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Comment Re:Makes sense. Somebody is buying Nanos still. (Score 1) 193

they never compete on price

Really? I was under the impression that they did just that with the first iPad. There were no ~10" tablets in "Android land" at that price at the time.

"Tablet PC makers shaken up by iPad pricing - Surprised by iPad's low $499 price tag"
Apple iPad: The Low-Price Leader?
Apple iPad Cheaper than Notebook Vendors Would Like

Comment Re:He's always had my respect (Score 1) 287

You say 'walled garden' as if it's a bad thing for regular users. You and I can jailbreak if we want full portable computer functionality.
The way it is now: stock iPhone means no malware, stock Android means you can get malware since Google doesn't check any apps unless they get complaints, and by then lots of damage has already been done.
So, iOS walled garden=good for regular users, Android apps-from-anywhere=malware=fine for us, but not for regular people.

Comment Re:Lameness (Score 1) 1613

The first MP3 player with a hard drive?


As far as I remember, those were laptop-sized drives. The iPod used the smaller 1.8" ones. I should have been more clear. It was the whole reason it was as small as a deck of cards, and if we're being honest, the Nomad wasn't shirt pocket-sized. But yes, the Nomad did have a 6 GB hard drive-based monstrosity available in 2000.

The first MP3 player that had a faster connection than USB 1.1 to transfer your music?

Nomad and iRiver both had them before the iPod, and the Nomad even had wifi.

And what was this "faster" connection you mention? Serial port? USB 2 wasn't available on anything at that point. Remember, wifi at the time was 802.11b. 802.11g was just on its way, and certainly wasn't in any Nomad or iRiver product in 2001. The very first iPod had firewire, and the wifi and USB connections on the others couldn't come close for transfer and charging speed.

Comment Re:Lameness (Score 1) 1613

It wasn't Apple's innovation? The first MP3 player with a hard drive? The first MP3 player that had a faster connection than USB 1.1 to transfer your music? You say the scroll wheel interface was genius, yet that doesn't count as an innovation?

Very convincing.

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