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Comment Re:Think of the children! (Score 2) 31

Well, Gambling is almost universally illegal for minors... sooo yes? If they wanted to go legit, they could require mandatory CC authorization for all users. Some minors will have parents shower them with cards, but the majority won't. Problem solved. Next problem, tons of CC's leaked based on DISREPUTABLE gambling sites stealing CC info / CVC's for crime, etc..

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at its best (Score 1) 30

"People on here" didn't write the article.

IP addresses released have many uses.
Some blocks are almost certainly traceable bevcause they're allocated based on ISP pools for geographic areas. Often, the traceroute of the IP's upstream internet gateway will at least give a city for the individual(s), though even that's a best guess. They are entirely locatable for the ISP/upstream provider assuming you can legally compel them to provide it.

What I assume you mean is that twe say that an individual's IP isn't strictly the legal bar to arrest someone. Because a single IP address can service many people, any of those individuals could've perpertrated the crime. The crime occurs FROM my IP address, but I could have been hacked, exploited, etc.. There's a reason why you don't hear of hackers uploading child porn then calling the police. The bar's too low to presecute without further evidence. Now if they were sex offenders, that's a different story.

And that isn't even getting into the area of illegal tresspass and 'open door' liability that I don't believe have really been solidified in the courts. If a hacker or some random person commits a crime through my insecure or no secuity internet access, am I somehow complicit in the act if I was in fact unknowing it was occurring (TOR for instance)? Where should the bar be set between neglegance and intent?

Comment Re:Not a good track record (Score 1) 415

People unhappy with their lifes who've escaped their misery in drugs aren't going to find comfort off them, and they're not going to find comfort in a somewhat nicer-for-the-body replacement for them, because drugs aren't the problem to begin with IMHO, their unhappiness with their living conditions / life circumstances / real mental/physical problems. If we can't properly fix the reason they went to drugs to begin with, what's the point?

Comment Re:YOU HAVE TO GO BACK (Score 1) 278

Oil from North American sources are significantly more expensive to extract and process. Forgetting the environmentalism concern entirely, are you willing to accept potentially 50% gas price hikes to stop doing business with undesirable nations? If so, great on you(?) but I don't see the market at large taking your stance.

Comment Re:Amazon has a good thing going (Score 1) 129

You know, most of those games just sync against Steam mandatory anyway right? You're paying for plastic. Sometimes they're bold enough to ship with steam only... I'm pretty sure Fallout 4 is steam mandatory for play / mods, but I think primal might function through Uplay, which is yet another online download service from Ubisoft. Its hard to find any AAA games these days without phone-home/updates built intro the platform. Its not my concern, but it does mean you're getting very little from a retail boxed game besides the collectables which I personally find an utter waste.

Comment Didn't shop (Score 1) 129

Amazon Strikes:
1. Paid premium tier that is still garbage in Canada unless you use the service A LOT
2. Filter bubbles throughout promoting crap I already own (the self-curation feature just makes things worse)
3. Prices that are not nearly as attractive as they were in years past -- many of my local retails are actually competing on price (reasonably)

I haven't hit Amazon in months, and though I'll probably hit the site during the holidays, there's just little interest from me in visiting until then...

Comment Youtube (Score 2) 153

They're fighting hard to make content owners look good by not pissing off their audience (and hence content cabal's customers), but over and over, they find a way to spit on YouTube's services.

Remember when basically everyone pirated music and didn't give a dime to the artists? Well, at least with Youtube, they're getting some compensation. What do they want? More hand jobs and blow?

Comment Re:You would think. . . (Score 2) 118

The Stingray becomes a man in the middle. There's nothing passive about it. Imagine the real case of a plugging in a twisted pair tap on a phone line and you'll have a relatively accurate analogy.

Why the heck aren't there apps that warn you when a new cell tower pops up in an area? It seams like a relatively simple system to beat, or does it act entirely like an existing tower ID's and all?

Comment Its certainly harder (Score 1) 726

To spec out vs. a console which has literally no options, so yeah its harder. To say it's hard is another matter. There are plenty of off-the-shelf gaming PC's which will meet most people's needs, but the chief requirement (for the upgrade cycle) is learning how to plug in the components, which has gotten significantly easier over my lifetime of computers.

I'd say the hardest upgrades are motherboard and CPU. Motherboard because of CPU's and CPU's because they have those dang twist latches to fuse the cooling sink to the motherboard/chip assembly. I feel like I'm about to breaking the board every time I do it. That said, replacing the CPU/Mobo should be a once-decade affair at this point. My last upgrade was 2011 and there's no immediate need to replace it given the games I play. Go 'mid-range' all the way and be happy! Unless you're going to the ghetto'est of the ghetto to build your rig, sales staff will help to make sure you're buying components that are compatible with one another.

Speculation: Someone's getting some well earned 'native advertising' from Microsoft money in the lead-up to the next console rev upgrade coming this/next year.

Comment Re:This is... safe? (Score 1) 168

You use the app stores unless you're 13, so unless one can prove that children were under 13, somehow enticed by Google/Nintendo to break the rules thwen maybe a case could go on.

But nah, its so much better to have kids cramed away at home for the few minutes they're not in school, because that'll lead to better people in the long run or something... Ultimately it always links back to parents. If they're not going for a walk with their kids either then sure, bad things can happen (with or without a game leading them).

Comment Re:Karma is a bitch (Score 1) 765

Frankly, if you're a contractor, you're already one foot out the door. If you don't have a contingency for it built into your compensation, you're the fool. Don't have the balls to get paid more for the same work (but even less loyalty)? Go work in government of entrenched unions shops if you can't take risks associated with higher wages.

Why'd they not need you anymore? Who cares! You're a pair of borrowed hands and you're compensated for it. Maybe they didn't need you. Maybe you were mediocre, maybe the company has a no referrals policy (I've been to some companies that had to go through HR which is legit retarded), maybe... reasons. If you're venting this hard, you need to find a purpose outside of work, because the toxicity of your post means you're not finding fulfillment elsewhere.

Comment Re:Poison Pill embedded intentionally (Score 1) 144

Not that I doubt your comment (and in fact that was my speculation), but that may itself fly in the face of fiduciary responsibility if in fact there's a paper trail of her intentionally adding the clause for the purpose of securing her control over corporate operations.

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