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Comment Appcelerator Titanium? (Score 1) 145

One solution would be to use Appcelerator Titanium:

I've used this and it's a doddle to create a standalone webkit browser running your app. You can also embed Ruby or Python or (I think) PHP in your app if you want and there's an online packaging service that packages up your app to install as an .msi for Windows or other formats for Mac and Linux. Also, this is a fully featured Webkit browser with full CSS3 and HTML5. It's not the crippled version supplied with Adobe AIR.

It may also be helpful to know that if you drag a Google Chrome App (which is basically a web page zipped up with some metadata) from the browser to the desktop and then launch it from the desktop, it comes up without any chrome. Well, yes it's still Chrome but there's no... oh stop it, you know what I mean.

Comment Re:An alternative (Score 1) 91

You can do something similar with Amazon Web Services and/or Eucalyptus [].

No you can't. This is a layer of the stack above AWS or Eucalyptus. In fact those are two of the target platforms for this.

Those two give you an API for creating and destroying Virtual Machine instances. This leverages that ability to provide a scalable deployment stack for your applications. If you want to understand what it's about watch the videos on the site. Alternatively, have a look at It's the same as that but it supports more languages/frameworks and it's open-source.

Comment Re:The headline should be more specific (Score 1) 270

I read it and got prematurely excited because I thought someone finally had the balls to ignore the anti-nuclear-as-a-religion crowd, and started building a Molten Salt Reactor. Then I read the article and found out it's just a new take on boring old solar. Oh well.... one day...

I realise that their are people who would reject nuclear even if it were proven safer than the alternatives but you hardly sound any more rational. Are you only interested in sources of energy if they are nuclear?

Comment Re:Sweet! 43 Billion! (Score 1) 222

27 billion divided by the population of 22.45 million is $1200 per PERSON not per household. So in our home - 2 adults and 2 kids that's $4800. I will be paying $480 a year for 10 years in addition tax as will all Australians.

And you'll be paying $24.7 billion / 22.45 million * 4 = $4400 every year in tangible costs associated with alcohol abuse.

I know which I'd prefer to see cut.

Comment Re:Blah (Score 1) 725

You assume the GP has it. He doesn't, for instance, if the person he loves is a minor, an octopi or his own sister.

And before you reply "but that'd be disgusting!" be aware that the same can be (and has been) said of homosexuality as well.

The problem with having sex with a child is that it damages that person. It's disturbing that your morality is so removed from the concept of people's well-being that you thought that pedophilia was merely distasteful.

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