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Comment Re:Resolution (Score 1) 397

That's actually the "good" experience - it's truly broken when text also breaks (e.g. widgets are not properly resized to fit their labels etc). The problem with graphics scaling is that most Windows apps use bitmaps for everything, and most UI frameworks don't even bother to scale them. So you get widgets resized, and text resized to fit, but bitmaps remain as is. Sometimes you get bitmaps upscaled automatically, e.g. for toolbar icons, but this still looks ugly if app author didn't provide higher-res icons.

As noted earlier, things got very different with WPF, which scales everything. This was continued in Silverlight, and now also in both Win8 frameworks for store apps (HTML5/JS, and the XAML-based one).

Comment Re:How strange. (Score 1) 536

How strange it is that Russia has become the bastion of human rights and the right to expose corruption.

As a Russian living in US, I can assure you that Russia is nowhere near a "bastion of human rights" or "the right to expose corruption" - certainly lagging much behind the US on both counts. The sole reason why they're helping Snowden is because his exposure hurts US. If he tried the same stunt against the Russian government, he'd find himself rotting in some unnamed hole pretty quick, along with any journalist who'd try to report on it.

Comment Re:Resolution (Score 1) 397

You are talking about Mac OS X. Windows is not that smart.

No, I was talking about Windows (Vista and above). And yes, it is that smart.

At the same time, most apps that don't declare themselves as high-DPI aware really aren't (in fact, some which do also aren't). The good old Win32 UI APIs mostly measure things in device-dependent pixels (except for CreateDialog, which uses device-independent "dialog units"). The first UI framework that was DPI-independent through and through was WPF, and that came in relatively late, in 2006. On the other hand, with WPF, it is practically impossible to write an app that is not DPI-aware (because even WPF pixels are logical).

Comment Re:API level (Score 2) 419

What you're missing is that quite a few APIs get backported to older OS releases. It's less efficient to have apps contain copies of the libraries like that, but it does work. The trend is in this direction e.g. with play services. Obviously you can't backport everything like that, but a lot of the important stuff is (like new map widgets, etc). The difference between ICS and jellybean, API wise, isn't that huge. The big leap was Gingerbread to ICS. So, you really only have to pick between those two. You can just pretend Gingerbread doesn't exist if you like, the market share will still be larger than iPhone.

Comment Re:Adoption is all very well, but... (Score 2) 419

Except that cheap Android device are still a million years better than the old JavaME feature phones were. If people who buy cheap phones aren't buying your apps, maybe the issue is nobody is selling them a useful enough app? There's certainly an untapped market there. People should see that as an opportunity, not some sign of "weakness".

Heck, I'm an advanced user with plenty of money and the fact is, all the apps I want or could need on Android are free anyway. I bought TuneIn Pro because I listen to net radio a lot and it was worth it. Otherwise the apps I use most frequently are gratis.

Comment Re:Misses the point (Score 5, Insightful) 419

Yes, exactly. A lot of the reason Gingerbread sticks around is because it's not a bad OS at all and it is the last version that had non-OpenGL based graphics. So it can run on pretty meagre hardware compared to ICS+. Some manufacturers are using Android's openness to fix the OS version and push down the price rather than keep price stable and push up the OS. Both approaches are valid and both are needed - the fact that Apple is blind to this market reality says more about them than Android.

Anyway this ignores the fact that Apple routinely updates older devices to the 'latest' OS that is actually something claiming to be the latest version, but doesn't have most of the new features. It's easy to play games with version numbers if you simply strip out anything requiring the latest hardware and still call it the latest OS.

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