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Journal Journal: Buyer's Remorse comes quickly for B.O. supporters 2

It didn't take 24 hours after the election for B.O.'s supporters to realize they had been shafted.

"I want my money today! It's my money. I want it right now!" yelled one former campaign worker.

Hmmm, seems like B.O.'s elitist cronies aren't so good at "distributing the wealth" when it's their own money. Ha ha! We always knew B.O. was a stinker.

Eventually people did start getting paid, but some said they were missing hours and told to fill in paperwork making their claim and that eventually they would get a check in the mail.

You can trust B.O.: "The check is in the mail."

"It should have been $480. It's $230," said Imani Sankofa.

You guys misunderstood B.O.'s campaign message. He's not going to bring you change. He's going to pocket your change!

See, if you make over $250 a week, you're considered "rich" under the post-election version of B.O.'s tax plan, called uPay ME (Malaise Edition).
(Hey, them's awful good wages where B.O. comes from.)

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Journal Journal: Thoughts on the Obamination 2

The obaminable election outcome has generated a lot of negative thoughts in me. Frankly, it's difficult to cope with.

One of the widgets on my personalized iGoogle page gives some wise advice:

Talmud Quote of the Day: Live well. It is the greatest revenge.

Indeed. And another widget gives an extremely timely verse-of-the-day Scripture:

For many will come in My name, saying, "I am the Messiah!" and will deceive many. (Mattityahu 24:5)


Journal Journal: Hilarious Smack-down on Al-Jazeera 2

Al-Jazeera Mistakenly Hosts Defender of United Jerusalem (has YouTube video)

The guest on this show looks like Ben Stein, but he is from the Dept. of Arabic Studies at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv. Al-Jazeera apparently thought this fluent Arab speaker would be sympathetic to the Pale-terrorist cause. Instead, he comes out firing with almost Coulter-like sharpness. It's entertaining to see this Gatling Gun of Truth shoot out so much logic and facts, unheard-of elements on Arab TV, that the A-J host is at a loss for words at times and has to instantly grow new frown muscles to adequately show his displeasure.

The issue of contention is that Israelis are planning to establish homes in their capital city, Jerusalem. Shocking, I know. It's like, Jews in Jerusalem?!! Who has ever heard of such a phenomenon? That's like Catholics in the Vatican! Will pigs fly next?

Now, if our Secretary of State Condaljazeera Rice had been on the show, there would have been lots of smiles and handshakes. The War on Terror exempts Israel's closest enemies.


Journal Journal: You might be a Fredhead if... 5

The inspiration for this JE and source of most of these lines is here.

You might be a Fredhead if... blame America last. think "Borders" means solid walls, not a latte-serving bookstore.

..."great hair" is low on your list of presidential requirements. kinda like it when terrorists are made uncomfortable. think non-binding resolutions are for sissies. liked the Conan movies but thought Arnold looked a little wimpy. think Chuck Norris is a pale imitation of FDT. don't wear sunscreen, comfortable in the knowledge that with Fred as your ally, the sun would never dare. know that Fred won't need to push for legislation to make taxes lower... the taxes will crouch in fear on their own when they see Fred coming. you crazy, but you'd prefer a presidential candidate who actually shares your conservative views. think that it is suicidal for Republican candidates to tout awards given to them by the Liberal Media (i.e. Time Magazine; also the AARP!) in their campaign material, especially during the primaries. believe the South Carolina primary is going to look like this after "Bald Bull" Thompson charges over "Little Mac" McCain. think that today's serious foreign policy issues will take more than hillbilly charm and naiveté to handle. prefer movies where American troops are the good guys. think it's great if a murderer finds God, but that doesn't mean he should be let out of prison. think America's sovereignty is kinda important. think anyone who talks about how the rich aren't "paying their fair share" is a whiny little Communist. think someone didn't draw those border lines on a map just for fun.'d like Osama bin Laden's next video to be him pleading, "Someone please help me!" before he's pummeled on screen by the U.S. president. think that the fact the Europeans do something is a good argument for doing something else. love animals... right beside the mashed potatoes. believe that socialized medicine might prove about as effective as public education.

...the phrase "giant corporations" means to you millions of middle-class investors and millions of jobs for the economy.

...the only video you want to see of terrorists is from the camera of a Predator before they disappear in a flash. believe that affairs in the White House should be political in nature, not extramarital. advise that environmentalism should start with reducing government paper wasted on printing non-English documentation. expect the government to secure the border and protect the country rather than give you a free pony.

Journal Journal: The Clear Conservative Choice 8

I am elated to have finally found a Republican candidate that I like. One that I can even rally around! One who has a chance.

First, let's cover the rejects.

Guiliani - never considered him; too liberal

McCain - never considered him; had often mistaken him for a Democrat

Tancredo - sounded good; didn't know much about him, but has exited the campaign anyway

Romney - He's the first one I started to like at all. His Mormonism bothered me, but I thought that if he had integrity, the right values, and decently conservative policies, he was the best choice we were going to get. Turns out he's not very conservative, though. Moreover, then came along...

Huckabee - A "true" Christian. I was a Huckabee fan for a couple of weeks or so. But I started thinking: Bill Clinton was "Christian" too -- i.e. professing Protestant, non-Mormon -- and what did that get us? I then realized that we are making too much of religious labels. To drive home the point, Jimmy Carter was a ""'"'"born again'""'"" Christian. And what a nightmare!
Religion aside, Huckabee has been shown to be pretty liberal on a lot of issues, such as taxation, immigration, and environmentalism. I don't have links, but you can look it up. He's simply not a conservative. The things he says sounds like they come out of the mouths of Bush-hating liberals. You'd think Huckabee would get the endorsement of Really, if it weren't for Huckabee's Christian statements, he would get more support from the Left than Ron Paul. Speaking of whom...

Ron "UFO" Paul - He should run on the Libertarian ticket. On the moon. :)
EDIT: Sorry, I was confused here. The "UFO" reference has to do with a news story about candidate Dennis Kucinich. It's pretty bad that I mistook a GOP candidate for a Communist. Bad for him.

But let me return to Huckabee. The man has played fast and loose with the truth. The first incident was his claim that he had a theology degree, which isn't quite true. Of all things to be weaselly about! But I was going to give him a pass on that. Chalk it up to off-the-cuff misstatement/exaggeration, heat of the moment, etc. But there have been other incidents where he's just not been shooting straight. The latest is this incident. Follow this:
  1. Goes positive: Huckabee pledges to have positive campaign
  2. Goes negative: Under pressure, H. spends $30,000 on negative ad against Romney to counter Romney's ads
  3. Goes positive: H. pulls ad from stations at the last moment saying he will stick to a positive campaign; H. holds press conference announcing this action
  4. Goes negative: H. shows his negative ad at said press conference, allegedly to prove to the "cynical" media that the ad actually existed

The cynic will not fail to notice that through this maneuvering Huckabee was able to get his attack ad aired throughout the media for free instead of having to pay the networks. All the while, maintaining his stance (and a straight face) of having a consistent policy against negative ads. Folks, this is more Clintonian than Clinton. I don't want to see what this would be like when a President Huckabee is faced with serious issues! I personally don't even mind negative ads, per se. That's not the point. The issue is integrity and trustworthiness. I do not trust Mike Huckabee. Period.

Someone I do trust is Fred Thompson.
First, the downsides: not charming, doesn't have a "face for television", mannerisms are mildly annoying, not an eloquent orator (although a better speaker than Bush). But so what? Thompson is conservative on every issue.

Fred Thompson is conservative:

  • fiscally
  • socially
  • consistently!

None of the other major Republican candidates can say that. No one else.

I made up my mind yesterday. This video I saw today sealed it for me. (I have not seen any of the debates except a little on YouTube, because I generally don't watch TV.)

But then I remembered an important topic that I hadn't seen Thompson address. Fortunately, a little Googling put a big smile on my face. I will be very happy to support Fred Thompson with my vote in the Republican primary.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal Journal: Reform at the U.N. 3

UN Watch:

Dictators Fidel Castro of Cuba and Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus will be celebrating the UN Human Rights Council's likely adoption tomorrow of a new reform package that will see both regimes dropped from a blacklist, while Israel is placed under permanent indictment.

Fair and balanced.

As for the experts on other countries - on Burundi, Cambodia, North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Liberia, Burma, Somalia and Sudan - all of these may soon be eliminated, as threatened by the Council majority comprised of dictatorships and other Third World countries, under a gradual "review" process.

Excellent. Nothing like a peer review process to keep everyone accountable.

Pending their fate, all experts will be subjected to a new "Code of Conduct," submitted by Algeria in the name of the African group...

In related news, China has authored a Reproductive Rights policy for the world body. And the Taliban will be submitting a new "Dress Code."


Journal Journal: Response to gun violence 3

With the story of the recent massacre due to gun violence, it is obvious that the country where this occurred needs more gun control legislation.

I look forward to reading the international media's wild criticism tomorrow of how terrible a country Brazil* is: Brazil's inexplicable love affair with guns; its backwards cowboy/pioneer culture; how its economic and political inequality makes immigrants and minorities depressed and lonely, driving them to violence; how its citizens' violence is a reflection of the government's warmongering policies around the world.</sarcasm>

* Click the first link: 19 killed in Rio shantytown shootout

God bless the families of the victims.


Journal Journal: U.N. Human Rights Council slammed!

Give this guy a medal! Watch our "Maccabee" hero, Hillel Neuer, hammer the Useless Nations HR (Hypocrites Roster) Council. He nails those rats to the wall, calling them out to be the heartless, Jew-bashing scumbags they are. This is like a dream come true.

But it's hard for me to glory in this smack-down for very long. There is a reason that Council president Luis Alfonso de Alba did not dispute Neuer's criticism. Because the criticism is absolutely true.

Just four days after Neuer's testimony, the UN stopped examining human right violations in Iran and Uzbekistan.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has decided to drop its examination of human rights violations in Iran and Uzbekistan. The step followed a recommendation by most of the five states overseeing the special procedure against Iran and Uzbekistan, which are suspected of violating the human rights of their respective populations.

Council president Luis Alfonso de Alba said the 47-member council has decided "not to continue the examination of the situation" in the two countries, but gave no further details.

This literally makes me sick. Many of the atrocities of the past are the atrocities of the present! We are aghast at the complacency of this world body, and the echoes of "Never again" fall on deaf ears.

Counter to intuition, the existence of a league of nations has hindered the good rather than the evil. Why? Regardless of the reason, it is a mighty blow against the philosophy of humanism and the messianist faith in the efficacy of diplomacy and dialogue to bring about world peace. But I'll give you my opinion: Because the world is evil. Man is inherently evil, not good. The righteous are always the minority. To use a Biblical word, a remnant.

One nation can be good. Two. Three, yes. Twenty? Could be a somewhat decent coalition. 100? You've got a Devil's Council.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Never has there been a better example of this adage than the U.N. It is an abomination that should be abolished immediately.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Thermophobia 6

Global climate change -- it doesn't bother me. What does bother me, being a "Global Warming denier," is the sudden MADNESS that has stricken deeply into the nation and the world over the last few months. I am truly amazed by the phenomenon. Amazed that the mainstream has become mesmerized by it, entangled in the unscientific propaganda. And amazed at the speed at which it has spread.

If I didn't know better, I'd think it was an Islamic conspiracy to distract us. While the civilized world is wringing its hands wondering if it's putting too much carbon dioxide in the air and causing the global temperature (sic) to increase by a minuscule amount that is indistinguishable from statistical noise, the Iranians and other Islamists are sharpening their sabres (i.e., readying WMDs, etc.) to decapitate the West.

I don't believe the thermophobia phenomenon is an Islamic conspiracy, because 1) Muslims are much too divided among themselves, and 2) they aren't competent enough to pull it off. Furthermore, the infidel leftists are more than willing and capable of pushing this agenda themselves.

Of course, I've never had any doubt that the left started this. But you can't help but notice how wonderfully this plays into Iran's hands. While Ahmadinejad is planning an apocalyptic, mega-Holocaust, nuclear Armageddon Jihad (in expectation of the Coming of the Mahdi/12th Imam) that'll make WWII look like a tea party, Americans and Europeans are heaping guilt on themselves because of some pictures of polar bears playing on pieces of floating ice in the ocean and Al Gore's debunked, fear-mongering flick that has got people whipped up in a hysterical phobia about supposed climate change. We're contemplating laws that would cripple our countries at a time when we need to be gearing up to defend our very existence and way of life. Global warming is just a boogeyman. Islam is the very real and present danger.

The silver lining is that I get to laugh at the news about global warming conferences getting snowed out, again and again and again. Who says G-d doesn't have a sense of humor? I wish someone would plan a global warming conference in Ecuador to see if it would get snowed out. When my Dad was in Jerusalem last week, the city received a rare snow. I'm thinking of asking him if there was a global warming conference going on nearby. I wouldn't be surprised. Thermophobia is heating up all around the world.


Journal Journal: Germany upholds Hitler policy 8

I thought liberals loved multiculturalism. Oh, that doesn't include Christian culture. Christianity is subversive and hateful, and must be stamped out.

Homeschooling creates "parallel societies" that must be stamped out, according to the German government's defense of its 3rd Reich homeschooling prohibition being used now to justify the imprisonment of a 15-year-old student, Melissa Busekros, whose case is being taken to appeal.

Ein Volk! One Reich under Führer. But I'm just waiting for the German authorities to crack down on the Islamist parallel society. No, that won't happen. Christians are nice people and can be easily bullied. The Muslims will wage worldwide, bloody jihad over a comic.

The [Human Rights Court for the European Union] said schools represent society and "it was in the children's interest to become part of that society."

Of course, the children will be a part of that society, socially, economically, and politically. But the German government thinks that every citizen needs to be programmed like robots with identical left-wing beliefs: atheist, naturalist, evolutionist, postmodernist, socialist, environmental armageddonist, etc. Hey Germany, there's this thing called Freedom. Maybe you've heard of it? It paid you a visit 63 years ago. But you just can't shake your love affair with fascism. Your old flame is kindled again. (Oh, and we know you're helping the terrorists in the Middle East. You've just outsourced your pogroms.)

Tag this thinkofthechildren:

"The welfare of the child is the central concern in the actions of the Youth Welfare Office."

Yeah, they cared so much for the child that they tore her apart from her family and home, where her welfare was perfectly fine, and put her in prison! ... where they are probably trying to "deprogram" her Christian beliefs with liberal messages piped into her cell 24/7: "God is not real. The Bible is based on myths. The State is the source of all wisdom. Humans evolved by chance over millions of years. Trust in Darwin; all his words are true."

See earlier stories:

Achtung! Germany drags homeschool kids to class. Authorities haul crying children away to avoid 'danger' from parental teachings

Government declares war on homeschooling parents. Family's 'religious convictions' must meet state requirements

A government education official says the government is working to avoid future conflicts over homeschooling with one particular family by looking "for possibilities to bring the religious convictions of the family into line with the unalterable school attendance requirement."

In a related story, the U.S. teetered toward taking a step to become a police state with newly introduced "hate crime" legislation (in committee) that would violate the Constitution in multiple ways. Basically, it means that I would have to keep my beliefs secret, lest someone gets offended at my words and calls out the Thought Police attack dogs. In Soviet America, government reforms YOU.

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Journal Journal: Greed 4

For all the talk about "greedy corporations," they are no more tight-fisted and selfish than the typical consumer. (If you've worked in retail, you know what I'm talking about.) Especially the Slashdot consumer. (story: Amazon Adjusts Prices After Sales Error; see the comments)

On the Amazon story: Legally, I think a legitimate case can be made either way, for charging or not, but IANAL. But morally, I think Amazon is in the right. The consumers knew they were getting a literal steal of a bargain. "Buy one, get one free" means you have to buy one. Doubling the deal means you have to buy more, not less. "Buy" obviously means that the price is above $0.00, else it would be called "free": "Get one free, get one free." The people who took advantage of the glitch were being greedy consumers.

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Journal Journal: Global warming humor 9

These pictures are from slideshows linked from this article about southern California getting rare snow and ice; 3 inches in some places; LA's first snow in 30 years!

Tropical freezing ("Ice in Ojai Orchard" - Stephanie Callahan)

Do the global warming dance! ("Freezing in Palmdale" - F. Melero)

An inconvenient truth ("cold in Lawndale" - Mike Lanning)

"Help us, Al Gore!" ("very small snowmen along Kanan Road in Malibu hills" - Christine Vanek)


Journal Journal: Voting machine autocorrects your vote 3

Voting at the polling station in my precinct was done via touch screens. For governor, I touched my finger to Republican, but it highlighted the Democrat below. Whew, that was close! The computer saved me from voting for a greedy, racist, bigoted, homophobic Neanderthal.

For v2.0, they should have a full-blown Clippy Voting Assistant.

Warning! It looks like you are casting a ballot for a Republican. Would you like help to:
* Vote Democrat
* Write in Hillary Clinton
* Write in Muqtada al-Sadr, a "legitimate voice" for the people
* Contribute to the Democratic National Committee
* Get directions to the DNC's nearest Democratic People's Re-education Kamp (DPRK)

Seriously, the machine really did not select what my finger selected, but I was able to correct it easily. I played around selecting and de-selecting for a while. When I touched Republican, sometimes it selected Republican and sometimes it selected Democrat. But touching Democrat always selected Democrat. I observed this behavior only on the governor part of the ballot. I actually do not suspect foul play. However, let this be a warning if you're voting in a rush: Slow down and make sure that the machine's UI feedback matches with what you intended to select.

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