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Submission + - Midnight Commander 5.0 turns to Mono

jjohn_h writes: Midnight Commander was taken over by a group of young Russians two years ago. 'Taken over' means that they just appropriated the trade mark and developed the code. In the meantime a couple of programmers in E. Europe and Germany have joined the team but the status of the project has not changed. Unclear it was, unclear it is. Founding father and official maintainer Miguel de Icaza was silent on the trade mark issue and appears rarely on the mailing list But now an experimental release 5.0 is out and it is a Mono application with a little README from Miguel stating: >>> This is a C# version of the Midnight Commander that I am using as a testbed for Mono-Curses. Do we have to look at the calendar? If it is serious, is MC's end nigh?

Submission + - Google changes its name

mcgrew writes: As of Today, Google has officially changed its name to 'Topeka', which, as Eric Schmidt's blog notes, is a word used by the Kansa and Ioway tribes to refer to 'a good place to dig for potatoes. The change came about because Topeka, Kansas officially changed its name to 'Google'.

As they say in the former city of Topeka, 'we're not in Kansas any more'.

There's a map on the blog showing proper useage of Topeka:

Green: Before our blind date I did a Topeka search on him
Yellow: Before our blind date I Topeka'ed him
Red: Before our blind date I Topeka'd him
NO NO NO!!! :Before our blind date I Topeka'ed him with Alta Vista

Don't believe me just because it's April Fool's day and I'm an asshat? Go see for yourself!

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