SporkHack, UnNethack, AceHack, GruntHack, and NetHack4.

The last two forks are participating this year for the first time in Junethack.

This tournament is trying to also appeal to players that get constantly mangled and beaten to death in unrealistic brutal situations by this sadistic game (that means probably you) by offering various non-winning achievements.

For additional geek creds you can hack away at the GPL source code of the tournament software available on GitHub if you are too ashamed of having a multi-digit death count."

Submission + - Wikia ToU, skin change alienates contributors (wowwiki.com)

ais523 writes: Wikia, the commercial wiki site founded by Jimmy Wales, has alienated many of its largest wikis by forcing a change to their styling, and using their Terms of Use to prevent wiki admins changing it back, despite huge opposition to the fixed-width nature of the new skin. Opposition to the change has mostly been centralised at the debate on WoWWiki, one of Wikia's most active wikis, about whether to leave Wikia for good, with the Wikipedia article on the subject containing an ever-increasing list of wikis that have moved away from Wikia already. Is this the first time people have paid sufficient attention to a website Terms of Service to actually leave in hordes as a result?

Submission + - Novel method for universal email authentication (spamfizzle.com)

MKaplan writes: "Most spam is sent using spoofed domains. Email authentication schemes such as SPF attempt to foil spoofing by having domain administrators publish a list of their approved outgoing mail servers. SPF is sharply limited by incomplete domain participation and failure to authenticate forwarded email. A paper describes a novel method to rapidly generate a near-perfect global SPF database independent of the participation of domain administrators. A single email from an unauthenticated domain is bounced and then resent — this previously unauthenticated domain and the server listed in the return path of the resent bounce are entered into a globally accessible database. All future emails sent from this domain via this server will be authenticated after checking this new database. Mechanisms to authenticate forwarded email and to nullify subversion of this anti-spam system are also described."

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