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Comment Re: Will Internet Voting Endanger The Secret Ball (Score 1) 219

The fraud at the ballot box is out of hand in the US, similar to that of many "third world" countries.

Citation please. I agree that Voter ID might be useful, but I have yet to see credible evidence of enough voter fraud to sway any US election held in the last 20 years. IMO The logistics of in person voter fraud make it very difficult to materially affect a large election. NOW, computer fraud or dishonest vote counters is another matter entirely but not something Voter ID would fix.

Anonymous voting helps prevent vote buying and voter intimidation. If the buyer or intimidater cannot confirm you voted the way they want what is the point?

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

You're right you said a hundred years but my point stands that it took less than 25 years to grow from zero to a national network of gas station and that included having to build refineries and the logistical infrastructure to deliver the gas to the stations. We already have the production said and distribution network, all we need is the end-point delivery systems. Should be one hell of a lot less of a job to build those charging stations.

Comment Re:90% of trips != 90% of drivers (Score 1) 990

How many americans own a second vehicle for just this scenario? Econobox for commuting/taking the kids to school and a Van/Truck for hauling stuff. An awful lot judging by the driveways where I live.

Replace the econobox with an EV the next time you are in the market and the commute is suddenly a lot more environmentally friendly with no change in lifestyle except you not longer need to keep watch for the cheapest gas around.

Comment Re:Awesome (Score 1) 990

If 90% of commuters buy EVs you would expect to have economies of scale start to kick in, hopefully reducing the cost of the EV down to the cost of more traditional econoboxes which should offset the loss of government subsidies. You are most likely correct on the tolls and car pool access going away.

If you really want to compare apples to apples, eliminate the subsidies on petroleum and then compare because all those external costs need to be factored into gas costs, you know the cost of the military keeping those shipping lanes open.

Not an EV owner yet but seriously considering for my next commuter vehicle. 50 miles round trip should provide a decent pay back period.

Comment Re:But What About the Other 10% ???? (Score 1) 990

What percentage of people own two vehicles, the econobox for commuting and a Van or Truck for family days or hauling cargo? Here in the US that percentage is pretty damn high.

Replace the ICE econobox with a Leaf or 500e and you have the same scenario only with the EV.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

The real problem boils down to infrastructure. We've had a hundred years to build up the infrastructure to refuel IC engine vehicles pretty much anywhere.

Your timeline is a bit off, personal ICE vehicles became common somewhere after 1900, depending on how you define personal and common, so NOT hundreds of years and it really didn't take all that long to build up a decent network of gas/petrol stations here in the US. We went from none in 1900 to enough to enable cross country trips by 1925 all without being able to leverage an existing distribution system AKA power lines for electricity.

Many people have an ICE econobox they use for commuting and another car/truck for general trips, replace the econobox with an electric car and it is win/win. Now the price of the electric car needs to competitive with the econobox.

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