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Comment Re:No one likes (Score 2) 635

Remember, Trump solicited campaign contributions from foreign nationals. He has business interests all over the world, including many in Russia. His idea of a "blind trust" for his businesses is for his children to run them. There's no way Trump can avoid massive conflict of interests around the world. He's heavily indebted to Russian oligarchs and other areas that are in conflict with our national security.

Comment Re:Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 850

I consider myself an exact opposite of a neocon, being fairly liberal, but I too have watched Russia's behavior under Putin with grave concern. The Frontline documentary, Putin's Way offers a glimps of the man and it isn't pretty. The former KGB agent is up to his eyeballs in corruption in a way mafia bosses could only dream of. What I find frightening is that Russia will basically run out of funds in the near future. His reaction to the resulting meltdown will not be pretty.

Comment Experience with Tesla (Score 5, Informative) 256

I must say that my experience with Tesla is the polar opposite of my experience with a local dealership. In both cases I had to wait 6 months to get the car I wanted. With the dealership I ended up with my 3rd choice of color and they kept pushing me to take a white car either missing options I wanted or with extra options I did not want. When I picked up my car they tried to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't want. After I got the car they would frequently try and push extra service the car didn't need or didn't bother trying to find a very common problem the car had. Then just after the 3-year 36K warranty the HID headlights started burning out, another well-known problem with the car I bought. Despite the fact that I had a 7 year, 100K warranty and that the headlight bulbs were well under the rated lifetime they wanted to charge me $200/bulb ($50 on Ebay) plus a ton of labor. I have since sold the car to my father and the center display touchscreen stopped working. The dealership wants $5K to replace it, much of that for labor. The touch screen costs a fraction of that and I found a youtube video where a woman shows how to replace it in around 20 minutes with simple hand tools.

With my Tesla I got exactly what I wanted. Up until they made my car I could pick and choose what options I wanted through the web site with it immediately updating the price. This is unlike a dealership where I'd have to wait until they got something in inventory or found a car elsewhere with my requirements. With Tesla, most cars are made to order so there's no inventory sitting on dealer's lots other than test drive vehicles and loaner cars. The people running the showrooms do not earn commissions and there were no high-pressure sales tactics. They were there to show the car. I would say most people there were simply looking and probably not going to buy one but they treated everyone I saw there with the same respect they did me.

For loaner cars, which are always fairly new and usually with many bells and whistles there's always the option of trading in your car for the loaner car.

Tesla has always treated me well when it comes to service. My car had a number of issues, mostly rattles and other noises since my car was one of their early cars. They learned a lot and made a lot of improvements since I got mine.

Last spring I got a hole in the sidewall of my tire out in the middle of nowhere and the closest tire center was 62 miles away. I called Tesla which has free towing for up to 50 miles. They sent out a tow truck and put it on a flatbed to the tire center I selected after calling around between Tirerack and the tire centers and asked the tow truck driver how much I had to pay to make up the difference. He said Tesla covered it even though it was over their limit. Tesla also called me back to make sure everything was OK. The biggest hassle was the fact that I have low profile performance tires that aren't commonly stocked.

They have always gone above and beyond with service and when I have had to pay for it like when I broke a clip on my car they did not gouge me parts or for fixing it unlike the Toyota dealership.

Another time I had a blow-out and bent rim due to San Jose's poor excuse for a road at 3am. I called them up and they sent out a tow truck with a replacement wheel and tire until I could come back at my convenience and have them replace it (I bought tire and rim insurance through Tesla).

The last time I had service done on my car they dropped my car off where I work and picked up the loaner.

Elon has stated on numerous occasions that they do not want to make a profit off of service. This is the exact opposite of how dealerships work. Most dealerships don't make much money selling cars. They make their money through financing and service. If there's any complaint I have about service it's that if it isn't something that needs to be taken care of immediately that there's often a wait since they seem to have problems keeping up with demand. Since I also use the service center at the factory, it is also busy helping prep new cars so certain times are particularly bad like the end of the quarter.

Comment Re:Very cruel (Score 2) 429

I have had pet rats too, but there's a big difference between a pet rat and a wild rat. I've had wild rats in my attic. They'll chew up wires, start fires and destroy everything with urine and poop. Currently I use a trap that electrocutes them. All the insulation under a low roof in part of my house was destroyed by them and their urine got into everything.

Comment Re:Why would I admit a lie is true? (Score 4, Insightful) 99

Even then nothing could be done without a filibuster proof majority. When in the minority the republicans waged the filibuster to block just about everything. While both parties make use of it, the republicans brought it to a whole new level. The whole art of compromise has been lost to them. It's either give me everything I want or nothing.

Comment Re:Taxes = theft (Score 1) 579

Actually your taxes are probably lower if you look into it. You may be hitting the 25% tax bracket, but that is only on income over a certain amount. Go back and look at your total income and the total taxes you paid. While I am in the 28% tax bracket I paid 22.5% in federal taxes (before deductions) then got a large refund so I paid even lower due to installing solar on my house. If I still had a mortgage and was paying interest on it I'd pay even less.

Comment Re:Automatic updates (Score 3, Funny) 74

On my care I have to accept the update. It defaults to installing it at 2am after accepting it, though you can change the time or just have it install immediately. It typically takes 45 minutes for a full update, all the while all sorts of clicks and noises come from the car as different systems are reinitialized.

Comment Re:Why are they using software (Score 1) 74

No because the mechanical systems often don't work as well. Modern systems are able to analyze things like the angle of the crash, how hard it is, etc. and adjust things accordingly. For example, I have a friend with an old F150 that went through a brick wall. He barely felt it and the only damage to the truck is the fact that the airbag went off. A modern system would detect this and MEMS sensors should be a lot more reliable than the mechanical switches. Modern vehicles also have variable-force deployment which requires more than a simple on/off.

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