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Comment So (Score 1) 220

So, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are now the arbiters of what is "extremist" or not. People are stupid. If I worked in the anti-terrorism field I WANT to see these terrorists pictures and videos and find out who posted or accessed them. All that data would go into my database and I would send stormtroopers out regularly to round them up into camps.

Comment Re:As a European... (Score 4, Insightful) 359

Yeah we get it. Europeans are enlightened and superior to Americans. Plus you like nipples, and Americans don't, I guess. The point is that you are just masking the problem by limiting speech, not solving it. Do you think the crazy people who deny the Holocaust will stop believing it just because you have a law against it? That is the problem with Europe in general: they pretend everything is fine but don't solve the root problems. It is better to identify the problem and come up with solutions.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 1) 359

"Saying "You are privileged because you are white and male" isn't hate speech, no matter what you pretend."

Um, sure it is. You are attributing something to him simply based on the color of his skin and his gender. Unless you are claiming that ALL white males are privileged. But that would be racist and incorrect. Are you a racist, Pope Ratzo?

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