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Comment Re:No (Score 3, Insightful) 1144

What are you talking about? All of these mass murders in the last 6 months have been by Islamists and half of them were outside of the US. France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. People were mowed down with AK-47s anyway. Belgium they got the same effect with bombs.

You people talking as if this is a U.S. problem with guns are going to cost more people's lives.

Everyone needs to wake up. People are dying left and right. It isn't going to stop until someone confronts and does something about Islamic Terrorism.

Comment Yes it can. We have to destroy ISIS. (Score 1) 1144

Until ISIS gets destroyed rather than "contained", we can expect these mass murders by Islamic terrorists to continue on a nearly monthly basis. Paris was hardly six months ago. Now we have had San Bernadino, Belgium, and Orlando. That's hundreds of people mowed down and blown up by Islamists who want to destroy anyone who isn't Islamic.

We have the technology to crush the Islamic State. Until we do it, this crap is not going to stop. Wake up USA and Europe. Face the issue and act. Innocent people are dying all over the place.

Comment Not bad, but still not there (Score 1) 34

That's a big improvement, but twice the performance would still mean behind Apple. Twice the 810's performance would mean Typhoon (A8) caught, but Twister/A9 still quite a bit ahead. Not the best news for higher end users (e.g., Samsung) trying to compete directly with Apple. At least sounds like overheating dealt with.

Comment Would not flaunt money (Score 1) 842

If I were him I would maybe would just not do ostentatious displays of wealth such as ridiculous mansions, bugattis etc. Put the money away, drive around in a GTI, etc. Not saying I think there is anything wrong with being wealthy or that people should generally hide it. Saying that if one doesn't like the kind of attention that it's attracting, then don't have it out front and center. Have yourself be the first thing people encounter rather than your wealth.

Comment Can't bear to watch it (Score 1) 191

I remember when Apple used to create products that had incredibly positive impact on the lives of billions of people all over the world. Things like the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad -- all products that basically overnight changed everyone's ideas of what could be done in their areas.

Then Steve Jobs died.

4 years later all they've done is install 2015 model chips and plate some things in gold while Ive turns the most beautiful OS in existence into some kind of Japanese cartoon about bubblegum and Tim Cook sits around ordering Solyndra products and making ads about how wonderful his is for it.

I knew that Jobs was irreplaceable and that Apple would eventually just turn into another HP or whatever. But it's actually turned out to be something much worse. They aren't just operating at a lower level of competence. They've lost everything that made them great and become something different while having an arrogance and misguided confidence that makes even Steve Balmer look modest. It's as if they can't see how they aren't doing any of the things that made Apple great.

Comment Re:Create a $140 billion business out of nothing? (Score 2, Insightful) 458

Hate all you want, but there's no denying the fact that the iPhone was the most revolutionary mobile phone there's ever been.

Look at phones the year the iPhone came out -- you clicked little plastic buttons or poked at (while hating) them with styli like Palm Pilots. Far and away the most satisfying one to use was the Blackberry which was essentially a candybar phone with full set of alphanumeric buttons instead of T9. All they were really good for beyond dialing numbers was writing emails.

Now everything's been clones of the iPhone since. Inertial scrolling, multitouch, practically identical user interfaces out of the box down to even the colors of the icons, etc -- they all use these things basically identically. Before the iPhone they had plastic buttons and you would try to scrolled around by jabbing little arrows on side of screen. The phones that have been most successful are the ones that are most similar to the iPhone and the ones that have failed are the ones that were least similar.

Hate all you want, but there's surely no other company that revolutionized personal computing and electronic devices the way Apple did while Jobs was still.

Sadly, it all ended in 2011. Look at phones. They're all the same as 2011 iPhone was just with 2015 cpu/graphic, 2015 screen brightness/contrast, 2015 CMOS camera sensors. Same with computers. Everything's just the same as an iPad or Macbook Air from 2011.

Comment Re: Who cares... (Score 0) 346

The dominant reason Fox is so successful is that it is the only conservative-leaning major news network. All the others are liberal. So Fox gets almost all of 50% of the overall market (generally 50% of the population is left and 50% right), whereas all its competitors only get fractions of the other 50%

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