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Comment Funny definition of autonomous (Score 4, Insightful) 192

By your definition a bullet is autonomous. once an ICBM is launched or a JDAM is released you cannot change its target. Just like a bullet.

A truly autonomous weapon is capable of evaluating the on-going/changing situation and selecting the best target and attacking it, none of your examples is capable of this.

Comment Re:GO TEAM AMERICA (Score 1) 192

You are using the UK as an example of a place that can design electrical systems for cars, I have a TR-6 in the garage that would like to talk to you.

The Germans designed some of the worst carburetors know to man, look under the hood of an Opel GT some time.

And the French, Peugeot owners would like to talk to you.

GM and Ford have their issues but so do most of the Europeans.

Comment Cost Plus (Score 1) 192

Plus many times materials will be cost plus and labor fixed price.

For example, I have worked to upgrade the network infrastructure at numerous small sites. We don't get to do a site survey before bidding so the materials, which vary a lot will be cost plus, and we only make a minimal on the hardware, and the labor is fixed price.

Comment Re:Not the same (Score 3, Interesting) 192

As to drones, a significant portion of the AF is fighting them, pilots like flying and with more drones you get fewer seats for the pilots to sit in. Guess what the majority of the generals did as young officers, bingo they flew fighters.

Once you get to be a Colonel you rarely fly but the ex-flyers are the ones that get promoted most often. Hell even a couple of the Cyber commanders were fighter pilots. You read that right not Computer guys but fighter pilots.

Comment Times change (Score 4, Interesting) 192

All the base level Fab shops are shutdown, manpower cuts. Fab work is done at depot or outsourced to contractor facilities. Sucks when you are in-country.

The A-10 is a simple, single purpose bird. Really good at one job, destroying ground vehicles. The Army tries to tell us that the choppers are just as good until you tell them they aren't getting any A-10 air support. The USAF has never been fond of the close air support mission, not very glamorous.

The bean counters always think a multi-purpose bird makes fiscal sense, that is until you actually try to build one. It works better to build a single purpose aircraft, the F-15 comes to mind then modify the basic airframe for other missions. AKA the F-15E.

Worked at the 682 ASOC supporting ROMAD/TACP and ALOs.

Comment Re:An FBI director who didn't want to end up dead (Score 2) 459

You know an awful lot of people in the Reagan sphere wound up dead, hell even Nancy. Maybe because people die everyday, if you wait long enough eventually everybody dies. Time to put the Conspiracy theories away and come join the adults.

The same nutters that trot out the Clinton death cabal conspiracy tend to trot out the other conspiracy fantasies. Birthers, Bengazi, 9-11, moon landing, UFOs, vaccines, Kennedy, Tri-Lateral Commission etc. etc. etc.

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