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Comment Re:Not using flash... (Score 2) 156

vSphere vCenter Web Client requires Flash. You read that right a tool essential to managing today's server environment requires you to install Flash on your management workstation. Even better the newest version has features that can only be accessed through the Web Client.

Much fun explaining to your security guys that you have to have the security-challenged Flash plug-ins on that machine.

Comment Dungeons and Dragons (Score 1) 141

Not all that different than when I was in college and some of us started playing D&D in the real world. A buddy decided to jump off the top of the dining facility to evade a troll and broke his leg because the snowbank was an ice bank. Sure the scale is smaller but the principle is the same: Some people get carried away when playing games.

Comment No SD Card slot (Score 1) 170

No SD slot is what is keeping me from replacing my old Toshiba Excite 10. My use case is previewing photos from the DSLR on the tablet. Much better than using the small built in screen on the camera. Leave the laptop at home and the tablet is much lighter in the bag.

Small use case but definitely a demand among photographers.

Also what happened to the affordable ($300) 10.1" tablets?

Comment Re:Hey, Obama, Trump doesn't need any help... (Score 2) 176

Serious question: Are you upset because our privacy is at risk or because it makes Obama look bad?

You can be honest, I know people IRL who seem to really care only about rooting for "their guy" and forgive all the bad things.

Both really, the privacy is the big thing but when you have high expectations is hurts even more. Bush I didn't expect much but Obama, I had my hopes.

Comment Where have they gone (Score 1) 231

A few years back you could buy a decent name-brand 10" tablet for $300. Toshiba made the Excite 10, Samsung and Sony had direct competitors. Now you start at $500 and up for a name-brand 10" tablet, that is laptop territory.

I love the Excite 10 that I bought, two issues Toshiba no longer updates Android for it and refuses to unlock the bootloader so I can install Cyanogenmod.

Comment Re:That's just too damn bad. (Score 1) 767

Colorado Springs has taken to installing speed bumps on some of the streets that non-residents use as short-cuts, definitely slows down traffic. Other approaches are to design neighborhoods with single entrance/exit or have the streets wind about before exiting, thereby significantly increasing travel time and distance. The passive-aggressive approach to traffic control can be very effective.

Comment Read the Poll Question (Score 1) 229

The poll doesn't ask how you back-up your data, it asks how you protect your data. You are completely correct that RAID is not back-up but thhe use of any RAID type except RAID 0 will protect your data from a failed disk and the question was how do you protect your data.

Comment Re:It's because most smartphones SUCK. (Score 1) 39

Motorola, while owned by Google, released a few decent phones that were basically stock Andriod (MotoX, MotoG, MotoE). Also released updates for my MotoG in a timely manner. So far Lenovo hasn't screwed up the phones, no telling whether or not they will continue to release Android updates.

Comment Re:I have an idea... (Score 2) 231

Sensible is relative, look at the geography of Chile, the distances involved and the relations with their neighbors, then get back to me about sensible. In the time it would take to build the lines you would probably go through more than one bubble/downturn in the copper/lithium markets.

Building transmission lines is more than just having the copper available. You need the factories to build the cable, steel for the towers, right of way for the lines. All doable but not something that can be create quickly or easily and do you spin this up for a one time effort.

I love the development of solar energy but too many people forget all the logistics that go into transporting the solar from the best production areas to the consumer. Building the transmission lines from the desert, Atacama/Sahara/Mohave, to the consumers Santiago/Europe/Los Angeles ain't cheap, easy or fast.

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