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Comment Re:Petty (Score 0) 175

I hope this makes some potential students think about their decision of school.

Lol, and go where? Burger King University? MIT means prestige, and choosing MIT (if you have the talent and the money) means being a winner in the highly competitive job market. A landfill full of aaronswartzcorpses is not going to change that.

Comment Re:Damage control? (Score -1) 175

Ha! Do you really believe MIT's reputation with smelly, repulsive, irrelevant abhuman geeks counts for anything? They don't fucking care. Being associated with MIT means academic prestige, and not even a mountain of swartz rotting corpses is going to change that. Face it, your assburger is not "an hero", he was a disfunctional failure who - like all nerd turdbrains - caved in and pooped his pants at the first hint of difficulty after doing a stupid thing. You loserboys like to picture yourselves as angry, edgy heroes in black dusters and sunglasses, fighting "The Man" and bravely triumphing against all odds but, in reality, you're just a bunch of sniveling cowards. I bet your "hero" had his pants full of shit when they found him dangling from a rope like an overweight broken yo-yo.

Comment Lame (Score -1) 1862

It will be news when you can print a firing chamber and a rifled barrel, both capable of not self-destructing upon use. You want to print cheap guns, you print gyrojet-like weapons or try to make a coilgun with more power than your average air pistol. Both work with lower or no pressure and do not require rifling to stabilize the round.

Comment Re:Doomsday clock (Score 0) 301

In that case, that rich man won't save that million anymore because there won't be any reason for it. Why should I save money if the government takes it from me and gives it to people I don't care about? I'll vote with my feet and take myself and the money elsewhere, give up citizenship and fire anyone who worked for me in the country I used to live in. The rich *always* have the knife by the handle.

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