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Comment Re:Shocked and saddened (Score 1) 286

The problem with your logic is thus, unlike Canada where they are holding someone who has broken Canadian laws, go through a Canadian trial etc what we have here is HOSTAGES with no law, multiple accounts of torture (frankly no better than what the Iranians did to the American hostages BTW) so there really is only 1 of 2 choices 1.- They let them free in the USA, 2.- they return them to the country of origin.

And that also sidestepped the point I made which is what exactly will keep any country from doing the exact same with Americans just by using that excuse? last I heard not a single country in question has announced they plan to execute any of them so its just an excuse by the hostage takers at this point isn't it? And with zero evidence to back up that theory to me its just a "she was asking for it" kind of bullshit excuse.

Comment Re:Wow, that was so full of stupid... (Score 0) 449

I can't believe this drivel got upvoted enough for me to see it. In REAL communism all live in peace with equal shares but just like so called "real" capitalism IT WILL NEVER EXIST because money equals power and power WILL be abused.

If you want to believe in the invisible hand fairy go right ahead, at no time and in no place has actually existed.

Comment Re:RMS mentions a comparable situation (Score 2) 266

And read the multitude of posters below you, what do they say? "Its free so you can't complain" which just goes to show that even many in the community realize its strictly hobbyist level code and that you get what you pay for, a big nothing.

Meanwhile if they would have went Apple or Windows they would have years of support, a strict timeline so they'd know exactly when the OS would no longer be supported, and with sticky keys and other tools for the disabled being fully functional the entire time.

The simple fact that its stayed broken THIS LONG and that people here honestly think paying extortion so some dipshit programmer will get off his lazy fucking ass and FIX WHAT HE BROKE just shows how honestly piss poor and how little oversight there is in the FOSS community. If the shop I worked at previous fucked over the users that badly their asses would be fired. In the FOSSie community fucking shit up is a moneymaking opportunity for the shitty programmer...nice job guys.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 144

How sad is it that the bias is so bad here that I have to stick up for a company that has been run into the ground by piss poor management but here least they are actually LISTENING, they may not always get it, like that stupid "start button that takes you back to metro" Windows 8.1 dumb shit but I'd rather have a company that says "Sorry we'll fix that" than to have one that says when caught invading people's privacy "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place".

Maybe I'm weird but I just don't get how company A is bad and company B does THE EXACT SAME THING but is good because they say a catchphrase like "don't be evil"...are people REALLY that easily fooled by marketing?

Comment Re:Shocked and saddened (Score 1) 286

And that would be our exactly? If Saudi Arabia decides to execute a Saudi citizen...that is a Saudi problem NOT OURS. The same goes for Yemen or anywhere else. I'm sure many here would not like it if say China or Russia started saying "Oh the Americans would just kill 'em anyway" while holding American citizens hostage (and make no mistake as that is what they are, hostages) and by that same token its NOT OUR JOB to try to mindread what the government of wherever will do with their citizens we are holding hostage if we give 'em back.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter, Obama is the perfect proof that voting in a two party system is completely and utterly pointless. meet the new boss, same as the old boss, just different slogans covering the same old BS.

Comment Re:Hack it to add American names like "John Smith" (Score 1) 286

How does it not make sense? the list basically means "this person is a clear and present danger" yet they aren't a danger if they don't get on a plane? WTF? That is like saying "This person is a mass murderer...he has to take the bus" as the entire fucking premise makes no God damned sense!

Either they have done something illegal to get on this list, in which case you should have the fucking EVIDENCE to arrest them for this crime, or they haven't done a damned thing in which case this is just more jack booted bullshit designed to intimidate the masses...Call me paranoid but I think we have enough historical evidence to conclude its most likely the latter.

Comment Re:Tarzan need antecedent (Score 1) 824

There is a difference between saying something and putting your money where your mouth is and spending your money to try to push an agenda. A more pat comparison would be if the person you worked with sent money to a group that pushed for denial of the Holodomor and the continued denial of rights to the survivors.

There is a BIG difference between having an opinion and trying to use the power of the state to force your beliefs on others. Personally I think the state should have ZERO interest in it one way or another, no tax breaks for married people, no advantages one way or another, but as long as the state makes one set of laws for married and one set for single then I don't see how anyone can say its anything but a civil rights issue.

Comment Re:Tarzan need antecedent (Score 1) 824

Would you say the same if he had given money to a group that supports the return of Jim Crow? What about if he gave to one of the groups that promote holocaust denial?

Hate is hate and bigots are bigots and to me this smells of "acceptable targets" and "protected classes". If it is fine to give to groups that deny rights to gays it should be equally accepted to give money to those against rights for jews and blacks,if you support one but not the other then I'm afraid you are a hypocrite.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 423

So does Win 7 Tiny and unlike XP it doesn't pimpslap the swap even when there is tons of RAM available. And in this day and age there really is no point in running an OS, VM or not, in a lousy 512Mb of RAM. After all what good is a VM if you don't run any programs? Look at how much Chrome or Firefox uses with just a half dozen tabs open and you'l see 512Mb of RAM really don't cut it anymore.

Comment Warning, article written by dumbass. (Score 4, Insightful) 490

Its because we don't all live in NYC or LA and therefor don't have endless bandwidth?

I guess the author lives in a bubble and has never left his little comfy megacity but in the rest of the country? yeah you see we have these things called "bandwidth caps" that can be as low as 35Gb, that is if you can get high speed at all.

You see thanks to having a broken corrupted system that has been on the skids for quite awhile there is a nice scam where there is no competition in a good 70%+ of the country. In those places you get a DSL system that has been practically abandoned (because the phone company is making mad bank of those cell towers and could give a fuck about those old DSL setups, can't nickel and dime them to death like the mobile customers) and if you are VERY lucky you can be assraped by cable which is very fast but raises your rates every time someone gets tired of their jacking up the prices on movie channels. Oh and BOTH sides cherry pick and really don't give a fuck about poor or non whites so in many places you can have cable and/or DSL literally across the street and not be able to get anything but dialup. Racism and classism, don't ya just love it?

So to kill DVD would be to kill a good chunk of their sales as many just can't get high speed or have such high caps that they would have the choice between watching a movie or having dinner thanks to the insane overage charges. Blu Ray looks to never be anything more than a niche, in fact the people I know with BD players use them more for DVD than they do for BD, so like it or not oh sheltered writer of TFA the DVD is gonna be here for a loooong time.

Comment Re:Why are they posting old source code? (Score 2) 224

What would be nice is if they put out the Win95 or Win98 source code as there is a ton of games that played on win9x that really didn't run anywhere else.

But I'd say DOS source is pointless except as a curiosity as between DOSBox and FreeDOS we now have DOS that works better than the original by a pretty good clip. After all DOSBox even gives you emulation of the most used hardware and FreeDOS gives you a fully bootable with mouse support for your drive imaging and the like so I don't see a release of MS-DOS really doing anybody much good now, which is probably the point as it gives them a little free positive publicity for just throwing some of their worthless crap out there. Funny how they won't even release DOS under a free license like BSD, what are they afraid companies are gonna start building things with DOS again?

Comment Re:X-Art Shakedown Failing? (Score 1) 158

What I want to know is why they haven't been prosecuted for extortion? Their bozo lawyers filed the evidence against them with the court for Christ's sake, the fact that they name a bunch of lewd titles they don't own and can't sue over, the last list I saw had titles like "bareback trannies" and "I buttfucked the babysitter" so its pretty damned obvious the ONLY reason to list a bunch of titles that they don't own is to intimidate the person into paying...classic extortion.

Comment Re:Welcome back, Brendan (Score 1) 112

How about it was designed in an innocent time when there really wasn't any bad actors but instead of replacing it when they saw that there were baddies they just kept bolting shit on top, like bandaids on bullet wounds?

At the end of the day the entire concept is stupid.."Why yes I would like a dozen servers from around the planet to give me strange code which I'll run without the slightest care as to where its from or even what it is"...yeah and that is why we have JavaScript malware o' the day. What we need is something new which assumes that every page is filled with malware and take proper precautions, something designed from the ground up to work with least permissions and with best practices in mind.

And please don't give me the "its lasted this long" or "everybody uses it" excuses because that is what gave us a half a decade of IE 6 optimized pages, just because something is old or used a lot doesn't make it good, just makes it old and popular.

Comment Re:It's the end of the world as we know it (Score 5, Insightful) 703

Here is the problem I have personally with DOES NOT MATTER if you believe it or not, DOES NOT MATTER if AGW is 100% correct and happening because a a handful of ultra rich leeches has made damn sure that the ONLY "solution" you will get will be buying their magical carbon indulgences at a greatly elevated price of course.

Read the article above or look up "Al Gore carbon billionaire" to see why AGW does not matter as long as fucktards like Gore and Goldman Sachs have their fat piggie hands out, I mean for fucks sake Al Gore lives in a McMansion, flies around with a handful of guys in his personal LEAR JET and has a fricking fleet of SUVs drive him around to tell YOU what a shit you are for not taking the bus yet he has the gold plated balls to say he is "carbon neutral" because HE PAYS HIMSELF indulgences from his own fucking company...which he gets a God damned tax writeoff for!

I'm sorry folks but that is EXACTLY what you will get with Crap and Trade and carbon indulgences, a handful of uberrich douchebags that live like kings while telling YOU that you need to eat bugs and ride a fucking bus, all the while they get tax credits for moving YOUR money from their left pocket to their right!!! And you notice rev Al and Goldman NEVER EVER say a fucking word about limiting imports from China and India, the two biggest polluters which in the case of China we can actually detect it from the west coast? Wanna know why? Because that would hurt their profits LULZ.

If you wanna actually support real change? DON'T BUY THE SNAKE OIL being pushed by scammers like Gore and GS! They are counting on all these reports making you foolish enough to go "OMFG we have GOT to do something!" which will be followed by them selling you some scam like carbon indulgences which will ONLY give more of what we've had for the past half a century, a handful of uberrich scum making insane bank and exporting misery.

So until Rev Al and his pals aren't in the way with their hands out? You damned right I'm gonna fight against AGW, not because i don't think dumping crap in the air is bad, but because I don't think Gore's magic billion dollar carbon be-gone spray is gonna do a fucking thing except give Gore the ability to buy the nicest land and best food while YOU are supposed to live like a third world peasant...fuck that shit!

Comment Re:Intel (Score 1) 142

Sorry but I have to call bull. I have an AMD hexa (Phenom II 1035T if it matters) and idling according to IES (the Asrock OCing tool) my board is using around 8-16w simply depending on when little background tasks kick up one of the cores and under full bore I have yet to be able to hit 80w and that was with a 6 core WMV to AVI video transcode which is pretty damned CPU intensive if you have ever worked with WMV files.

And where do you get $50 in computer costs? as I said I built a complete hexacore system for $370, for just $70 more than the i7-860 BY ITSELF. When you put in parts that are equal feature wise, board that has 4 RAM slots and dual PCIe for dual GPUs, 1Tb HDD, 8Gb of 1333Mhz and a DVD burner along with a nice case and decent 500w PSU? You are talking DOUBLE what the system cost NOT $50!

I'm sorry but you can twist the figures all you want but bang for the buck is in the AMD camp by a very large margin and has been since the release of the Athlon X2 back in early 09. The only thing you are gonna get at a similar price from Intel is severely gimped chips, no support for ECC, limited to no VM support, locked multipliers, gimped cache, lower speed, lack of turbo, their low to mainstream offerings are frankly lousy except for office boxes and those only playing single thread games.

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