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Comment Re:strict privacy laws my ass! (Score -1, Troll) 109

Mostly the government gave in to pressure from the very same banks because they wanted to keep doing business with the US. Now, the sensible option would have been to immediately close down all business in the US and sell the Swiss part of the US debt (Switzerland is the 2nd biggest US creditor after China) to Russia. Forcing all US citizens living in Switzerland to either leave or give up US citizenship would be fine, too. At the moment the whole of the European population harbours a level of hatred towards Americans that it's a miracle no bloodshed has happened so far. This might change soon.

Comment Re:Same Old Nonsense (Score -1) 776

We can also pull a Pol Pot and implement a "Year Zero" policy worldwide: immediately stop all technology, destroy any machine more complex than a water mill, shut down all schools, eliminate all technically-savvy people. Revert to an agricultural society. Within two generations at best all knowledge of science and technology can be rendered extinct as without guidance and means the tidbits of information that survive in memory only will be useless and soon forgotten. In the meantime, the vast majority of mankind - especially in the Western world - will have died off. Voilà, a perfectly sustainable agricultural-only society worldwide. How would you like that?

Comment Re:You can't compensate the dead (Score -1) 219

It's hard to compensate you when you're dead

It's very easy to compensate for that in Europe. If they need people that badly (which isn't the case), just get another boatload of immigrants.

or one of your loved ones is crippled and you're going to need special care for them for the rest of their life.

Why? Euthanasia is legal in Europe and killing off cripples and other indesirables is an important part of the rich European culture. You cannot embrace European culture without embracing its nazischeisse ubermenlischesweltannschauung and kiddie scat bestiality snuff porn too.

Comment Re:re Another Revolution (Score -1) 431

With what weapons? The british populace is disarmed. Moreover the UK police forces have shown to be ready, willing and able to murder civilians and the courts happy to let them go away with it ( A properly terrified public opinion would side with the authorities any time. No, there's no liberation for the british. They do not deserve it. Let them live in slavery, just dynamite the eurotunnel and close off any traffic with the UK. Let them "prosper" under US rule, if they can affort to keep the little island going. Starve them to death. When they're all gone, we can repopulate with a smarter breed.

Comment Not enough (Score -1) 180

Denounce FATCA. Renegotiate all deals with the US government. Disband NATO. Confiscate US assets. If push come to shove, deport all US citizens who do not renounce their US citizenship. While the EU doesn't have the strength to go to war with the US, the US cannot afford it. Let's have a riot!

Comment So what? (Score -1) 277

Decapitations are good. Decapitations are cool. Beheading is the new twerking. We need more lopping off heads, both on video and live. Already young people from around the world are forming DAS (Decapitation Appreciation Society) chapters in their schools, bringing axes and machetes to celebrate the release of the head from the prison of the body and engaging in wholesome guillotine rituals, drawing on the rich and cultured French Revolutionary tradition. After all, anything from Europe must be good, right? One thing is certain: heads will roll. Off with their heads!

Comment Re:Sure, so long as I can identify who's wearing i (Score -1) 214

You don't need to punch anyone out. Don't make them victims. Don't make them martyrs. Don't do anything that might draw sympathy to them. No, just ridicule them: point at glassholes and laugh out loud. Point out how stupid they look. Any member of the Cool People will command attention and other will feel compelled to join in the ridiculing. Or play on the "stranger danger" angle: people with google glasses will look strange, odd, standing out. Let people know that they might be recording you against your will. Tell them they might be recording their kids. Comment that pedophiles would be using google glasses. Then let things take their course.

Comment Re:Yeah, right ... (Score -1) 734

You don't "negotiate" with kids. You don't "argue" with kids. You do not "beg, plead or bribe". A parent's authority over the kids must be absolute and unyielding. There must be no compromises, ever. Authority must be established through strength both moral and, if necessary, physical. Remember one thing: kids do not own ANYTHING. Parents own, parents pay for the stuff they're generously allowed to play with. Kid doesn't obey? Slap it. I say "it" because a kid is not a person. In older and more enlightened times, kids were treated as property while nowadays they're just a burden. Throws a tantrum? Smash its games console or sell it (better to smash it even if it's a monetary loss because it drives the point home more abruptly and shows the kind of power it's messing with). Keeps doing it? Have its pet(s) put down. You're not stepping back, ever. Threatens to run away? Laugh in its face "Yeah, right. Like you can bear not having your two hot meals a day. Go, I'm not stopping you. You won't last a minute out there. Don't come back sniffling and crying like the sniveling coward you are, because the door will be locked." If you have other kids, tell it you have spares. If you don't, inform it you can always have more or you'll simply enjoy the good life you had before you decided to waste time and effort on its useless carcass. Point out to it that its funeral will be way less expensive than its continued existence so the cold hard equations say it's better off dead. Under no circumstances you must allow the critter to challenge your authority.

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