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Comment All you guys are going to miss Win10 (Score 1, Troll) 462

When Win7 came in, everyone crapped on it. Longing for XP64. Praising Xp64 as good enough. stable enough. dont mess with this.

Then the fiasco of Win8, skipped 9, Win10. Finally everyone will be brought to Win10 kicking and screaming. And they all will file bug reports with a vengeance. MS developers will bellyache having to fix bugs in win10, while all the really cool assignment goes Win12 teams. But eventually Win10 will get to be actually much better than Win7. Just in time to declare it dead and annoint Win12 as the new king of the hill.

And the cycle will repeat.

Its turtles all the way down. And bugs all the way up.

Comment Re:Ha-Ha! (Score 1) 276

Linux builds exceptionally good UI and user experience? Why last time I checked there were at least 100 different GUI experiences possible in Linux/ And if you don't like all 100, you can just download the source, make a few edits, voila! "congratulations, 101'st GUI management distro".

The only good thing is, good or bad, you know what GUI is available in ALL windows machines and you can develop applications. Linux suffers in that respect. Qt? or Tkl or gnome or what? . Quite sad, given X11 actually was way ahead of windows in providing a base set of ui features guaranteed on all unix systems.

Comment Control-C in bash sessions. (Score 0) 276

But for people doing serious work with Linux command-line apps, not having Ctrl-C is a little like driving a car when only the front brakes work.

Shows how little the person who wrote the article knows about clipboards in linux.

Most xterm and clones use mostly emacs like syntax. control-insert for copy and shift-insert for paste. X11 systems use middle mouse click to paste sections highlighted with the mouse. Cygwin - mintty supports control-insert and shift-insert.

In the console window spawned by cmd if you edit and enable quick-edit mode, "ENTER" is copy and right mouse click is paste.

I work in a mixture of all three windows on my desktop simultaneously. I use window bg color to remind me what kind of console I'm working on to do the right copy-paste. But in none of these systems control-c is used for copy.

Only in MS-windows-GUI control-c is used for copy. Looks like the author's knowledge about control-c is based on hearsay.

Comment Whats wrong with this? (Score 1) 144

Imagine a news story like this:

Vandals destroy very valuable property

The law of firm of Dewy Chetham and Howe reported yesterday that vandals destroyed very valuable property. Spokesperson of the firm Insanei Rony said, :The firm keeps all their files in unlocked cabinets in the back porch open to the public, in order to serve our clients better. This allows our clients to work at their schedule and come in drop off their forms and depositions at their convenience. On Friday evening a group of vandals, criminals, who have absolutely no right to be on the property, who have no business with the firm, trespassed into our public porch, we stress it is private property though it has no gates, alarms or security guards and is accessible to public, and destroyed our valuable records. We demand the police, funded by taxpayers to act as our private security guards, and patrol our premises regularly and spend more of their resources to track down and apprehend the criminals, we stress it is a criminal act, and it is the duty of the police to apprehend the criminals. The firm also pays taxes, and it is entitled to the protection and the services of the police, even if we pay less than 0.01% of the cost the police and even if this investigation consumes 99.99% of its resources, we plan to stand our right to the service and prosecute our case vigorously."

Comment His reserve chute was a dummy. (Score 4, Interesting) 133

His main chute was ok, but FBI now says, they accidentally sent him a dummy class room demo chute, with inoperable rip cord and the bag sewn shut, inadvertently. So he had only one working chute. Dropped into dark rainy air, without helmet, without oxygen, without camping, hunting, survival gear, with one chute and two money bags strapped to his waist. The wiki is wrong to say he went into -57 deg F air. that is cruise altitude FL300 range. He dropped at FL100, people live at higher altitude than this, in places like Tibet, ski lodges in Alps. So with some thermal underpants, he could drop to 5000 ft in less than a minute.

It is possible for him to have landed safely and secreted the money bags. After that it is very difficult to believe he could have survived long, somehow hitchhiked out of that area, to some bus station or train yard or truck stop traveled without being seen out of that area. With that level of media attention to that part of the country all strangers would have been noticed and reported. I think he died near where the cash was found. The wild animals tore through his body and clothing, most the cash and bones ended up in the river and washed out to the ocean.

Advice to future copy-cats. Practice skydiving and become familiar. Try to take your own familiar parachute. Ask for basic camping survival gear. Dry food rations and some water. After landing safely, secure the cash and note the gps coordinates. Find a water course and follow it down stream. Till you come to a river with decent flowing water. Collect drift wood, form a raft and float down stream. Raft only at nights. From the watershed where you jump, figure out which river you will end up in, pick the city to rejoin civilization, practice it couple of times, do dry runs.

With the proliferation of security cameras, high resolution picture of your face will have been recorded by TSA. So grow mustache, beard, dye them, wear glasses. Doctor your eye-glass frames to be asymmetric, slightly. You need to make the eigen values of the face detection algo matrix go askew. After the fact switch to contacts, go clean shaven and revert to natural hair color. Colored contact lenses before the crime^H^H^H^H^H adventure, a must.

Realize if you can pull this off, you are smart enough to make more money legally.

Comment Crack down on fake credentials.... (Score 1) 530

H1B program is just the tip of the iceberg. Indian companies TCS, Cogniscent, HCL, or Indian-American companies Syntel, Mastec, whatever name they go by now, all engage in faking credentials, faking interviews, faking resumes. A few good ones take a phone interview, and someone else shows up for the job.

Comment Re:McKinsey (Score 1) 404

CEOs like writing large checks to McKinzie.

It is all just down payment or insurance for them.

When they leave this company, which they plan to do as soon as they cash in the stock options, they need to park themselves someplace, preferably getting paid to sit idle. They go to McKinzie and part of what the sent in earlier, they will collect for a few months, till they find another cow to milk.

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