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Comment Re:Spread the FUD (Score 1) 374

pregnant people

I am glad that you are so politically correct as not to exclude 50% of the population.


There is the pregnant man (transgendered technically).

I can't find it but there is also one case that a man (with the normal man equipment) that had a embryo implanted and was carried to term.

Comment Re:We use Nod32 (Score 1) 359

That way Windows update & such won't be bugging you that updates are available every time you boot.

You know you can turn off windows update? Same goes for most other software that will do its updates automatically. The rest either don't use them, complain to the developer to make it does that you can turn off auto updates, or just use the proxy or firewall to block the site that the software checks for updates with.

Comment Re:Make the repair shops pay for loss of data (Score 1) 399

I agree. I would never accept the liability for data loss on any computer that a customer brought in for repair.

When I have to send a computer out for repair (normally just laptops) but it also includes towers under warranty I am not authorized to work on. I will, if it seems to be a hard drive failure, image the drive before shipping it, or if it is defidently not a hard drive issue remove the hard drive from the computer and either hold it in store or give it to the customer.

Comment Re:excellent sales story (Score 1) 361

Yes, VirtualBox supports direct access. You have to edit config files to do it but it does work, but the VirtualBox team does not recommend it. They instead recommend that you use iSCSI, which VirtualBox also supports to connect to SANs directly. You also have to edit config files or use the CLI version of the VirtualBox machine setup (VBoxManage addiscsidisk), the option is not available in the GUI.

Comment Re:hey Asus (Score 3, Informative) 644

I highly doubt that ASUS hosts there website on 1and1.co.uk. Nor would they use 1and1 for their registrar. Especially when asus.com is registered with Network Solutions.

Not to mention that page seems to be the only page that the domain has on it and if try to snoop around it just redirects to uk.asus.com which is where asus.com sends you when you choose the UK for your country. If you check other countries on the asus.com landing page you will see that Asus puts there country sites on subdomains.

nic.uk asus.co.uk whois

Result of WHOIS query:

          Domain name:

                  Asustek Computer Inc

          Trading as:

          Registrant type:
                  UK Individual

          Registrant's address:
                  The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
                  address omitted from the WHOIS service.

                  1 & 1 Internet AG [Tag = SCHLUND]
                  URL: http://registrar.1und1.info/

          Relevant dates:
                  Registered on: 23-May-1997
                  Renewal date: 23-May-2011
                  Last updated: 22-May-2009

          Registration status:
                  Renewal request being processed.

          Name servers:

          WHOIS lookup made at 16:22:49 28-May-2009


Comment Re:Once again... (Score 1) 235

There is no way you could screw up painting a wall..

you absolutely can screw up painting a wall.

Use the wrong paint (colour or base), use the wrong type of rollers or brush, don't use a seal coat so the paint just bleeds through, or my personal favorite, put oil/latex based paint over latex/oil paint without a seal coat.

Comment Re:For my fellow USians.... (Score 1) 495

If they don't like the name American, then they can call us United States of American, or... American for short.



Seriously, for the individuals that want to Nitpick about the name, there is no place called "America". There is "North America" and "South America".

No there is, it is call America or the Americas, that is both North and South America together.

I'm pretty sure that "North American" is universal understood to be someone from any country in North America.

Sure but there are only three.

This is a lovely summary of the complaints about "American" that is put to music, called "I am not American".

That being said its not that anyone has any real chance of rewriting history and/or the dictionary.

Comment Re:Bull (Score 1) 830

Why should synchronous writes be the default ? Programmers are already too lazy and/or stupid to add a simple fsync() where needed, why should we all drop what we're doing, make the slowest option the default, and then have to jump through hoops to make things workable again ?

Not only that, we would end up in the same position that the IE8 team was complaining about with HTML and the doctype with new developers copy-pasting.


A High School Programming Curriculum For All Students? 214

jonboydev writes "I know there have been many postings on what kids should begin programming with, but I have a little different perspective: I am a software developer looking to help my brother, who is a high school teacher, develop a programming curriculum. The catch is that it is a class for all students to take, not just those interested in programming, and therefore will focus heavily on teaching problem solving. This class would follow after a class using Lego MindStorms, and we are planning on using Python. I'm sure many of you would agree that everyone can benefit from learning to program and any help would be greatly appreciated!"

New EVE Expansion Nears, Possible Mobile Plans 74

As the EVE Online creators ramp things up for the free Apocrypha expansion due out next week, lead designer Noah Ward sat down with MTV's Multiplayer blog to discuss the future of the game and what characteristics continue to keep players interested. Ward says they've considered branching out to consoles, but ended up deciding that the game doesn't really lend itself to console play. He left the door open to using smartphones for "augmenting" gameplay. Ward also mentioned that upcoming space MMOs Jumpgate: Evolution and Star Trek Online are so different from EVE that they're not really worried about direct competition; EVE thrives in part because of the player-generated drama and scandals, which few games pull off as well. Massively has gathered a variety of details about the Apocrypha expansion, which includes the game's first epic mission arc, and they've also posted some screenshots. CCP Games launched a website for the expansion containing concept art and interviews with some of the developers.

Submission + - Defendant must tell government his password (volokh.com) 1

sohp writes: "Over at The Volokh Conspiracy, reports are out that the case of a man who invoked the 5th amendment when asked to supply the password to decrypt his hard drive to allow police to search for child pornography has a new development. A judge has overturned the original magistrate's decision allowing the defense and has ordered Sebastien Boucher to supply the prosecutors with a decrypted hard disk. Note that the order is not that he produce the key — just that he provide an unencrypted copy."

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