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Comment Not nearly enough (Score 0) 70

27% better performance means it might be in the ballpark of the Apple A9 but nowhere near the current generation A10. In other words, when it comes out we'll be the 4th year into Apple being 1.5-2 generations ahead of everyone else. Starting to wonder if we're ever going to catch up. Right now the iPhone has literally twice the performance of anyone else. How Apple did that I'll never know but it's concerning.

Comment Re: pixel (Score 1) 212

What exactly about the Google ecosystem do you feel is locking people in? What do people lose when they switch from Google to iPhone? Just curious what you are referring to exactly. Conversely, what would prevent someone from being able to just switch back to Google if they tried owning an iPhone and found they did not like it more?

Comment Re: Lol no (Score 1) 158

The solution is to catch up to Apple in processor and memory technology. By being more power efficient, the iPhone is able to use a smaller battery and thereby charge more quickly yet safely while additionally being more compact. Samsung pushed it too far in compensating the efficiency problem with faster charging.

Comment Re: Does anybody ... (Score 2) 475

Didn't Hillary actually say something about wanting to "drone" Assange? Anyway, Trump is toast. The election is already over. This has got to be far and away the most pathetic pair of candidates in presidential history. One is utterly corrupt and incompetent, having utterly screwed up every single thing she's done in her career. Look what a nightmare everything she touched in the Middle East has been and how almost comically failed the outcome of her Russia reset has been. They don't get any more failed than her. But Trump is a complete and total idiot obviously completely unfit for presidency.

Comment Re:Amazing the influence Tesla has had (Score 1) 296

What a bigoted and obnoxious comment. I live in the EU. Where do you live?

Porsche's (Germany's most prestige auto company) vision of the future is the Mission E, essentially a Tesla Model S with showcar wheels and Porsche nose substituted in. Same size, shape, body-style (4-door sloping rear like hatchback), price, performance, everything.

It certainly is clear that the Tesla Model S has been singularly influential in demonstrating how impressive electric cars can be as well as the competitive force driving all the other manufacturers to do the same.

Comment Amazing the influence Tesla has had (Score 4, Insightful) 296

It's astonishing to see the success of one little car from a recently tiny American upstart having such an incredible influence on the world. Just that one car being so great has the largest union of nations in the world talking about banning all other cars. It's just very impressive. I suppose the Model S will go down as similar in influence to the Model T. Funny how similar the names are. I wonder if Elon concievably had that in mind.

Comment Re: None of this matters, it has no headphone jack (Score 1) 324

Not to mention that it still has a headphone jack. The only difference is that it requires headphones (that come with the phone) that use a newer plug design that enables more technological capabilities. Really it's more like when floppies went from 5.25 to 3.5".

Comment Ridiculous (Score 1) 311

They may have partly bought a headphone company knowing that Bluetooth headphones were going to be a hot commodity. But it certainly ridiculous to imply they are deliberately depriving people of headphone jacks to make more money. Firstly, no one is forcing anyone to buy iPhone rather than a Google phone with headphone jack. Secondly, every iPhone still comes with wired headphones anyway, for chrissake. Thirdly, it's not as if we didn't all already know that wireless was inevitable in the first place. Wired headphones have felt like a pain in ass anachronism that we'd like to get rid of for years. Anyway, the iPhone 7 come with wired headphones. They just use different jack. What's with you people?

Comment Re:Brilliant (Score 1) 274

Have fun not owning a smartphone then. Every other phone on the market now seems to be an almost exact copy of the iPhone 6. Look at the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 -- indistinguishable aside from the pointless wrapping screen that people crack all the time. No way Samsung isn't going to go to USB-C -- the reversible connector that Apple designed and donated to the USB group.

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