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Comment Control rod penetrations in pressure vessel? (Score 5, Insightful) 1122

The article above seems to be fear-mongering. This washington post article discusses what seems to be a more plausible failure mode. Apparently there are gaskets around the control rod penetrations in the bottom of the vessel, and the temperature may have increased enough to damage them allowing primary water to escape into the concrete containment structure. There are also many other penetrations in the vessel for plumbing that may have been damaged during the quake.

Comment Re:Using Incandescents means *more* mercury releas (Score 1) 1049

I'm confused. I asked about energy. You replied regarding cost. Facts < questions when the fabrication occurs in a country using coal-fired power plants to produce the bulbs. Moreover, not all power is generated using coal. Misrepresented facts < < questions. Sort of like our present proposed federal budget. Numbers are not facts.

Comment Re:Using Incandescents means *more* mercury releas (Score 2) 1049

What about the energy involved in fabrication and transport of the 'eco friendly' bulb? International container ships are widely regarded as some of the worst atmospheric polluters imaginable. What about the fact that the bulb, according to TFA only lasts a fraction of the 10K hr lifetime? Please tell me I am misinformed or lying. It just doesn't seem self-evident to me. I think you are spot on w/r/t the difference in energy consumption, even if the lifetime is shorter.

Comment Nothing new to see here... (Score 1) 845

Sorry to be such a troll on Apple, but is this anything new? Anybody remember the original Mac and Mac Plus? Case removal required a "Mac Cracker," which was a Torx driver with an exceptionally long handle. This was back when Torx drivers in general weren't widely available, and it basically prevented anybody except authorized service techs from getting to the goodies (e.g., to add ram to a Mac Plus, or re-solder the dreaded yoke connections for the monitor). Ahhh, those were the days. -1zd

Comment Re:SOP for Min-Truth (Score 2, Insightful) 1011

It saddens me what passes for debate these days. That worthless cynicism like the parent post can be considered an intelligent comment beggars belief.

While I'll agree that categorically demanding a firing is extreme...I find worthless cynicism in the assumption that anyone skeptical of global warming is privately funded by Big Oil. The fact that during the period of most intensive debate the lexicon has already shifted from global warming to "climate change" is indicative of the problems with the theory, the science, the models, and most importantly, any economic policy predicated on those. You don't need a conspiracy to get an outcome like this one. Just a bunch of free money coupled with a bunch of people that want to run other people's lives. The question to me isn't why Mr. Jones is still employed. It is: why was anybody listening to Mr. Jones in the first place? The answer is simple. People liked what he had to say. The science is not predictive. It's not really science. It's philosophy. Impoverishing third world nations by making energy prohibitively expensive isn't going to help. Nor is creating yet another securities market to be manipulated by creative financial engineers. Maybe we can move on.

Comment Stealthy? (Score 5, Interesting) 611

Am I the only one that looked at the thing and thought "it doesn't look very stealthy." No, I'm not talking about the paint. Just the fact that the intakes and some other features look like they are going to be big scatterers and contribute significantly to RCS. My understanding is that vectored thrust also has a significant thermal and radar signature... This sort of seems like Russia trying maintain prestige and credibility against F-22 with someone else conveniently picking up a big chunk of the tab. Then again, India is probably buying them to neutralize Pakastani F-16's, so it may be worth the investment in their minds. I'd have a hard time believing that these would give even F-15E's or Super Hornets a tough time.

Comment Re:Three-Mile Island (Score 2, Insightful) 309

No, they're anti-development. Environmentalism and anti-corporate bias are shills for a more generalized feeling of guilt and hatred for humanity itself. They're the equivalent of religious fanatics on the left end of the political spectrum. They feel the problem with humanity is the humans. We should stop breeding and die off since we don't deserve to live or consume. They should be generally ignored. Also, they don't know the definition of the term "baseload." It's a shame that wind farms can't operate on the verbal output of Congress or activists. And for the record, at least in the states, many wind farms are owned not by corporations, but by the landowners on which the turbines are situated. Mod the parent up. As an American, I know we'll get what we deserve -- other nations, less wealthy, will not entertain our environmental conceits if the alternative is subsistence agriculture. And we punish those engineers and scientists who try to help. -1zd

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