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Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

I did some more reading after I posted and you are right... the blurriness of backgrounds is the human brain's inability to adapt to the projected 3D.

That's not the effect I was mentioning. Pause it. Look at the foreground. It's blurry because it's deliberately out of focus. Look at the people, 100% in focus. Look at the background. Slightly out of focus. This is how they build movies in 2D to train your eye to look at the object of focus. But in 3D, the blurry object is in front. Your focus is drawn to the object in front. But it's blurry. Secondarily is then the effect you mention where then the object of focus is out o focus for the viewer.

But the physiology of it is that the rapid movement of focus by the viewer to try to follow the movie is tiresome to the eyes, and can lead to fatigue, headaches, and possibly eye damage in under-13s.

The directors of 3D movies are sill directing to have the movie shown in 2D (as more 3D movies are seen in 2D than 3D), so they use 2D visual effects that are incompatible with 3D. This negative feedback loop makes 3D viewing worse, driving more people to watch 3D movies in 2D, so more 2D visualization is required.

Also when I can't bring a background image into focus it breaks my suspension of disbelief in a movie.

That effect has always been there in 2D, where the front and back aren't both in focus. But in 2D, you recognize it as part of the limitations of the media, and, so long as the object of focus takes your attention, you don't notice or care. But 3D uses a different mechanism for objects of focus, and should use different tricks. But they don't, because the same final product is shown 2D and 3D.

Comment Re:This is what I'd need to consider buying the XB (Score 1) 140

Sony killed it first. Sony dropped PlayTV completely from PS3 to PS4. So I dropped Sony for the XBone so I'd be able to do OTA at all (without having to buy a separate DBV-T decoder, which I don't currently have). Since PS3 had a DVr, MS promised one, but when Sony didn't deliver an OTA at all, MS stopped focusing on competing with the missing feature. MS already beats Sony for TV features, so no need to try harder.

Comment Re:Problem with the S around the corner (Score 1) 140

In general I think that the Xbox One is an attractive console at this price for the undemanding gamer.

I think it's underrated for the non-gamer. Blu-Ray, Netflix and such. It's the media box for the home with a large, but not smart, TV.

PS3 had more media options than PS4, so neither is the right choice for that anymore. XBone is the right choice for the non-gamer to get a media PC attached to the TV. Small, quiet, and low on power, for something that'll play DVDs, BluRay, Netflix, and even some gaming, if you decide to try it out.

Comment Re:What salvageable hardware is in there? (Score 1) 140

There's no reason for MS to make the xbone a PC on the inside, and every reason for them not to.

Making it as close to a Wintel box as possible, to unify gaming and OS OSs was a stated goal. Given that goal, you think they did what you said and deliberately made it different from the platform they are trying to unify on?

It's an AMD-based PC, running Windows 10 Embedded (game version). It shouldn't be too hard to find the DRM chip, cut it out, and install some Linux on it or something. Though, if they are selling it for $250, it probably costs $100 to make, so you won't be gaining much.

Comment Re:They'd need to (Score 1) 107

But Sling and PlayStation have less expensive OTT bundles already, and there are surely more coming.

What's the cheapest way to legally watch The Walking Dead? How about Grey's Anatomy? I've not found an OTT solution that has popular shows of the current season. You have to subscribe to the channel to get it. If you know otherwise, please let us know.

Comment Re:Apple Tv is for suckers (Score 2) 107

If Apple had won, then we'd be able to order a-la-carte TV on cable and everything else.

Apple walked away because of the rules Disney and other have. You can't buy Espn without buying all the other ESPNs, and Disney Kids. They know that if you can pick just one or two out of the lineup, it'll weaken the "monopoly" of Disney. So they come as a group, and any trimming of a few to save costs is not allowed.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

And in that case, the blur is in higher resolution than you can get at home.

I hated Avatar 3D for that reason. They still hadn't figured out focus (human brain, not lens), so the standard spinny-cam effect as two people are talking became painful when there was a near-field shrub for 2D perspective. Your focus would be drawn to the blurry shrub jumping out at you, and not the focus of the scene, being the two talking people. Made it watchable in 2D, but unwatchable in 3D. 3D is great for the highlights, but for the plot, 2D is superior. For that, and other reasons.

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