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Comment Re:$85000 camera? (Score 1) 75

Because people have no sense of history. Instagram isn't (necessarily) cross-processing. Most of the effects just make photos look as if you've stored them in sunlight for a few years. Photos back then didn't look like that - they were a bit grainier than what we expect now, but they certainly didn't look washed out.

Comment Re:Titan is becoming a more amazing world (Score 1) 45

All the elements for the latter are in place, except for private ownership of printed material. However, if no-one reads them, then it really doesn't matter what they say. As to being about to get humans out of Terra's g-field...sigh. And Hard AI is so much harder than what anyone had imagined. And is much harder than what the Transhumanists and Singularists could possibly imagine.

Comment Re:Titan is becoming a more amazing world (Score 5, Interesting) 45

Read and watch "2001: A Space Odyssey". (The book and the movie were developed simultaneously and you really need one to fully understand the other. I'd read the book first.) Then read "2010: Odyssey Two". Both written by Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Psychedelics optional where permitted by law, sitter who knows and loves the story highly advised.

Comment Re:In 300 years abortion seen worse than slavery. (Score 1) 220

The horror isn't in the slaughter (although it's not pretty, especially in some operations) — the horror is in the factory farming operations where the living, breathing, conscious animals are treated like machinery.

As to Einstein:

It is my view that a vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.

From a letter to Harmann Huth, 27 December 1930

Comment Re:It's always been obvious (Score 4, Funny) 622

Python has *always* been obviously better than PHP (or perl, etc.) But if you have no skills, you look for the easiest path: the goal is to get the project going.

If your expertise is Perl, climbing the Python learning curve, gentle as it may be, isn't attractive, and becomes less so as your available time to engage in such things narrows. And so your project $sucks @terribly $$ and looks like APL

This is how I can tell that you're not an APL programmer. APL programs are beautiful. Perl looks as if your mom picked up the phone while you were using a BBS.

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