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Submission + - Cell Phone Hardware Nerfing For Profit

Rhynri writes: "I used to be with Midwest Wireless, who was then bought out by Alltel — who are now in the process of a buy-out. When the first transfer happened, they dropped support for Nokia phones (forcing me to get a LG vx8600), and my Clearwave 'net that used to work great is now just barely serviceable. I use BitPim to back my phone up. A little while back, I noticed I couldn't get the bluetooth to interface with my car stereo. Now I can't get it to back up either. My sister, who is more of a phone person, says that they blocked support of that feature. They do, of course, have their own backup solution, which is for-pay, and costs minutes to download. Who of you out there have experienced this kind of treatment from your phone company? Is it even legal for a phone company to deny you full access to hardware features you paid for?"

Submission + - Tactics and Prognosis for a Successful RNC Protest (

Nihilo Zero writes: "This year's Republican National Convention is likely to face the most aggressive, direct action, take-to-the-streets-style protest that the U.S. has seen since the WTO was shut down in 1999. It likely will be even larger than that protest and, maybe, even more effective. Relative to the WTO, more people in this country are more aware of Republican crimes and, also, living conditions (not to mention civil liberties) have deteriorated greatly since the historic protest of the World Trade Organization. The general public is riled up and in need of protest like never before."

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