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Comment Re:However.... (Score -1) 132

Why are you willing to endure 10 more years of that only for it to get worse? Shoot up the place. Really. If enough people just went and shot up the place, the message would be clear. Kill your bosses. Kill their families. Kill the shareholders and everybody related to them. By letting them live you can only lose, by eliminating them you lose nothing.

Comment Re:Can't handle the truth? (Score 0) 212

I will agree the day the web comes with a "smash chair on the head of fucktard and stomp on his face until it bursts open" command, as it usually ends when people got drunk to the point of being completely, and savagely, honest with themselves. That or a CLI where I can type KILL TROLL WITH SWORD and have the command executed in RL.

Comment Ach! (Score -1) 471

This Zuckerberg jude untermensch must bow to the laws of the Grosse Deutschland über alles! Dispatch Totenkopf Death Kommando "Sieg Heil" to bring him to Konzentrationkamp "Schnelle Tode Kaputt" to gas some Aryaneübermenlischesweltannshaung in his thick sküll. Kartoffeln fleischkäse der scheisse für alles! EXTERMINIERUNG!

Comment Re:Glutamate linked to suicide? (Score -1) 85

Hungary has suicide-inducing songs ("Vége a világnak", known elsewhere as "Gloomy Sunday"). They had to get Sam M. Lewis to add a stanza to defuse it, or upon radio broadcasting it would have caused a massive epidemy of suicide-o-mania across the globe. It is rumored Nikola Tesla, an ancestor of the Winchester brothers and Marsupial Man were involved in the operation.

Comment DON'T! (Score -1) 670

DO NOT stay at home when you're sick. Especially if you have the flu. Unless you're really sick and can't get out of bed, by all means get to office - preferably by using public transportation - so that you can infect as many people as possible. It is good, healthy, natural selection. Spread the love, spread the sickness. Feel the White Horseman's power! Your name is Pestilence, and the time of Conquest has come! By all means cough on the crowds, on the weak, on the soon-to-be-suffering. Relish on the thought of their bedridden carcasses, sinuses clogged with green snot! Don't keep the sickness within you, spread it to your heart's content on coworkers and bosses, rejoicing because they will take it back home to their families! Then, content with doing Nature's job, you can ride it out home, a smug grin on your pale face, broken only by chest-heaving coughs!

Comment Re:What's crazy (Score -1) 271

Because geeks are not intelligent. They're moronic, smelly, zombie-like fugly bags of pus with no social skills or sense of personal hygiene to speak of. They're not "intelligent", they like to read science books, ogle at the pretty pictures and spout out ungodly quantities of technobabble they don't even understand. That's one of the reasons we beat them up and shit on their faces.

Comment Re:Just what the world needed... (Score -1) 289

You can make a .22 LR or .25 ACP pistol with very few tools. In fact, if you don't need/want a rifled barrel you can build a single shot "Liberator-like" pistol for little money and effort. You can also make a homemade chemical bomb with even less effort. Incendiaries and homemade explosives are also easy, at least for those like me who had the benefits of a Catholic education. DIY 3D printed weapons are, quite frankly, an overcomplication you don't need.

Comment Re:Change the definition, no more problem! (Score -1, Flamebait) 602

I know the trolls are lining up to post "Ass-burgers is fake anyway, I met an Ass-pie once, and he was fine."

No, they're not fine: they're downright fugly and stupid, and need to be bashed out of existence

then please consider that what you didn't see was the countless hours of practice and stress and anxiety of being able to pretend to be that way; the habitual exhaustion from the effort of doing so

So what, fuck'em. On second thoughts, don't fuck them, they're too fugly.

the depression and abysmal self-esteem from never, never understanding the people around you or being able to tell whether people actually like you or not.

This is easy: nobody likes you. No-one at all. Now make a nice noose out of barbed wire, secure one end to something solid and get the noose around your scrawny neck, set yourself on fire and jump off a tall building.

The years of teasing and abuse


the subsequent years of retrospectively realising all the other things which were teasing and abuse at the time but we couldn't tell at the time.

> You can't even tell when we're shitting on you? Man, you're more stupid than we thought.

The incessant Impostor's Syndrome, which only gets worse the higher you rise -- if you can move forward in your career.

Which doesn't happen. Loserboys never win.

Who speak nineteen languages, but get scurvy because they forget to eat.

Nobody. But there are people who believe they can speak 19 languages, then don't know how to eat properly. We call them "loserboys".

people whose executive dysfunction requires the scheduling of bathing and eating

Beat them up.

where even slight interruptions can trigger a panic attack

Beat them up harder.

The meltdowns and fear and frustration and despair.

Beat them up until they don't get up anymore.

The ones who killed themselves in despair or ended up on the streets or were institutionalised or are housebound on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.

Good riddance. Now why don't you all loserboys follow their example and erase yourselves from existence?

Because when people started actually looking at how many people had an ASD, it turns out to be much more than anyone thought.

Yeah. Perish the thought that competent professionals can actually know better than a bunch of deluded nerds who cling on to some self-aggrandizing fantasies. Face the truth, loserboy: you tried the "oh-I-am-so-special" clinical card and got busted. Now you only have a lifetime of laugh and scorn to look forward to, so why don't you do yourself and everybody else a favour, and just suicide?

Comment Re:sick and tired of labels (Score -1) 602

Life for an individual begins at its conception. The fact that we can terminate it without legal consequences within a certain time range is a matter of law, not biology. The fact that we would like to terminate it when in pain or badly handicapped is something being discussed. The fact that we should also be allowed to terminate some people well after birth and while more or less healthy is another matter better settled in the absence of witnesses. Nature itself doesn't seem to care when life is terminated so relax and clean up your scythe.

Comment Backup plan for the average nerd... (Score -1) 325

... Suicide. Really, it should have been the main plan all along. Piece o' shit loserboy nerd wants to challenge The Man, gets caught, gets what it deservers: arms twisted behind the back, face in feces. And that's only for starters. Really, if you're a nerd do the world a favour and kill yourself. One less turdbrained oxygen waster to worry about.

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