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Comment Re:How do you determine healthy food? (Score 1) 455

Just by reading through the comments here makes it clear that everybody has their own opinion as to what is healthy.

Do you really want to let someone else mandate for you what healthy food is, based on the variety of responses?

Seems to me only a few people would benefit, and most would suffer under this proposal.

In America, it seems like few citizens want to take responsibility for their own health, so I wouldn't be very surprised if this should someday come to pass.

Comment Re:Only OpenDNS can tamper with your results now! (Score 1) 94

Bear in mind they offer the service free of charge, and their redirects to their own pages provide OpenDNS with advertising revenue. This is all clearly stated in their TOS. I for one would rather be redirected to an OpenDNS page than to a site offering drive-by trojan infections.

That said, should OpenDNS's advertising ever be compromised and start distributing malware, that would be a pretty big black eye.

Submission + - Biomarkers could take stigma out of depression (

hlovy writes: Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that Major Depressive Disorder is, indeed, a disease, there remains a sometimes-vocal minority of critics who insist that depression was invented by pharmaceutical companies in order to sell drugs. While it is doubtful that these critics, like all conspiracy theorists, will ever become convinced by facts, a San Diego-based company, Ridge Diagnostics, is hopeful that a blood test that detects biomarkers for Major Depressive Disorder will convince more critics that there is something more than a psychiatrist's opinion involved in the diagnosis. "By having a biological indication of depression, patients and their families have a better understanding of the condition as a medical one, which reduces the stigma of mental health disorders and leads to an improvement in treatment compliance," Lonna J. Williams, Ridge's CEO, says in a release. The quotation comes from a larger article in Psychiatric Times, which outlines the search for blood tests for both depression and schizophrenia.

Comment Re:Uhh... (Score 1) 1017

Until the current TSA scanning/pat-down security practices are eliminated entirely from the airport, I will not take my children on any airplane for any trip. If we cannot drive, we simply will not go. If everyone else who did not want to be subjected to scans/pat-downs stopped flying, I would expect that the airline industry, already in financial trouble, would petition to have the TSA's security theater eliminated in order to bring back their lost business.

Comment Why stop there? (Score 2) 314

Soon they'll be pressing charges against us for infringing on their intellectual property by thinking about the movie we just watched after we leave the theater without paying some sort of license to do so.

I mean really - they're gonna ruin some kid's life because the kid misused an embed tag? Really? Doesn't the "Justice" system have a better way to use their time and spend our tax dollars? Clownshoes.

Comment Good luck with that... (Score 0) 314

Dear Apple security team,

They're just gonna make another variation of this software that will foil the detection routines.

While I'm on the subject, any Mac user who is foolish enough to grant a program they did not install their administrator password deserves whatever happens to their precious Mac.

Comment Re:problem is, Unity is a disaster (Score 3, Insightful) 511

"Unity forces a cell phone UI on the desktop, and people hate it."

I'm probably a weirdo (actually I know I am), but I actually don't mind this release of Unity, and find that this version is significantly improved over the last one that shipped with Ubuntu Netbook Maverick Meerkat (10.10). The sidebar launcher automatically gets out of your way when you full-screen an app or drag a window to the side. It comes back when you mouse over the left side of your screen as needed. It's pretty easy to remove or add new icons (similar to how Windows 7 handles icons). It takes up a bit more space than I think it needs to, but for people who like big icons that's a plus. If you know the name of the app you want to launch, you can click the Ubuntu logo and type it into the search box, press enter, and it will launch (again similar to Windows 7).

I think the real problem people have with Unity is that they don't like change. What everyone needs to remember is that Ubuntu does not forbid you from downloading and installing your preferred window manager and customizing it to your taste. You can also download one of several flavors already configured with alternative popular window managers, and as pointed out elsewhere the default Gnome window manager can be selected during login and will remain the default until it is changed again. So think of Unity more as a default option. If you don't like it, you still have your power of choice, and there's still a lot of customization potential out there. At some point when I have free time to tinker I will likely set up FVWM with a neat custom retro layout. Until then I will be happy to continue using Unity.

Ubuntu is still LINUX. Anyone can set up their own distro, provided they have the time, resources and stamina to do so. That's what makes it so great.

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