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Comment Re:..and mouse scroll. (Score 3, Insightful) 326

What pissed me off the most is how they pushed the "bringing back the start button" in the press when in reality all it is is a shortcut for the fucking Metro start screen. This is why I call it "WinGoatse" as like a Goatse it was all just a trick to get you to go for it and isn't what you were expecting at all.

What I have found here in the trenches is the only "work" folks want done on Win 8 is to remove the thing, I haven't seen this level of hatred from the public since WinME, even Vista wasn't THIS hated. They can give 1-100 SPs but until they let users have the choice of REALLY getting rid of the "LULZ I Iz A Cellphone LULZ, check out me appstore LULZ" bullshit I have a feeling my best business is gonna be in getting rid of 8 and selling Win 7 units.

BTW just FYI but if you wanna go back to Win 7 download the trial of Driver Magician and choose "update drivers" followed by Win 7 X64, they usually have access to drivers for just about any piece of hardware and so far I have yet to run into a piece of hardware that I couldn't "downgrade" to Win 7..

Comment Re:There are other applications (Score 1) 291

You should look at an HD7750, they will most likely be sub $75 in a few weeks and it uses nearly 30% less than the 240 while being MUCH faster when it comes to pixel and texel rate, source.

My youngest got one and I have to say I'm impressed, curbstomps my HD4850 while being whisper quiet and putting out VERY little heat. You could probably pair that with an ULV AMD or Intel and get a sub 150w gaming system pretty easily.

Comment Re:Assumptions (Score 5, Insightful) 776

I'm throwing a flag, bullshit on the field. The ones using the most wasteful energy can WELL afford any bullshit price hikes you an come up with, won't stop Rev Al Gore from farting around in a one man lear jet or having a fleet of SUVs like he's El Presidente, the ONLY ONES that price hikes hurt are the ones who can least afford it and who AL.READY CONSERVE and that is of course the poor.

I've said it before and I'll say it again the answer is NOT price hikes, just the opposite in fact, its making better choices cheap enough the masses can easily afford it. Why does the USA use so much gas? Because the average MPG is just 14 here, but why? Because the poor can only afford used cars for the most part and the cheapest ones are also piggies. What you need is a "people's car/truck" that runs on diesel so you can switch to biofuels when they are viable, gets a minimum of 40MPG and cots no more than $20K and then use "cash for clunkers" style program along with subsidies to get the poor out of the old gas hogs.

But I just love how the greenies want to fuck everybody with price hikes because THEY can afford them while ignoring that even a 40c a gallon gas hike raises the cost of food enough that more Americans will be going hungry. When you add to that a right wing owned by the "let 'em die!" teabaggers trying to gut food stamps and any other aid to the poor a price hike is the LAST fucking thing we need, too many are already going hungry as it is.

Comment Re:Embrace, Extend, Extinguish (Score 1) 330

How did I get modded "troll" when if anybody would have bothered to RTFA they would have seen that OSNews got their info from Ars Technica who got it straight FROM FUCKING GOOGLE!!!

1 CLICK, 4 SECONDS. either the mods are the laziest slobs on earth or "don't be evil" is some sort of RDF that even shields Google from their own fucking press releases. Jobs would be proud, even he couldn't create an RDF that fucking strong.

Comment Re:There are other applications (Score 1) 291

If you are playing with triple screens or a 4K screen you are correct but at 1080P or lower (my screen is 1600x900) then the bandwidth difference frankly means nothing. I have seen this first hand as the youngest already bought an HD7750 and he frankly smokes my system in Borderlands II, he has everything cranked and never drops below 45FPS while I have to keep it on medium to keep it above 30FPS with large battles.

Comment Re:Embrace, Extend, Extinguish (Score 0, Troll) 330

Uhhh...this is different than exactly? In case you missed it Google is locking down Android and removing APIs and taking more and more of what was once "open"proprietary and then to add insult to injury they Google is testing giant intrusive banner ads which they swore they would NEVER do which is why some of us switched to them in the first place.

So allow me to say, which since getting engaged I so rarely get to do anymore....I TOLD YOU SO, I did, I told you so. I said "If you all go mobile it will bite you right in the ass, its all proprietary and locked down and nasty" and what do we see? Apple,Google, and MSFT all racing to see who can have the nastiest lock in and worst practices. Hell Google even took what was once a bog standard laptop and locked the thing down so damned badly that the ONLY way to install a different OS is to 1.- Put in a half page of CLI to put the system into "dev mode", 2.-WIPE THE DRIVE, no dual booting allowed citizen, 3.- Then and ONLY then can you ONLY install one of a handful of Linux distros with hacked bootloaders. No BSDs, No windows, nothing.

So I'm sorry folks but we are about to head into another computing dark age, one I call "the return of the consoles" as that is all you re gonna have, consoles that will ONLY run corp approved apps bought through a corp controlled appstore and when they no longer support it? Throw it away as you won't be able to load shit as nobody will support it anymore than they supported the original Xbox after the X360 came out. Its all gonna be locked down, first party crap with the only third party being those that pay their $699 license fees and 30% of every dime they make. And ya know what? Its gonna fucking SUUUUUCCCKKKK.

And just remember when it happens and all you iPhone and Galaxy owners are crying about being screwed old hairy told ya so, he truly did.

Comment Re:yum (Score 2) 358

Actually it has to do with the fact that THIS IS A USA SITE, made in the US and targeted at a USA audience.

Now I don't see why we have to deal with arrogant jerks from other countries, I mean do we go to THEIR sites and demand they put everything in USD or give us car analogies? No we don't. So by that same token if they don't like it here they can STFU, take the /. source which is freely available BTW, and go make "Slashworld, news for those that don't live in the imperialist USA" and call it a day.

Comment Re:There are other applications (Score 4, Informative) 291

But everyone here is missing the REAL advantagse of new GPUs....power consumption and price. My HD4850 uses over 110w and reaches nearly 190c under load, the HD7770 I'm getting for my BDay? It is nearly 60% faster while uses less than HALF of the power and creating less heat by nearly half. And while my HD4850 new cost nearly $300 the HD7770? Can be had for less than $100.

Now that CPUs have pretty much maxed out the big gains will be in GPUs, both on power and price. Sure the top 'o the line will be a giant wallet raper but those are really ePeens more than anything and the biggest sales will be the $75-$150 range and that is where we are seeing some really sweet cards.

Comment Re:Welcome to the rest of the world (Score 1) 312

The only DRM I'd say works is Steam DRM as you actually get something in return for the DRM whereas the others just hinder you. With Steam all my games are automatically updated, don't have to mess with router rap or log in screens or any of that mess for MP and the service is just top notch, when I had a problem on a weekend night right before Xmas no less I filed a support ticket and was being helped in less than an hour.

But of course what we are talking about is less about DRM and more about the region bullshit big corps use to divide the market and squeeze every penny, see how badly Australia gets screwed as an example.

Comment Re:From my cold dead hands... (Score 1) 257

Then switch to Linux full time and stop using an ancient OS? You can very easily have XP in a VM on your Linux box and that way you won't be an STD on the net? Folks can waste their mod points and mark me down ALL they want but as someone who has to clean up the messes facts are facts and the fact is XP is the most infected OS by a country mile because security frankly wasn't even a thought upon design. To this day XP runs like crap unless you run as admin and it takes a LOT of massaging to get it to run most applications in any other permissions level.

But if you REALLY hate MSFT soooo much do us all a BIG favor and just switch to Linux with a VM of your creaky old, broken down, soon to be the biggest security nightmare since the Melissa worm XP, okay? Like it or not when patches end every script kiddie on the planet is gonna hit that OS like a Bangkok Whore on coupon day because most of the patches for Vista/7 will affect XP as well so it'll be trivial to cook up bugs that won't be patched.

Your system is powerful enough to make running a VM trivial so there really is no excuse to run a 14 year old broken mess.Fuck go download a copy of Win 7 off of TPB, at least you won't be risking the whole net that way man.If you want a legal Tiger and Newegg has been selling Win 7 OEM for just $80, that is just $13 a year to have a patched OS. There really is no excuse dude, let go of the dinosaur.

Comment Re: Another day, another anti-Apple story (Score 5, Insightful) 326

I don't think it has a thing to do with being "anti-Apple" but in reality folks just waking up and realizing the quality of Apple products has seriously gone down hill since the passing of Jobs.

Say what you will about Jobs, and from what I've read I'd say he was probably a sociopath, but the man did care about the quality of his products. If given the choice of shaving pennies and making something low quality or going for the better tech and raising the price Jobs always seemed to go for the latter which is probably why they built up a rep for quality products. Compare this to Cook who came from the supply side of Apple and seems to be more concerned with stock price and maximizing profits than he does with quality and frankly it shows, with iPhone 5s suffering BSODs and having maps that are a joke and now this?

I'm sorry but the longer we go past the death of Jobs the more it looks like Apple is taking a page from Sony's book and trading on past reputation by putting out less quality products priced as if it were quality. So while you see it as bashing I see it as customers waking up and realizing the much vaunted Apple quality just ain't what it used to be.

Comment Re:From my cold dead hands... (Score 0, Troll) 257

You are making a joke but I really don't see why so many would want to hang onto XP as frankly? Its a piece of shit, sorry but it is.

1.-When XP came out the average system had 256MB of RAM or less so XP will bitchslap the swap even when it has tons of memory to spare. 2.- Speaking of memory not only are you limited to 3.2Gb of memory but it doesn't even manage that well, requiring a reg hack to keep the system from taking 2GB for itself. 3.- Its support for newer tech like NCQ, SATA, 3G, etc is frankly bolted on and piss poor at best, 4.- Its got patches for its patches, making system instability and "Winrot" pretty much a given,hell I could go on all day.

Frankly anything from 2007 on up can run Windows 7 quite easily, I have put Win 7 Home on both a first gen C2D and a Pentium D, both with 1.5GB of RAM and they run just fine and anything older? Honestly you are just throwing money away as most of the older office machines and consumer boxes are Pentium 4 and the P4 is just insane when it comes to heat and power usage so hanging onto one is just nuts.

For those that have a system too old to take Win 7 I suggest you pick up an AMD Bobcat board, those can be found in the $80 price range and its dual cores and Radeon GPU will stomp the old P4s while sipping less than 20w under load,use a PCI-IDE adapter to keep your old HDD and DVD and there ya go,for just $100 counting a 4GB stick of RAM you have a new unit that can do 1080P while using less under load than a P4 by itself uses in idle. Tiger and Newegg has been selling Win 7 HP OEM for around $80 so for a final total of less than $200 shipped you can toss the power hog P4 AND XP AND have you a nice unit that will easily out perform the old junk you are replacing. BTW for those that want a cheap mediatank/HTPC I highly recommend the Bobcat, does 1080P over HDMI and supports hybrid crossfire so you can add a cheap discrete down the line and get more performance if/when you need it.

Comment Re:Hey look, it's Commodore and company! (Score 2) 42

The problem is gonna be the patents, especially for mobile GPUs. Anybody who has looked into that stuff can tell you pretty much any way to make a screen render has a patent or hundred and they are all held by a handful of players who sure as hell don't want you playing in their sandbox. Wireless is just as bad, with pretty much every way to send a signal patented up the wazoo.

So while you might pull this off in countries without the IP bullshit but in the corporate states of America its not likely.

Comment Re: Good thing no one used it (Score 5, Insightful) 225

Except it won't because

1.-The clueless will never hear of this guy, and

2.-The ones that know WTF they are doing and put up the most files don't hang around sites that look like they were coded by a 14 year old girl.

Most likely all the "data" he collected is a bunch of clueless wannabes trying to play big fish in a teeny tiny pond and won't be worth shit.

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