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Comment Re:I'm the Project Lead for Growl (Score 1) 270

1.- Why AppStore only? I won't buy anything from Apple. I don't want them scanning my hard disks for apps and sending reports back. Also, I have computers without internet access that cannot use AppStore. Also, I want to give my money to the one I'm buying from.

2.- Where is the history of changes for 1.3 ? Why would I need to change and buy an App? I can only see changes up to 1.2.2...

1) A few reasons:

1a) Prior to this, multiple applications shipped Growl with their applications, but did not inform the users that they were installing Growl. Applications like HP drivers, Adobe CS5, and Dropbox would either install, or reinstall without informing the user. We needed a trusted party to review Growl, and Apple is it.

1b) When we see hundreds of people a month complaining about the updating system, and the new updating system with Sparkle didn't seem that appealing, it really just didn't seem like a great idea to continue on. Setting up Sparkle infrastructure on our end would have just exacerbated things.

1c) With one of our releases, we exceeded the entire allocation of Google Code's bandwidth within a few hours. Our other host has contacted me in the past to ask if we were seeing a DDOS, just for a release. Meanwhile Apple has this nice infrastructure for just what we wanted, to provide easy downloading and updating.

1d) We do not want to be responsible for credit card transactions. PCI is serious business, and we're not set up for any of that. Nor did we want to be.

2) We just haven't had time to type it all out yet. It's on my todo list. You can look at the app store description, I put some of it in there.


Comment Re:I'm the Project Lead for Growl (Score 1) 270

I don't use growl (not much of a mac user myself), but I do appreciate seeing a candid and professional response.
There are many geeks/devs that end up getting tied in knots or in pissing matches, so it's refreshing to see a response that's well-thought-out, and addresses the issue in #3 without going off as "person X is a poopoohead and we don't like him"


Thank you. :)

Comment Re:I'm the Project Lead for Growl (Score 1) 270

I'm confused - you talk about VCS as though it's something new, unusual, or unexpected. It's the oppoite of those things. For any decent-sized project, and many tiny ones (see Sourceforge/Codeplex/etc.), enlisting in a version control repository is the best way to get the source code, and often the only one (who wants to spend time packaging it up?).

You've obviously already got a branch that builds version 1.3. Instead of tarballing it, why not just allow unauthoried read access to the repo and publish the link? That's what the open-source community generally expects, and it requires no additional work on your part. It also means that people can't truthfully complain, for even a very short period, that the source isn't available. The community is happy, the users are happy (or don't know/care), the developers are happy (less time wasted), you don't wind up with a negative story on the front page of Slashdot...

OK, the last one *might* be beneficial to you guys in the long run. Or it might not. Contrary to silly sayings that people parrot out of context, there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Oh, and was it really only one user who got banned, like your post implies? Or is it true that "Any users who provide links to bugfixes and source for the previous version 1.2 are being banned from the discussion group, and their messages deleted" as stated in the summary? I've been here long enough to know that /. summaries have a habit of being twisted where not factually wrong, but they're also right on occasion, and definitley imply multiple users / posts here.

Good questions. Answers in order:

1) We provided source tarballs before, those are going away. We've been using different vcs's for 8 years or so.

2) We want to spend time helping people build with a known stable revision, which is what a stable tree will give us. We've found that we actually get more done if we don't have random people reporting issues on xyz revision, which we know has a problem already. So the issue we've been having is with taking the 1.3 tag, and putting it into the stable repository.

3) It was a single user. No, we're not banning people for talking about 1.2.2 (we're helping those people, I think someone had a 1.1.6 version and that was way old and we helped them too) or patches for 1.2.2 or anything else. Patches likely should go to the development list and not discussion list.


Comment I'm the Project Lead for Growl (Score 5, Informative) 270

Hi, I'm the Project Lead for Growl. I'll be happy to respond to any questions replied to this thread, as long as they are kept nice, courteous, professional, etc.

So a few items I already know are going to be brought up.

1) We've had a large amount of inbound support requests in the last 2 weeks, more than we get in a 6 month period of time usually. shows the statistics about just this month alone. Bear in mind this month is not done yet, this is not our only list/group/whatever google wants to call those things. We're also fielding support requests on twitter, and a direct email address (due to popular demand).

2) Source code was planned to be pushed over the wall this weekend. Since this post is up, we're changing our plans and going to work on getting the source up today. We've tried off and on over the last two weeks, but have ran into issues with multiple unclosed heads for instance in the repo, things like that. More technical issues, less issues with regards to actually posting source because we don't want to (we do, just i.e. there are just problems). We have a deadline to meet in order to get the source posted, but we also have people who need 1.3.1 since there are problems in 1.3 (just like in every other software product ever, in every version ever)

3) This guy was banned for only a month because he was responding in a very hostile way. He was told he would be unbanned at that point. However, he seems just like an angry individual in general, and I hope he gets counseling or something in order to help with anger management issues. He was not banned because he forked Growl, I think that's kind of neat actually and the point of being open source. He was being a poisonous person, and was removed as such. I will not discuss this any further, but wanted to address this here.

4) We will be providing source in the form of our chosen vcs. If you do not know how to use a vcs but you work with oss, or want to work with oss, not learning a vcs is doing yourself a disservice. Future employers, or current oss projects, will find your knowing a vcs up front an asset, and we want to promote that. Tarball distributions will be ended as of 1.3.

Chris Forsythe
Growl Project Lead

Comment Re:Every Android vs iPad review... (Score 1) 524

So the article linked to in the story here is an apple fanboy site? I just read it and it didn't seem that way to me. More like an android fanboy reviewing an android device trying to like it and yet having to come clean about some problems. But still saying it's better.

I've not used either an ipad or any of the android devices, but I'm pretty interested in buying one within the next year. The problem is that every time I read about the android devices on the android fanboy websites, there are always some apologies about the android device and the android device still wins. On the ipad fanboy sites, the ipad fanboys actually say what the problems are and do not sugar coat things as much, but the ipad still comes out on top.

The problem is that once you get past the "hey it can run flash!" portion, I don't know which is actually any better. I tried the hp tablet the other day and kind of liked it, but then it had weirdness all around it too. Is android the same? Is the ipad? No review on this really just answers the question that I can find.

"Branch out a bit" seems to be a typical response from both sides. It's really just a defensive reflex from someone who really loves (and probably rightfully so) their chosen platform that they chose to invest in.

Comment Small hands demo (Score 3, Funny) 237

Did anyone else notice in the demo video that the hands on the person were freakishly small? I think Google is trying to tell us something:

ChromeOS is not for manhands.

That's right folks. Forget your hopes and dreams of manhandling the ChromeOS, this OS isn't for you. It's designed and built for those with small hands. Midgets, small children, and perhaps rodents will be able to use it. But not manhands.

Draw your own conclusions. I think that googlers are looking for people who have small hands, like women. Then the googlers will have a source of information on available women with which they can actually take on a date. It's quite an ingenious plan.

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