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Submission + - 3,500 unwitting attendees of OSCON need to be warned about Randi Harper

An anonymous reader writes: TL;DR: A large and prominent tech conference (3.5K attendees) run by O'Reilly Media and sponsored by major tech companies is presenting Randi as an "anti-harassment" activist. When evidence of her track record of abuse and harassment was brought to the attention of the conference organizers last month, they publicly dismissed those contacting them about her as "trolls".

WHY THIS MATTERS: This is by far the biggest venue Randi has ever appeared in and the deception that she and the conference organizers are engaged in is shameful. If enough of us post evidence of who Randi really is to the #OSCON tag, there's a very good chance that future conference organizers (and their sponsors) will think twice before embarrassing themselves by giving Randi a platform.


Although #OSCON was notified of Randi's antics when news of her speaking engagement became public last month, they chose to ignore the evidence, instead of taking seriously their obligation to their attendee's well-being. Adding insult to injury, a statement by @joshsimmons dismissed those who had raised concerns as "trolls":

They followed this statement up with a fawning "interview" in their online magazine in which they didn't ask Randi a single question about her atrocious behavior:

The conference starts today (Wednesday) and runs until Friday. Detailed information including the list of sponsors, can be found at

Details about Randi's talk can be found here:

Here are some links to some resources about Randi's misbehavior, such as Milo's just concluded series of articles, Ralph's followup, and Stephanie Greene's series from a few months ago. Please post links to other resources, such as blogs, articles, images, etc., which you think are worth posting to the #OSCON hashtag, in the comments.

Most recent #OSCON tweets:

Submission + - XBMC Dharma Released (

0100010001010011 writes: XBMC Dharma (10.0) has finally been released over a year since the last update, Camelot. Numerous change have taken place: Support for XBOX was officially dropped. Addon Manager added with official XBMC repository. Improved GUI engine & Skinning Framework. Improved hardware acceleration with VDPAU, VAAPI, Apple VDADecoder, Windows DXVA2, and Broadcom Crystal HD. Bit stream pass through support of MP1, MP2, MP3, and AAC audio tracks. A new webserver and JSON-RPC API. A full list of changes can be found on the trac roadmap.

Team XBMC also met for XBMC DevCon 2010 and discussed numerous things, including improving communication and usability, PVR support, the next release Eden, and an XBMC Appliance based on

Software for your platform can be downloaded at

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