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Journal Journal: DoJ and FBI looking at users "concealed through technological means"

A change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure may allow for deeper searches into foreign countries that hide people wanting to protect their anonymity on the internet. Interesting times for darknet, Tor users, proxies or VPN users.

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Journal Journal: Glenn Greenwald Keynote 30c3

Into details of Hong kong - understanding TrueCrypt use.
World understanding about protecting own security, notes more PGP use in his email.
Limits on US surveillance, debate, political, legal reform - PR.
Secret court oversight - rubber stamp, role of generations of gov loyalists.
Hope with skills of the developers of encryption to protect communications - slows down rate of privacy loss.
PR of been seen at hacker events by US gov officials.
Will **you** work to help destroy privacy?
Act of conscience is spreading - Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg, wikileaks,
Price of transparency - gov punishment vs growing lists of whistleblowers -effective use of fear
Inspiration of more whistleblowers?
EU leaders greatly helped by Snowden news but not willing to help Snowden.
New book - role of free press vs tame US/UK media, gov false claims to public
Iraq war reflections, Snowden first doc.
Tame media, no oversight, US/UK media
Five eyes - no more privacy globally for electronic communications.
All communications tracked by govs, motivation - economic, politically - down to one goal: power.
What to release - powerful debate, interest - 6 months into, more on way.
True face of UK gov vs press freedom - now a joke.
German gov support of NSA - no change to German policy
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Journal Journal: NewsRight and your next /. story link?

With http://paidcontent.org/article/419-newsright-launches-with-29-publishers-not-a-litigation-shop/ seeking to set up "business relationships and contracts" for their online content.
Could it be time for a link database to see if a link been posted goes back to a NewsRight member?
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Journal Journal: Bungies 1998 Myth 2 (private) beta Linux testing

Myth 2 was a 1998 real-time tactics computer game for the PC/Macintosh (and in the past Linux).
A new native Linux executable version of 1.7.2 (current Mac/Win) seems to be in testing.
United States

Journal Journal: Kentucky police search homes without a warrant based on smell/sounds 6

The nytimes reports on how Justices Look Again at How Police May Search Homes after a case in Kentucky where police smelled burning marijuana coming from an apartment and kicked the door in.
Justice Kagan said, âoeis going to enable the police to penetrate the home, to search the home, without a warrant, without going to see a magistrate, in a very wide variety of cases.â
"He said a sensible criminal would answer the door but decline to let the police enter without a warrant."

Journal Journal: New zero-day hole in Flash Player 2

A new zero-day hole in Flash Player that reportedly is being exploited in the wild and could allow an attacker to take control of a computer.
The critical vulnerability affects Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and Android.
It also affects Adobe Reader 9.3.4 and earlier version for Windows, Mac, and Unix and Adobe Acrobat 9.3.4 and earlier versions for Windows and Mac.

Journal Journal: Apple's Facetime Open standards, closed link?

Was just reading http://herot.typepad.com/cherot/2010/06/iphone-facetime-protocol.html that links to
The "client-side SSL certificate, giving Apple the ability to grant or deny access on a per-device basis" is known, but has anything changed with the new touch?

Journal Journal: OS X, Disk Utility and the 3 strange ip's 2

Last night I was reading http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/09/ios_4_dot_1_jailbreak/
I clicked on the " was first announced by" link to http://twitter.com/pod2g/status/23950781610
Suddenly "Disk Utility" starts up and Little Snitch shows connections to "business.twitter.com" and the 3 ip's,,
2010-09-09 22:12:32 +0930: Checksumming âoe23950781610â using UDIF-CRC32 was also recorded in the Disk Utility log.
Disk Utility is a utility created by Apple for performing disk-related tasks in Mac OS X.
Little Snitch is a software outgoing firewall for Mac OS X.
Any ideas? Thanks.

Journal Journal: Legality of Oz net filter trials?


An Australia network engineer Mark Newton has been asking about the intercepted customers' internet traffic aspect of the Australian filter trial. Australia seems to be using a Marshall R3000 series for web monitoring, filtering and reporting.
This may breached section 7(1)(b) of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979. by "authorising, suffering or permitting said equipment to be used in that manner".
""A copy of every single packet of data generated by an end user and sent to the internet is supplied to a network switch's 'mirrored port' and forwarded to whatever device is connected to it," Newton told the department. "Although the vendor makes the unverified claim that the R3000 only 'inspects' outgoing web requests and, in those requests, only examines destination URLs, a complete transcript of all internet data is nevertheless supplied to the R3000 for monitoring."
" The department continues to believe its internet filtering live trials had not breached the Act.
More on the filter trail tech used in Australia http://www.arnnet.com.au/article/307138/internet_filter_isps_reveal_clean-filter_technologies/?fp=16&fpid=1

Journal Journal: Oz telco network maps a security risk

zdnet writes Telstra and Optus say a proposal by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to publish infrastructure location information could be a risk to security.
Telstra said in its response to the discussion that only limited infrastructure information should be published to carriers and carriage service providers and should not be given to the general public.
Telstra notes "persons â" both within Australia and overseas â" determined to assault the public health and safety of Australian people and institutions, could access publicly available certain telecommunications network information to precisely identify points of access to the network."
Is someone worried the public will add up the costs of a low redundancy choke points in the telco network and ask where all the cash went? Does Australia need a Sean Gorman to map our networks?
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Journal Journal: Pentagon tries mind-control in Afghanistan

Mind-control and social engineering keeps the masses in the USA passive and stuck in their own little worlds.
So the Pentagon is trying to convince Afghanistan to accept endless advertising, mass media, polls, celebrities and sports figures in a culturally-specific narrative.
Pentagon-funded researchers are building computer models of how the societies of Afghanistan and Iraq work http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/03/darpas-social-s/
and releasing neuroscientists, artificial intelligence specialists, and gadgeteers for real world testing.
A demo will start vis Wizard of Oz and then allow the US to roll out ideas for grass roots organizing and collective decision making.
Someone dust off the Vietnam era http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Operations_and_Revolutionary_Development_Support for the web 2.0 generation?
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Journal Journal: Police push to continue warrantless cell tracking

"A law requiring police to obtain a search warrant before tracking Americans' cell phones may imperil criminal investigations and endanger children's lives, a law enforcement representative told Congress this week."
"Obtaining a search warrant when monitoring the whereabouts of someone "who may be attempting to victimize a child over the Internet will have a significant slowing effect on the processing of child exploitation leads," said Richard Littlehale of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. "If that is acceptable, so be it, but it is a downstream effect that must be considered.""
"Connecticut federal judge shows that the FBI monitored the whereabouts of about 180 cell phones--without a warrant--while conducting surveillance of two men suspected of robbing local banks."

Journal Journal: Windows Messenger 4: No video for you!

"Video Call" is obviously more limited. If one party has no webcam, there's no Video Call option. If one party doesn't want to broadcast their webcam, or their microphone, video call isn't an option. And yet the new Messenger discards the basic webcam features. It's video call or nothing. I have nothing against Video Calls, and use the feature from time to time. But I use the basic webcam capabilities more. It's not a bug. It's not an accidental omission. It's a deliberate decision by Microsoft: the new Messenger will have only one webcam mode, and it's Video Call. The company claims that by concentrating on one webcam mode they can make it better. Apparently the picture quality is improved." Why not just use a mic icon if you have sound only? Yahoo, tinychat ect let the users use any audio, visual or text chat they like and it all works fine from adsl 2+ to 56k, 1 on 1 or groups.

Journal Journal: Bing-Zune integration still not working

"this time, the player told me that I needed to enable application storage in my version of the Silverlight player. (Silverlight is a Microsoft platform for creating rich Internet applications, like audio and video, and basically competes with Adobe's Flash.) A casual user would have given up, but having a professional interest in the feature, I followed the instructions on the screen, only to find that my copy of Silverlight already had the box checked to enable application storage. Sigh. I unchecked and rechecked it. Still no luck. "

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