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Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 1) 336

That's brilliant!! It placates those few that are worried about getting their personal data out of Google whilst the majority leave theirs in there.

Correct me if I'm wrong (you will won't you?) but that is the only Google product/help page that doesn't look like a page from Google. Everything about it spells hippy, commie, open-source weirdo. Not the kind of site that a respectable cubicle dweller should be on.

It's genius. Provide a help page that mainstream users will be scared of. Hats off.

From Google's point of view, it doesn't matter if individual users have access to their own data. As long as they're the only ones with access to everyone's data.

Comment Re:Horseshit. (Score 1) 330

Not just Japanese. I meet a reasonable number of people from Hong Kong, China & Taiwan. Yahoo! is clearly preferred in these countries too.

I think that it's to do with instant messaging. Once your friends have one thing, you tend to go with that as well. Yahoo must have focused on that part of the world first.

Comment Re:Where's the... (Score 1) 507

I would never blame a computer for a programmer's error. How do we blame a person for its hardware and programming?

Quite right but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't punish them if punishment and/or the threat of punishment keeps them from offending and makes things safer and more pleasant for everyone else.

I can't see how we can do anything other than behave according to what we are and what we perceive around us. However, excusing bad behaviour on the basis of that is changing the environment around us and is likely to make more of behave badly.


FOSS Sexism Claims Met With Ire and Denial 1255

Last Friday Bryce Byfield gave us a little insight into the fallout surrounding his article on sexism in the FOSS world. Unfortunately it seems that FOSS junkies did little better than the rest of the world with respect to sexism, displaying similar levels of denial, abuse, and ignorance. "But the real flood of emotion comes from the anti-feminists and the average men who would like to deny the importance of feminist issues in FOSS. Raise the subject of sexism, and you are met with illogic that I can only compare to that of the tobacco companies trying to deny the link between their products and cancer. Because I took a feminist stance in public, I have been abused in every way possible — being called irrelevant, a saboteur, coward, homosexual, and even a betrayer of the community. I know that many women in the community have been attacked much more savagely than I have, so I'm not complaining. Nor am I a stranger to readers who disagree with me, but the depth of reaction has taken me back more than once. I think the reaction is an expression of denial more than anything else."

Comment Re:Dangerous reading. (Score 2, Insightful) 464

Just because it happened historically doesn't mean that it's still happening, or that it was the main thrust of the functioning of that religion in the past.

The Catholic church's genocidal position on condom use is happening right now and is a core part of the religion.

The net censorship in Australia is driven by religious ideology. Bad ideas are religion's gift that just keeps on giving.

Comment Re:Story available... (Score 1) 433

Since when has any member of the Murdoch media empire ever engaged in "Quality journalism".

My understanding is that his father Keith Murdoch

was actually a quality journalist whose actions helped to bring attention of the gross mismanagement of Australian troops in the first world war.

He passed on the news limited shares that Rupert used to build the empire. So arguably there was a quality journalist among the Murdoch media empire membership.

Comment Re:Google should be scared (Score 1) 560

Mmmm. "naked women" shows up images largely of just that but "naked japanese women" shows up pretty much everything but what you'd expect.

Bing also failed me in my quest for "naked italian women" but it did turn up a picture of someone underwater which could possibly have been a naked Italian woman under the Santa suit.

Either Microsoft feel that it's not appropriate for me to choose the ethnicity of my naked women or they've got some tuning left to do.


Australian Government Backing Down On Censorship 116

Combat Wombat sends the news that the government in Australia has begun waffling on whether country-wide Internet censorship will be mandatory. "The Rudd Government has indicated that it may back away from its mandatory Internet filtering plan. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy today told a Senate estimates committee that the filtering scheme could be implemented by a voluntary industry code. ... [The shadow communications minister] said he had never heard of a voluntary mandatory system. ... Senator Conroy's statement is a departure from the internet filtering policy Labor took into the October 2007 election to make it mandatory for ISPs to block offensive and illegal content." The censorship plan, which has been called "worse than Iran," was bypassed even before trials started. A minister's defection may have effectively blocked any chance of implementation.

Comment Re:How It Went Down (Score 1) 207

I've never actually installed Oracle so I'm genuinely curious as to why installing something that's "Enterprise" oriented should be difficult.

I appreciate that more work might go into tuning your hardware/OS to make it hum, but "sensible defaults" seem to work elsewhere. Why not provide an easy install that you then optimize?

Comment Re:How long will it take people to learn? (Score 2, Insightful) 211

Ok, in all seriousness. What evidence do you have for making the claim that your laws are based on Christian morality?

It makes no more sense than saying that the rules on the school bus are based on Christian Morality.

  • No sticking your arms out the window
    Because God doesn't like it
  • No sticking chewing gum under the seats
    Because Jesus died for your sins

but you might remember "Thou shalt not commit murder"

The reason that there's a law against killing people is because people don't like being killed. They don't need a deity to tell them that if they don't discourage killing people that they're more likely to be killed themselves.

Laws against sodomy are definately based on Christian morality.

Any laws against sodomy your country has almost certainly stem from religious bigotry. Unsurprisingly, they're among the most useless and harmful.

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