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Comment Re:Am I the only... (Score 2, Insightful) 602

Yep, I saw Brazil play. They sucked. Maybe that had nothing to do with the horns, but why would you hold that game up as an example?

They should have pummeled North Korea. Instead it was a close game. If I knew nothing else about Brazil I'd say they didn't have a chance of getting past the group stage after watching that abomination.


Man Builds His Own Subway 174

jerryjamesstone writes "Everybody is into rail these days; it is the greenest way to get around next to a bike. Leonid Mulyanchik has been into it for years since before the Berlin Wall fell, since before the first Macintosh, building his own private underground Metro railway system. English-Russia says that he has been doing it with his pension, that it is all legal and approved and that he is still at it. Gizmodo calls it 'Partly the traditional, inspiring, one man against all odds type of persistence, but more the obsessive, borderline insane persistence.'" Update: 06/02 07:33 GMT by T : And if you're the type to visit Burning Man, you can actually ride a home-made monorail this summer, too.

Wine 1.2 Release Candidate Announced 165

An anonymous reader writes "After evolving over 15 years to get to 1.0, a mere 2 years later and Wine 1.2 is just about here. There have been many many improvements and plenty of new features added. Listing just a few (doing no justice to the complete change set): many new toolbar icons; support for alpha blending in image lists; much more complete shader assembler; support for Arabic font shaping and joining, and a number of fixes for video rendering; font anti-aliasing configuration through fontconfig; and improved handling of desktop link files. Win64 support is the milestone that marks this release. Please test your favorite applications for problems and regressions and let the Wine team know so fixes can be made before the final release. Find the release candidate here."

Comment For Archival Purposes (Score 1) 849

I generally use MP3 (car, iPhone, etc.), but I rip to FLAC for archival purposes. It's nice to know that in the future I can re-convert the music and start from scratch.

Also, I like the fact that I can use FLAC track/album gain on my Squeezebox at home but normalize the tracks for output to MP3 for use elsewhere.

MP3 encoders/decoders have gotten seriously good and if you don't know the songs well it's easy to be fooled. However, if you DO know the music very well it's often easy to tell the difference. It's not worse, really, just different and for people with strong auditory memories it can be a little annoying.

I also listen to a lot of music with significant distortion and MP3 seems to be weak in this area.

Comment Re:And yet they do nothing to discourage the car (Score 2, Interesting) 776

I live in Arlington, VA and this is a very bike friendly area (as are some of the suburbs beyond). There are numerous bike trails and bike lanes throughout the area.

I bike to work and for pleasure regularly and generally find that the driving public is very polite. I think often that is because they can clearly see that I'm commuting to work. When I bike for pleasure I stay off the roads as much as possible.

I do regularly see bikers acting like assholes, but then again I see the same from other drivers when I'm in my car. The difference is that bikers run a much higher risk by violating the laws than drivers do.

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