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Comment Re:News for nerds, stuff that matters (Score 1) 344

I had none of these things and I just bought after the market crash so I'm not sure what your deal is. I doubt they've changed that much since then considering that would have been the time they made the most changes. They asked for the pay stubs, checked credit history and...that was about it. What bank was this? o_O

Comment Re:Too little. (Score 1) 231

You do realize that a lot of sites use Download.com as their official download? I usually click whatever link they have as the main one. I'd rather use up Download.com's bandwidth than suck it away from the small little developer site. I'll definitely be avoiding them like the plague now though. This is just ridiculous.

Comment Re:You really can't see the forest, can you? (Score 1) 360

Thank you. I'm so tired of seeing this shit like somehow Netflix is just trying to screw with us. How does anyone not understand the reasons this shit is happening? They've all been thrown out several times and it has absolutely nothing to do with Netflix itself. What is going on here is absurd. What the movie studios and whatnot are doing should be illegal. We'll sell you our product if you agree to this huge list of ridiculous demands? No, I think not. Fuck you, Starz.

Comment Re:This is news? (Score 2) 228

New to some of us? No. Honestly though, does it hurt to spread the word as much as possible though? I think not. CNet can go to hell. It's bad enough when the program makers do it but now the place offering downloads is packing this shit in? Seriously? They don't think the program makers might be a little bit pissed off at this prospect?

Comment Re:Good luck Netflix (Score 1) 323

Damn this computer. I accidentally modded this redundant instead of insightful. Posting to undo.

While I'm at it, I really have to agree here. I feel bad for Netflix because I know it isn't entirely their fault. The studios are really screwing them over and quite frankly it's almost criminal what they're doing at this point. God forbid they give reasonable pricing and just let us have what we want. No, they need to make 10x as much money while the number of people willing to pay for these ridiculously limited services dwindles (selection sucks because of their shitty contract deals). The greed of Hollywood rears its ugly head once again. Your Lord of the Rings example perfectly illustrates what a steaming pile of shit the negotiation and contract thing is. I honestly can't decide if they actually want more money from Netflix or if they're just trying to kill them off.

Comment Re:An even better way to decrease page load time: (Score 1) 249

How about you calm down there, buddy? I was commenting most on the fact that Analytics is a little slow. Also for your information on where it goes, I can say with certainty that when I did it, all the help files said to put it at top. They've since changed it (probably because they too realize it holds up page loading). I'm not claiming I've invented some genius process...most people that know anything about web pages would have figured out that trick in the 3 seconds it took me. You're a bit combative over nothing. o_O

Comment Re:US, get out (Score 2) 477

Yeah, I've seen lots of great proposals like this over and over again by people here, Reddit, etc but none of it matters because those pieces of crap in Congress are never going to vote themselves into limiting the money train. I honestly think it would take open revolt for that to happen. I mean honestly...how are we going to get them to do this? How? I think that's the only reason most of those assholes are even in government in the first place.

Comment Re:Unencrypted passwords (Score 1) 434

Fuck me. I'm going to have to change my Origin password to something completely different now. I have a bad habit of using the same passwords at places because I have a nice secure one and I'm not a robot...I forget things. I might have to start using some sort of...system or something. Ugh. I'm so tired of this shit.

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