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Submission + - Computer troubleshooting and falsification (

blarkon writes: Ever wasted time troubleshooting an IT problem because you’d jumped to the wrong conclusion and compounded the error by looking for evidence to support your intuition? Orin Thomas suggests that we should try to disprove troubleshooting conclusions we’ve arrived at through intuition. Looking for disproof rather than proof as a way of testing an idea was first proposed in the 1930’s by philosopher Karl Popper.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Claim of the world's first AI robotic sex doll (

An anonymous reader writes: We all knew that one day there would robotic sex dolls as so very many scifi novels and movies have told us would happen; who knew the future would be now? Inventors claim they have made the first commercially available robotic sex doll with multiple AI powered personalities to choose from, and the ability to swap personalities online with friends. How long before they pass the Turing test? More importantly, will anyone care?

Submission + - SPAM: Half of all data centers understaffed

alphadogg writes: Fifty percent of IT executives say their data centers are understaffed, and companies are still looking for more ways to cut costs, according to Symantec's latest "State of the Data Center" report. Sixteen percent of survey respondents said their data centers are extremely understaffed, and another 34% called their data centers somewhat understaffed. At the same time, data centers are becoming more complex and harder to manage, with more applications, data and increasingly demanding service-level agreements. "Data center complexity has led to a lot of staffing challenges," says Sean Derrington, director of storage management and high availability at Symantec.
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Submission + - Mosque sound system hacked (

meatron writes: Many towns in Turkey use a centralized electronic system for calls to prayer ("ezan") five times a day. In the blacksea coast town Rize, someone hacked the system, 170 mosques were playing songs mainly by the great musician Zeki Müren for more then 5 minutes. The mufti was shocked, he is talking about sabotage. Details in Turkish.

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