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Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

1) Send me screenshots inside a word document ???????? Why would you object to that? The end user took time to provide you with information that will help you resolve the issue. A screenshot in a word document is way better than a phone conversation where they state "I got some kind of an error but I dont remember what it is." If you are annoyed that you have to open a word document to resolve an issue for a user that tried to help you do your job then the problem lies with you. Also on the flip side I learned that providing end users with screenshots in a word document with simple detailed instructions will eventually make them learn the process on thier own instead of calling you back. And as a result your work load will decrease significantly since you can send that document to all the users involved with the process. 2) Ask what FTP is when they're supposed to be a server admin 3) Can't run a select statement but are supposed to be the DBA. Points 2 and 3 are sad but true. The frequency I see these points validated isnt sad, its horrific as well as shocking. 4) insist the network is up even though we don't see any packets through an *inline* appliance If they say the network is up (when its actually down) tell the end user to continue working hard and being an invaluble employee to the company, if you dont hear from them in 15 min id reevaluate what your doing. 5) say the problem is super urgent, but then refuse to try anything you say. Welcome to the corporate world where you must spoon feed those that are the reason you get a pay check. ... I will be rich when I invent a device to stab someone in the face over the internet. We all read buddy, stop stealing other ppls crap and find something else to do when your not maintaing your little sisters network.

Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

I have to disagree with you. The thing with tech support is that you are telling the end user how to do something diffrently then they have been doing. Sometimes that is somehing they have been doing a certain way for a number of years.

When someone calls an electrician 90% of the time that person hasnt even changed a fuse or a breaker in thier lifetime, but in tech support your telling someone how to do something with a computer that they have used for a really long time. Hence they believe they have expert knowledge of the system they are using.

They get away with it for a period of time until something happens that hinders thier way of operating thier system to the way they are used to. And telling them they have been doing something wrong the whole time and they need to change thier habit not only brings suprise but also resent.

Without being specific younger generation accountants and financual systems come to mind. They do something a certain way in a system for awhile that essentially will break the process of something that needs to be done quarterly or yearly.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Xbox 360's jamming wireless signals? (

WirePosted writes: "A report has emerged suggesting the Xbox 360's inbuilt wireless system for communication with wireless controllers and headsets is transmitting over a wide area of the 2.4Ghz spectrum, causing interference to WLAN's and other 2.4Ghz devices."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - The PC is still the best games machine!

An anonymous reader writes: Here's an interesting feature that says the PC is still the best games platform, despite the strong Xbox 360 showing and the potential of Sony's PS3. Yes the latest batch of consoles are good, but will we ever really see anything that can match Crysis visually or WoW for sheer user support? PC gaming may be expensive, but this guy reckons it's still worth every penny.

Submission + - How do you find new non-RIAA music? 4

burgundysizzle writes: Hey this is /. (almost) everyone hates the RIAA and a lot of people say that they don't buy anything from the companies that are part of that trade group. What alternatives do you use or more importantly what methods do you use to discover alternative sources of music?

I use (some free legal music available) and (new music is free and most music really cheap) to find new music, but I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting places to discover new music. Tell me about your experiences and any other interesting places you get new music from (that's inexpensive and legal).

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