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Comment Fanboys, defend the hive! (Score 4, Interesting) 268

Since this thread is full of fanboys rationalizing Apple's failures, I think I'll eat their mod points by recounting my personal experiences with their failures.

I bought a 2007 MBP. It's battery swelled and had to be replaced. Eventually, it's 3d graphics card died and the only way to use it was to boot into safe mode.

I bought a 2012 MBP. It's trackpad quit working and had to be replaced. The replacement trackpad also failed within a month, but by then it was out of warranty. I quit trying to get it fixed because I use a mouse anyway, and I'm sure those cunts would try to charge me because I didn't buy "Apple Care".

I was given a 2015 MBP. So far it hasn't failed, but it has behavior that is intolerable. With the lid closed, it goes to sleep unless there is a keyboard plugged in. Apple says "Fuck you, software KVM users". And even with a keyboard plugged in, it immediately goes to sleep if the power cord is yanked out. Apple says, "Fuck you, cat owners".

I have no interest in their new crippled laptop and its gimmicky function key overlay. That shit was lame when it was called the Optimus Maximus in 2008 and it is just as lame now. Apple says, "But muh innovation! Muh courage!"

My first laptop, a ThinkPad from 1998, still works and boots to a 2.4 kernel. (Many nostalgia, such rugged, wow.) My other Toshiba, Dell, and HP laptops also worked up until I got rid of them, and they all took way more abuse than my precious, delicate MPBs.

So this year, I bought a cheap laptop from Dell. I'm using Linux again for the first time in a decade, and it is liberating. Buh-bye Apple, you prissy, shark jumping freaks. I can't wait until I retire and never have to touch your shit again.

Comment Re:Why is it the top result? (Score 1) 332

But as the defacto gatekeeper to the internet (at least for millions of non-savvy users), they have a responsibility to stop with the "deep thinking" about how to "imrpove" the algorithm.

"I appreciate the quashing of porn and viagra spam, but punishing racist conspiracy theory SEO is going too far!"

These people are a parody of themselves.

Comment Re:It's not Google's responsibility... (Score 1) 332

But just because the wrong answer got top billing, doesn't mean it is up to Google to fix it.

Stop pretending that you're mad because people wanted it fixed. You're mad because Google did fix it, which is entirely their prerogative.

"But mah unhinged conspiracy theories deserve to been seen! It's censorship!"

Poor little racists, snap snap snap!

Comment Re:Does not follow? (Score 1) 805

Pretend he's an actual white supremacist and proud of it.

That's strange. For all your whining about labels, you're the one equating white nationalism with white supremacy.

Can we not criticize his points on their own, like actual discourse requires?

Your hero is a reality TV star who jokes about sexually assaulting women. His lackey is racist against Jews, Muslims, and apparently Asians as well. You don't get to have "discourse", you dumb sea lion, you get it the same way you give it.

Are you too soft for ridicule? Do the big words like "white nationalist" hurt your feelings? Would you like a safe space to compose yourself?

Comment Not a puppet, not a puppet (Score 2, Interesting) 224

"And not thin skinned. Most definitely not thinned skinned. I have the thickest skin. Let me tell you, it's thick, really thick."

And golly-bob howdy, his supporters sure are defensive in this thread.

I've been thinking, maybe the cluster fuck of him getting elected might be the only thing that fixes them. The way Paula Bean had to get fired, maybe these people need to see what happens to the country when they actually hold the reins.

Who am I kidding, they'd just find another conspiracy theory, or another ethnic group to blame. The system is rigged. The system is always rigged against them.

Comment Re:They are stopping? (Score 3, Informative) 380

They're called SHARPs, Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice. If you haven't heard of them before, that's probably because you live in a severely insulated bubble. If you actually knew some skins or even some punks you'd have heard of SHARPs.

lol, this is like chastising someone for not knowing the difference between a Playstation and a Nintendo

"Mommmm! I'm not a neo-Nazi, I'm a SHARP! And it's not just a phase, it's who I am now!"

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