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Submission + - Physics learns why time goes only one direction (

Death Metal writes: "Maccone has taken a slightly different view of this problem by looking at correlations. Imagine I do something that increases entropy slightly, and my wife observes the results of my actions and records the consequent increase in entropy--we will leave the fight over who should tidy up the mess out of the story.

Now, I can choose a set of operations that can return the entropy to its previously low value. However, doing so involves not just reversing my actions, but also reversing all correlated systems. In other words, I have to wipe my wife's memory of the event and her subsequent recording of it. If she wrote it on a piece of paper, I have to wipe the paper clean etc, etc. But at the end of it, there would be no record of the event ever having occurred.

The upshot is that entropy-decreasing events can occur, but can never be observed from within the system. You can extend this to the universe, which may well be a closed system: we are within it and, even though events that reduce the entire entropy of the universe are possible, we can never observe such things."


Submission + - Hydrogen to Hydrino -- huge energy source? (

kipb writes: Convert hydrogen to an even lower energy form called the Hydrino, thus releasing 200 times as much energy as it takes to generate the hydrogen by splitting water. So claims Blacklight Power (1999 on Slashdot), which also appears in an August 12 Greentech Media article. Blacklight claims that the energy is released as ultraviolet light, which can be readily converted to heat. The resulting product can be converted back to normal hydrogen (or hydrogen-containing substance) by simply heating it. They claim that scientists at Rowan University (Glassboro, NJ) have reproduced the reaction, generating 6.5 times as much energy as could be obtained through known chemical reactions and also agreed that there appeared to be a transition of hydrogen to an energy state lower than the previously known ground state, with emission lines below 80 nm. There was no analysis on whether the universe would implode upon seeding of a star with hydrinos, as in Vonnegut's Ice 9.

Submission + - Scientists Find the Dark Ages Really Were Dark

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "In 536 Byzantine historian Procopius wrote that "a most dread portent took place. For the sun gave forth its light without brightness... and it seemed exceedingly like the sun in eclipse, for the beams it shed were not clear." Now palaeoclimatologist Keith Briffa and an international team of collaborators have found the characteristic fingerprint of a volcanic eruption in layers of ice in the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, narrowly dated to around 533-536 and the amount of sulphate they found implies that the eruption was even bigger than that of Tambora in Indonesia in 1815, perhaps releasing as much as 40% more dust making the event "the most severe volcanic cooling event in the Northern Hemisphere in the past 2,000 years". Some have suggested that consequences of the erpuption were more dramatic than mere crop failure and overcast skies. Around 541, a plague pandemic rampaged from southern Asia to Denmark, wreaking havoc in the Byzantine Empire and possibly killing about 40% of the inhabitants of its capital Constantinople."

Submission + - Bug Base brings mashups to hardware (

An anonymous reader writes: Popular Mechanics has more detail about the Bug Base, an open-source portable device that will be released by Bug Labs before the end of the year. The Linux-based device, which is smaller than a paperback book, uses the concept of a hardware mashup to allow users to program whatever functionality they want into the unit. When it debuts, the Bug Base will have the ability to run modules that allow for GPS, camera and Wi-Fi functionality, among many others.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - EMF makes brain more permeable: Vaccine danger? (

Drake42 writes: ml says EMF does NOT cause cancer but it does make your brain somewhat more permeable. This article sums up that the mercury in vaccines is generally not good for you, and can collect in your brain.

I agree that EMF is generally proven safe. I also agree that vaccines with mercury are generally safe.

However, engineers (i.e. early Wifi/cell phone adaptors) have a 200% chance of having kids with autism over the general populace.
Is it possible that the increased permeability caused by low level EMF emissions causes the mercury in vaccines to be more easily admitted to the brain and thus become dangerous?


Submission + - Deranged diplomatic passwords revealed (

a_n_d_e_r_s writes: At there are live and real proof that password like 1234 are actually used for highly sensitive stuff.

Have you ever wondered what the email password the dimplomatic personel use to protect their highly secure email accounts. How about 1234 ? Yes, that is one of a hundred real passwords and username displayed at deranged security. Swedish security expert Dan Egerstad has broken the password for a number of national powers — but he won't tell anyone how he got them. He tried to call the ambassy of a country but they did not take him seriou — so he decided to display them on a web page since he had not the time to call everyone on the list that he know used bad security and leaked their password to the world. Now you can read the truth about which password that are used to protect the diplomatic emails.


Submission + - First 2GB R600-Based Graphics Card Images Emerge (

bigwophh writes: "Images have emerged of the first ATI R600-based graphics card to sport 2GB of frame buffer memory. The Diamond Multimedia VFX 2000 shown here is based on AMD's ATI R600 GPU, but the card's PCB has been modified from the standard HD 2900 XT reference design to support the workstation-class features inherent to the FireGL line of professional graphics cards. GPU and RAM frequencies were not available, but the VFX 2000 will likely be similar to ATI's high-end FireGL V8650."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Ref admits in court NBA is fixed ( 1

LoveMe2Times writes: Former NBA referee Tim Donoughy pleaded guilty to charges related to his gambling on NBA games, including those he officiated. While many suspected him of fixing games or altering the outcome of games he officiated, the real story — that the mainstream media only mentions in passing — is that he didn't need to fix games. As a ref, he had access to "non-public" information about the games, including the real nature of injuries, who would ref the game, and the extent to which those refs favored the players. This inside information was enough for him — and presumably any NBA insider — to pick winners with enough accuracy to get paid $5000 for correct picks. In other words, referee bias is statistically significant enough for those in the know to make lots of money betting on it. In essence, the referees decide the game more than the players in a known, predictable way; hence, the game is fixed by choice of refs for a game.

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