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Denver Airport Overrun by Car-Eating Rabbits 278

It turns out the soy-based wire covering on cars built after 2002 is irresistible to rodents. Nobody knows this better than those unlucky enough to park at DIA's Pikes Peak lot. The rabbits surrounding the area have been using the lot as an all-you-can-eat wiring buffet. Looks like it's time to break out The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Comment Re:Can get even worse (Score 1) 486

That blog is awesome. Although he doesn't every mention why all those characters would be mirrored. Tattoo artists sketch the proof on paper and then press it onto the skin leaving the mirror of whatever they are about to ink. Apparently most tattoo artists aren't smart enough to realize that they would need to do this technique twice in order to keep the characters from being mirrored on the canvas(skin).

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 184

Also, as someone who has worked on the technical side of the a large telco's billing department; I can guarantee that it was in fact a mistake and not malice. Our billing system constantly had errors. We weren't as large as Verizon, but we did have to issue refunds of maybe $100,000 every couple of months. It was usually do to some regulation and taxes being improperly applied. Telco billing changes so much so often it is hard to build a billing system that can change to any and all ways the government decides to regulate and tax it. Also if you add a new switch to your network it can log and parse billing files differently causing an error similar to what is being described by Verizon.

So as someone who as actually worked on Telco billing systems, I'm on the "it was an accident" side.

Comment Re:Procrastination (Score 1) 717

You mean like Y2K? As I recall it become a non-issue because people fixed it, and the places it didn't get fixed in time didn't cause as many problems as people thought it would. The IPv6 transition isn't any different. Once it gets in the way of business it will become priority number one and then teams will be assigned to fix it. Also anyone who has an IPv4 address isn't even affected by the transition, it only affects new people trying to register. It won't be an issue until after all addresses are used and then it won't be an issue until there is enough new and usable content on IPv6 domains. Only then will it be enough of a priority for businesses and consumers to switch to IPv6.

Comment Re:Er, (Score 4, Insightful) 457

No it was a fine example. The same person could have an airplane land on their house and the person swerving from debris from your wreck could have just as easily had to swerve from an animal or piece of tire from a semi truck. Speed and safe driving do not exclude each other. It is amazing how even though more people are driving traffic accidents and fatalities are dramatically decreasing year after year.

If you want a better example, try growing one marijuana plant in your back yard, using a vaporiser to ingest it on the first day of a holiday where you will be home, not driving anywhere for a week and tell me how that is wrong? If you can tell me that is wrong then I hope you've never had any alcoholic beverages ever in your life.

Comment Reaction worse than the Action (Score 1) 1695

This wouldn't have been a big deal if everyone had ignored the guy. So some bigot wants to burn a book, let him; just ignore him. The fact that everyone is giving him so much attention is causing way more problems then the actions he is doing.

If you want to have fun with him, you should bring your bible's and crosses to the burning and join in on the anti religion fun. Bring a Book of Mormon and some L Ron Hubbard to the event too. Hell, bring an American Flag and the Origin of Species as well just to make sure all your bases are covered.

People should be allowed to burn stuff in protest of things they believe are wrong. They have that right. It doesn't mean it is good or appropriate. The fear that it will be used as a recruitment tool or upset other people is not a valid reason to stop them from protesting. If anything it is a reason to allow them to protest. When did we loose our spine. I will not cower to extremists of any religion, not the Bible thumping abortionist killing kind nor the suicidal Islamic kind.

Let the man burn his books and live his hate filled life, just ignore him and his 50 congregants. There are 310 million other people in this country who disagree with what he is doing, if one person burning copies of the Qur'an can cause so much harm and the Extremists can't look at the rest of the nation that is appalled by his action, then maybe he is right to do so after all.

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