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Comment Re:Nightmarish revival. (Score 1) 115

Yes, and even if it works, I have the feeling that each brain somehow maps the visual cortex to its body's particular retinas to unscramble reality, and I doubt you can just whack two different retinas into the optic nerve and expect 4K resolution the next day... An adult brain may take forever to do same trick again...

Comment Re:Sounds dangerous (Score 5, Insightful) 73

Shit, better tell Boeing before the first takeoff. I bet they never thought of that. Milled parts aren't strong enough either, that's why they're casted and heat-treated in all kinds of ways... Every heard of single-crystal turbine blades?

So the 3D printed part is just a "blank" that gets toasted. It's probably easier to get all the holes in there that way.

Comment Re:Torrent Availability (Score 1) 48

LOL neither do young people. Kid at work stared at me all smirky and asked why I cared about that, all he has to do is stream from Netflix if he wants to watch something.

I asked him if he knows what a "file" is.

We've come full circle. We're old, we're not cool, whatever we do is wrong.

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