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Comment Re:The English version is good for this (Score 1) 462

They did not only make assumptions about Hitler, but early on they (The French, British and also Americans) did not disagree that much with the German eugenics practice. There were even articles published in respected medical journals in which American doctors decried that they were lagging behind Germany with respect to forced sterilisation. See for example: Eugenic Sterilization and a Qualified Nazi Analogy: The United States and Germany, 1930-1945 (sadly behind a paywall)

In the eugenics program they first sterilized and later developed methods to mass murder "disabled" people. (with gas, first with carbon mono-oxide from exhausts later with the pesticide Zyclon-B) They later used the methods of the eugenics program in the concentration camps as part of the final solution.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable.. (Score 1) 1271

I'm almost a doctor and as a doctor you have a moral (and depending where you live, a legal) obligation to treat people. Just because they don't agree with everything you say does not give you the right to refuse treatment. I do think it's a stupid (and amoral since you children are too young to choose for themselves) decision to deny them the benefit of modern science. However, people smoke around their kids as well and give them crappy food. Both of those have more damaging effects than not vaccinating (as long as the majority of people is still vaccinated at least) and we still give care to them. [br] In the Netherlands we have a special arrangement that in the case of parents that don't want a blood transfusion for their child because of religious beliefs and the doctor thinks the child needs it, the parents are temporarily deprived of parental authority untill the procedure is done. After which the parental authority is returned. I believe most parents are actually happy with this arrangement since their child survives and they did not decide against their religion.

Comment Re:so (Score 1) 271

One of the reasons is that almost all bacteria you ingest (by pill, normal food or special yoghurt) die when they come in to contact with the stomach acid. Which makes the pills and yoghurt quite pointless!
Open Source

Aquaria Goes Open Source 58

A post on the Wolfire blog yesterday announced that the source code for Aquaria has now been released. Aquaria, an action-adventure, underwater sidescroller from Bit Blot, was part of the Humble Indie Bundle, which was so successful that the developers of four games pledged to release them as open source. This marks the final release, following Lugaru, Gish, and Penumbra: Overture. The source code is available from a Mercurial repository.

Submission + - BP "top kill" fails 1

oxide7 writes: BP Plc said on Saturday its complex "top kill" maneuver to plug the Gulf of Mexico oil well has failed, crushing hopes for a quick end to the largest oil spill in U.S. history already in its 40th day. It may be another two months before the London-based energy giant can definitively turn off the gusher — a delay that could undermine U.S. President Barack Obama as he faces growing criticism for a perceived slow response to the disaster.

Submission + - CBC News - World - 'Top kill' operation fails: BP (

MrShaggy writes: "

BP has scuttled the "top kill" procedure of shooting heavy drilling mud into its blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico after it failed to plug the leak.

BP chief operating officer Doug Suttles told reporters on Saturday that over the last three days, the company has pumped in more than 30,000 barrels of mud and other materials down the well but has not been able to stop the flow.

"These repeated pumping[s], we don’t believe will likely achieve success so at this point it’s time to move to the next option," Suttles said.

Read more:"

Comment Re:not for long (Score 1) 198

While I agree that most effects are just fun for a couple of minutes (wobly windows, water drops etc., there are some compiz functions/plugins that I find quite usefull.
For example:
Scaled down versions of windows when you're alt tabbing
Being able to scale down a whole window (which I really like when I'm just looking for a pattern in a log file
and don't need to see the specifics
Scaling down all windows so that you can easily find the right terminal

While I don't think that most effects are very useful there are some effects that make you (or at least me) a bit more productive.

The Perfect Way To Slice a Pizza 282

iamapizza writes "New Scientist reports on the quest of two math boffins for the perfect way to slice a pizza. It's an interesting and in-depth article; 'The problem that bothered them was this. Suppose the harried waiter cuts the pizza off-center, but with all the edge-to-edge cuts crossing at a single point, and with the same angle between adjacent cuts. The off-center cuts mean the slices will not all be the same size, so if two people take turns to take neighboring slices, will they get equal shares by the time they have gone right round the pizza — and if not, who will get more?' This is useful, of course, if you're familiar with the concept of 'sharing' a pizza."

FreeNAS Switching From FreeBSD To Debian Linux 206

dnaumov writes "FreeNAS, a popular, free NAS solution, is moving away from using FreeBSD as its underlying core OS and switching to Debian Linux. Version 0.8 of FreeNAS as well as all further releases are going to be based on Linux, while the FreeBSD-based 0.7 branch of FreeNAS is going into maintenance-only mode, according to main developer Volker Theile. A discussion about the switch, including comments from the developers, can be found on the FreeNAS SourceForge discussion forum. Some users applaud the change, which promises improved hardware compatibility, while others voice concerns regarding the future of their existing setups and lack of ZFS support in Linux."

Comment Re:the haters won't notice, but... (Score 1) 1124

Looks like they took some hints from the chromium developers, which I think is a good thing, I like the way chromium works. It's efficient how the address bar doubles as search bar (in firefox and opera I use a lot of custom searches) and the exclusion of a menu bar gives chromium an elegant look(except for the lack of integration with the rest of my desktop...).

Comment Re:Well... yeh. (Score 1) 661

Eating slowly definitly helps you to eat less. Small bites and chew each bite 30 times (which is a lot...).

This is because the reaction of your body to your food takes a while to get going (something aroung 15-20 minutes). So you don't
feel like you've eaten untal 15 minutes after your first bite. Furthermore we have some sort of "bite counter" so
taking lots of small bites and chewing each of them very well not only increases your eating time, but also
your bite counter. You'll also be able te taste what your eating a whole lot better

Losing weight is a very hard problem, look at the sheer amount of diets there are. It's a pity none of them work.
The only thing that will cause you to lose weight and not regain it is a lifestyle change. When your're on a diet
and eating very little your body goes into survival mode and holds on to everything you eat. The results of this
is that after the diet you're body is still in survival mode and you'll regain the weight you lost really fast.

Comment Re:Is this it? (Score 1) 329

That depends on whether it is of human origin or not. If there are animal carriers it will not disappear. But the number of infected people
(especially in countries where the animal carrier does not live) will drop drastically.

There is however another risk and that is recklessness, if the chance of getting HIV gets very low (or lower, if you live in the western
world and look at the infection rate) there is a danger that people will stop being
carefull. There are already reports that people are taking less care because of improved treatment.

Furthermore as others pointed out this is just a Phase I trail, just to see whether you can actually administer the drug
in therapeutic dosages to patients without killing them and to assess parameters like the half life etc.

Comment Re:BMI is worthless (Score 1) 383

Not necessarily wrong, it's just not suitable for everybody. But is is fast and correlates quite well with diseases.

Having said that there are better measures like waist circumference which do not have the problem with "false positives" like
BMI has. Furthermore waist circumference correlates better with e.g. diabetes. It's not only the amount of fat that counts,
the location is also important. Abdominal fat is a larger risk factor than fat on your legs for example.

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