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Russians Urged To Drink and Smoke More Screenshot-sm 1

Alexei Kudrin, Russia's finance minister, has a plan to drink and smoke his country out of its financial woes. He has urged his countrymen to drink and smoke more to help boost government revenues. "If you smoke a pack of cigarettes, that means you are giving more to help solve social problems. People should understand: Those who drink, those who smoke are doing more to help the state," he said.

Submission + - Joss Whedon to Direct the Avengers (

olyar writes: Great news for Joss fans and comic fans alike. Looks like Joss is going to direct the Avengers movie. Best commentary I saw came via @DRUNKHULK on Twitter: "JOSS WHEDON TO DIRECT AVENGERS MOVIE! OUT OF TRADITION FOX HOPE FIND WAY TO TAKE MOVIE AWAY FROM HIM!"

Submission + - What Movies do Astronauts Watch on the ISS?

Hugh Pickens writes: "The Guardian has an amusing story about the 150-odd movie titles astronauts can choose from on the ISS including Wedding Crashers, The Princess Bride, and Blazing Saddles. The full list of movies and books (PDF), issued by Johnson Space Center details "books, movies, television shows, and music maintained on the International Space Station (ISS) for recreational/off-duty consumption" and was acquired last year by the website, using the US's freedom of information act. In May, James Mullighan, creative director for an independent film-making collective, wrote to Nasa, arguing that "Caddyshack, Cheaper By the Dozen and Beverly Hills Cop might weaken the critical faculties of those on board, possibly even putting their lives and ours in danger" and offered a selection of the alternatives proposed on the group's website: "Our members would like to see Harold and Maude rather than Harold and Kumar, and Man on Wire replace Man on Fire." Nasa Associate Administrator William H Gerstenmaier wrote back informing Mullighan that "Nasa shares your interest in assuring that a broad selection of entertainment is available for crew members' selection" and told the group that its suggestions "have been forwarded to the crew office for further consideration" (PDF). But Gerstenmaier also made clear that the titles were largely the result of crew members' personal preferences and that astronauts had either requested these films or brought them on board themselves. "In other words," writes the Guardian. "If the astronauts on the International Space Station want to watch Pearl Harbor, Shanghai Knights or, for that matter, Apollo 13, that's what they're going to watch.""

Submission + - Opera is hackers favorite browser (well almost) (

Leevi writes: The best defense on the Web could be Opera. And hackers themselves are Opera lovers. Paul Royal, a security researcher at Atlanta-based Purewire discovered. He found that while 33% used Firefox, 26% used Opera. Generally, Opera has only 1-3% user share.* "Criminals themselves are using less targeted browsers, perhaps because they understand their product and about what it does," Royal says. *
Internet Explorer

Submission + - What the CIA really thinks of Internet Explorer 3

Mike writes: "Ever wonder what the CIA really thinks of Microsoft's Internet Explorer? How about just viewing the source of some of their javascript programs. When defining variables to define the browser the client uses, the CIA is very specific. Just look at the javascript source for the program found here: and you will see the CIA is telling the kiddies of the world that Microsoft's Internet Explorer is: bugRiddenCrashPronePieceOfJunk.

Here is the sample code:
var bugRiddenCrashPronePieceOfJunk=(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE 5')!=-1&&navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mac')!=-1)

Nice. At the very least, you see how the CIA views the browser."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Scam about scams

wakejagr writes: "Looks like enough people are wary of scammers that the new scams are using warnings about scamming as the hook!


Attention: Beneficiary

This to acknowledge you that your e-mail id is found among those
that have been scammed,and the compensation have been approved
from the Federal high court here in Nigeria and we are asked to
contact you by the Federal Ministry of Justice on how to send
you the bank draft total value Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand
Dollars. So you are adviced to contact the lawyer in charge of
this Bank Draft and by name is Bar.David Onyema and make sure
you contact him.


Your full names;...............................

Your contac address:.................................

Your country:.................................

Your age:.........................................

Your occupation:.................................

Your telephone number:.............................

For more information on how to make the Bank Draft sent to you
because many People complain about scamming every day from
Nigeria and we are trying to stop this fraudulent activities
from Nigeria and I assure you that it will stop because we are
now working with the internet operation such as YAHOOMAIL,HOTMAIL
and also the united state FBI and Nigeria police with Nigeria
EFCC so the scam can be eradicated in this country and I want
you to follow your Bank Draft code below,and which is given to
you by the Federal high court of Nigeria and the code is (NG74678FGN).

And I want you to keep this code, because this code will ensure
you and alert you in any day you receive a scam e-mail from this
country.And as soon as you contact Bar.David Onyema with your
full contact information requested, he will be forwarding
everything to the Federal Ministry of Justice to issue out
your award certificate as the rightful beneficiary of the
Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars.And here is the contact
information from the lawyer in charge of this Certified Bank
Draft below and you must contact him to enable him comence all
the fastest processes in order to have the Bank Draft delivered
in your doorstep in located area.

Name: Barrister David Onyema

E-mail Address:

Direct Telephone: +234-1-8834547

Contact him in regarding of your Bank Draft to be delivered
to you by a courier service and also as soon as you contact
the lawyer in charge of your Bank Draft he will alert your
state security bureau for the certified bank DRAFT to be
deliver to you without any restriction and problem when the
certified Bank Draft get to you in your located area.

Sincerely Yours
Mrs Anthonia Akintola
(Federal High Court's Secretary)"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - PC of my dream

An anonymous reader writes: Wouldn't it be good if our bosses allows beer in the office so that we don't have to hide it from them? Instead of hiding beer bottles in modified refrigerator you can use this computer case (only if its available in market, which I seriously doubt). It boasts a small reservoir in the upper portion to store your daily fix.

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