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Comment Re:Robotics, Identity, and Universes (Score 0) 821

how do you keep the robotis from taking over and/or indiscriminately killing mere humans, as seen in so many hollywood movies.

Simple: don't fix them when they (inevitably) break down:

"Hello, welcome to SkyNet technical support. How may I help you today?"
"Yeah, this big metal thing broke into my house and aimed a gun at me. Then it kind of sputtered and spun around. Now smoke is coming out of it. Was it supposed to try to kill me or something?"
"Yes, sir. Have you tried rebooting?"
"Well, I unplugged it from my outside outlet out front and plugged it back in. That didn't seem to help."
"Okay, sir. Can you hold for a moment."
"Yeah, I'll hold."
[New age music]
"Hello, sir?"
"I think I have a solution."
"On the back of the units head you'll see a small plate."
"Uh huh."
"Just open that right up. You don't need a screwdriver or anything it just pops open."
"Yeah, I have it open now."
"Good! Now, you'll see in the upper corner a little button with a circle and a vertical line on it. Just press that and-"
"Aha! It's workin' again!"
"Okay sir. Can I help you with anything else today?"
"No, everything seems to be--"
"All right, then, sir. You have a good day."

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