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Comment Re:Spinning even now (Score 1) 639

The global alt-right used it as an anti-government tactic. Many conseravtive nutjobs saw the lack of scrutiny in many knighted child abusers as a government-protection of pedophiles. "proof" of this global conspiracy included pizzagate. I don't have any cites, as it was conspiracy theories in 2012 when the case against Jimmy started to break, and pizzagate was added to the "list" when the wikileaks released the pizza emails and the conspiracy theory started.

But then, I'm outside the US, so the media coverage is much different. It was initially used to prove the UK government was corrupt (not sure how cheese pizza in the US is proof of Crown abuses), and was eventually covered as a proof that the anti-crown groups were simply insane.

US media never carried the international aspect, and never covered the "large" number of knighted persons being investigated for child abuses. Seems the US is more interested in covering the supposed abuses by Hillary and Donald, both of which now tied to child abuse/CP, though only Donald with any evidence at all.

The pizzagate was an expansion on the previous links through Weiner and Epstein. Covered in some circles more soon and assertively than others.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 351

If you stop stealing cars, you have no risk of being killed by being locked inside a car.

That, and the risk of being killed by being locked inside a car rounds to zero. For one, the cops are immediately called to the location, so with everything going well, you'll have someone to help you out of the car in a few minutes.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 351

But there is plenty of design that goes into an airplane that is aimed at very rare situations like the loss of all engines.

In those three cases, the pilots lost all engines, and acted in contravention of the designed rules, and saved 100% of the people. When simulated under textbook process, all three had fatalities. The humans improved on the engineering while flying flying bricks.

I can't remember the one where the engine was improperly secured, and on takeoff took out hydraulics and backup hydraulics on loss of a single engine. It was "designed for" and the design was still horribly flawed, assuming an engine would never fall off under high-power.

The engineering is generally safe, but misses more than they like to let on, which is why almost all crashes are blamed on the pilots (the above 3 were also all blamed on the pilots at some point, Sully should have turned back sooner. Gimli pilots should have broken standard procedure to re-check fuel load, as it's the pilots "responsibility" to take 24 hours to check everything the ground crew does in the 15 minutes between flights. And the SA751 pilots should have manually disabled the engine management features they were unaware existed (due to poor airline training).

Comment Re:Executive Order (Score 1) 554

So the government exists to provide jobs to vets? The government exists to do nothing but be welfare. Seems they should try to be more productive.

And when the government does as you say, and hires an unqualified applicant because of demographics, they will perform more poorly than the private sector. Which is one of the prime complaints against them.

Comment Re:I wonder if Trump's gonna repeal it (Score 1) 88

Which aspects of that imagined system would those be?

That Truth is not an absolute defense in the UK. In the US, the Truth is not an absolute defense, but the Americans wish to pretend it is.

As for "imagined system" are you trying to imply that UK has no liable laws? Otherwise why would their system be imagined?

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