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Comment Re: None of this matters, it has no headphone jack (Score 1) 324

Not to mention that it still has a headphone jack. The only difference is that it requires headphones (that come with the phone) that use a newer plug design that enables more technological capabilities. Really it's more like when floppies went from 5.25 to 3.5".

Comment Ridiculous (Score 1) 311

They may have partly bought a headphone company knowing that Bluetooth headphones were going to be a hot commodity. But it certainly ridiculous to imply they are deliberately depriving people of headphone jacks to make more money. Firstly, no one is forcing anyone to buy iPhone rather than a Google phone with headphone jack. Secondly, every iPhone still comes with wired headphones anyway, for chrissake. Thirdly, it's not as if we didn't all already know that wireless was inevitable in the first place. Wired headphones have felt like a pain in ass anachronism that we'd like to get rid of for years. Anyway, the iPhone 7 come with wired headphones. They just use different jack. What's with you people?

Comment Re:Brilliant (Score 1) 274

Have fun not owning a smartphone then. Every other phone on the market now seems to be an almost exact copy of the iPhone 6. Look at the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 -- indistinguishable aside from the pointless wrapping screen that people crack all the time. No way Samsung isn't going to go to USB-C -- the reversible connector that Apple designed and donated to the USB group.

Comment Re:horseshit (Score 1) 274

Didn't Sony recall the Sony Z5, tell all its customers that it was just kidding about the phone being waterproof, and then get the crap sued out of itself for it? I actually literally have a friend who's Z5 failed just from getting some rain on it while he was hiking. Sony sent him a new one but the whole reason he had boughten it was that he thought it could go underwater, but it turned out to possibly actually be the least water tolerant phone he has ever owned.

Comment Re:Why is teen pregnancy bad exactly? (Score 1) 323

Who says that modern society can't help young parents in the same way it did when we were primitive tribes?

Just because medicine provides all kinds of synthetic hormones etc to enable older parenting doesn't mean that there is any benefit in it. It just means we can do things in a different order. But maybe the order where you have children first and then do university is the better one. We know for a fact that it is the more natural one.

Comment Re:Why is teen pregnancy bad exactly? (Score 1) 323

Who says that we need postpone parenting in order to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers if even becoming one of those things is necessary to be a "functional adult" in the first place?

I'm in my late 30s and noticing that all the "most successful" women who I graduated with from a top-tier university are single and childless. Is that what we really want? All our "most successful" being weeded out of the gene pool? That's obviously very destructive to the gene pool. Almost the definition of destruction to it.

Offspring of teenagers are objectively healthier than the offspring of older women.

It seems like there are a lot of reasons why it would be good if more of us had children as teenagers, and relatively few. Your claim that being a functional adult requires postponing having children until after biologically optimal age seems to not only be a poor counterbalance to the benefits off earlier reproduction but furthermore specious in the first place.

Comment Re:Apple just has temporary advantage (Score 1) 161

You are comparing a brand new processor to a 3 year old one. A 2 year old iPhone 6 is substantially faster than a brand new Galaxy Note 7. You can of course buy a 2 year old iPhone for much less than a Galaxy Note 7. In in so doing, one would additionally get better user experience, OS, customer support, and resale value. I'm sure you've observed people in your daily life who are completely happy with their 6 year old iPhone 4. Because of their durability and the quality of the materials they are made from, ancient iPhones will often look almost new.

There's no comparison between Apple phones and their Google knock-offs when it comes to performance. People clearly buy the latter for emotional reasons rather than rational ones. In order to feel different, or special, perhaps. Nothing wrong with that. What matters is what makes people happy.

It sounds like you're on the Google bandwagon. Good for you. The important thing is that what you do makes you happy. Don't try to tell people that there is something wrong with wanting the technically superior phone, though. Or mislead them by trying to compare the performance of your brand new phone with an iPhone from early 2013.

Comment Re:This is why I still read /. smartphone threads. (Score 1) 161

Did I say benchmarks? No I did not. I said iPhones have had roughly double the speed of anyone else for the last 3 years. In other words, that the user experience is more enjoyable. The GUI is snappier. Jumping around between apps and tasks is quicker. People love their iPhones because the workflow is more responsive and they are able to get more done faster. In other words, because the user experience is more seamless.

If you think seamlessness of user experience doesn't matter than you are the one who is "clueless".

Comment Apple just has temporary advantage (Score 0) 161

Apple has had roughly double the hardware speed of anyone else since Fall 2013 when the A7 chip came out. They stole a tremendous advantage there. So even their 1.5 year old phones are roughly the same speed as newest Android phones (e.g., iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S7). Apple phones that have the same performance have actually been cheaper than their Google analogs. So people have been buying Android phones for emotional reasons or in order to avoid owning Apple products, which have an image of being mainstream rather than 1337.

However, by next generation we can expect the 64 bit lead they stole to have been closed. Qualcomm will get there. Therefore, we can expect people to be able to purchase Google phones on rational bases again.

Once that happens, only a minority of people will buy Apple anymore. The party Apple's been enjoying will be over. Almost all phones are nearly indistinguishable from Apple phones now as well. Down to every little detail such as the shape of holes used for speakers etc. So Apple's design advantage will also have been neutralized.

If someone like Samsung can come up with something new that iPhones don't have then there won't be any contest.

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